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  1. And what better way to hide a crash than to muddle everyones heads and jumble everyones money and their understanding of what things cost, by changing the currency. Good way to letting a little bit of inflation go unnoticed as well.
  2. Err, I think you have to put your hand up and admit to posting some pretty nasty stuff as well zzg. You cannot just blame one poster here.
  3. And with prices softening in October, November, December and Jan, the benchmark price for XYZ house will be lower. Sure you will get agents who will tell punters what they want to hear, but you will also get agents who say it like it is. IE: "Mr vendor, the last house we sold like yours went for £150,000 just before Christmas - yours is worth the same, regardless if they were selling for £170,000 last summer" Eventually these drops will start to show up in the indexes and the snowball will gain momentum, and there will be no way that anyone will be able to dispute falling prices. The r
  4. So you are expecting the pyramid to collapse? For this to happen prices need to roll back to their levels in 2000. We are talking a Japan style meltdown here, more than the 30 to 40% drop that is touted by all and sundry. We are talking a Bruno style 70% fall. The good thing about it would be that owning a home/servicing a mortgage would cost a whole lot less than today (if IR's stayed within the same parameters) and that would allow the Government to tax us a little more without it hurting us in the pocket. It would also mean the UK consumer boom would be able to carry on forever - and this
  5. And you zzg to quote myself - "a sign that that they are more successful" Anyhow, you lot are boring me now. You are being too pedantic.
  6. Well it probably doesn't make a person superior, but it is a sign that they are more successful. Anyway, what is wrong with 'bettering yourself'? Back in the late 80's that was what life was all about, hence the great council house right to buy scheme.
  7. Sure thing. But for someone stuck at the bottom, how would you suggest that they 'break out'? Now you are just being silly zzg. He never once said that.
  8. Ok, remember that this angle was started because I think BBB said something about we all have choices. So it is relevant, especially when talking about buying a house. So let me ask you zzg, why are you not buying a house. It's very simple. You want to own one - so buy one. How difficult is that? Or someone is stuck in a McJob - well they can just leave - It's very simple. Just get another job. How difficult is that? Someone gets turned into an emotional mess. it's very simple. Leave. How difficult is that? In all cases, very difficult if you are afraid of the consequences of what you are
  9. It don't matter. It might not even be kids that is being used as the threat. You have obviously never had a conversation with a battered wife/husband or abused child. It does not have to be physical abuse either. I think you are straying into an area that you know little about zzg. If I may be so bold.
  10. Yes, from a textbook point of view I would agree. When someone is threatening to keep children from a person if they leave, and at the same time has destroyed all self-worth and cofidence in that person, then it ain't quite so easy. Anyhow, what do I know? I'm just a silly little Lego man!
  11. Hmmm, ever heard of emotional blackmail? Sounds like you have yet to step out there into the real world.
  12. Firstly, do you really think that the B0fE are detached from the Government? More fool you if you do. Secondly, yes, I do think BBB has had a good helping of luck, however, he has been very skillful to see that luck and turn it to his advantage, into a working business. Grasping an opportunity maybe? Lots of skill there. Also to have not followed the herd into inner-city flats, thus creating a niche. Skill or luck? You decide....
  13. What will be your buying signal. Trying to time the bottom of the market is just as hard as trying to catch the top, IMHO. Personally I am looking for P/E ratio to be 3.0
  14. Thanks zzg. Question though, why is BBB immoral? He is performing a service that is needed and that the Government have as good as washed their hand of. If prices had not shot up, would you still think this immoral. it was not BBB who made the prices go up, it was the Government, by whacking down interest rates to fend off a slowdown after 9/11. BBB was just in the right place at the right time. Unlike yourself.
  15. Hi BBB, I agree BUT we cannot all be trailblazers. Some people are plodders. Nothing wrong with that, other people get fcuked over by w*nkers in the name of love. Tainted love if you ask me....
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