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  1. Hey... I'm actually a really nice guy once you get to know me And Dred.. i wasn't as late coming as you might think! I just *do* the leg work and manually check all the pages.. I like to see new drops and get a 'feel' for what direction an area is going! I have 'touched' parts of inner Hastings, Bournemouth, Worthing and (as atleast 2 of you will know..) several parts of the good ole B of TON I thank you...
  2. This image is now my background on both screens at work.. Nay bother tho.. my colours were well and truly 'nailed to the mask' a long way back.
  3. That's funnyyyyyy :-D presumably because it is -2% of a decreasing figure... Owwwwww i know how to work out ever decreasing circles now! Woot!
  4. Damn it! Can we just pretend? Just seems strange they would bother to put it on their report.. they chose to delay it. They could have just said 'we always planned it this way'
  5. Peeps... does anyone else find the Embargoed until: 09:00 10.07.08 Interesting? http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/Embargoed Basically by government order... But why?
  6. Is the Halifax House Price Index out today? Anyone care for some predictions? I'd like to see it overtake the Nationwide's one.. but the cautious part of me says <1%~0% drop....
  7. What i want to know is.. how do i buy a barrel of crude oil? My diesel is a harbour chick.. I am sure she can take it.. be a damn site cheaper too!
  8. What do we know about Blanchflower? Appart from the fact he a is n0b! Does he have a VI? Is he a property mogul?
  9. I love you man. Yesterday... well let's just say it was a struggle.
  10. Stinging! and dude.. your place is hardly 1 up from a flat.. you got a nice gaff. (said mainly because my place is in between his and a flat!)
  11. Chin Chin, you carry on with your.. mud pie! On a serious note.. great idea.. lots of wisdom in these forums.. if only it could be distilled.. then it would be HPCyamite!
  12. Come, come now children. Did we really think *any* *thing* *else* was an option? When 'we' entered Iraq (and i have no issues with a savage dictator being overthrown - my bitch is that they should have finished the job the first time!) that the yanks had anything else in mind - OTHER THAN rolling around the middle east and taking them all out? Iraq was chosen as the 'porch' for the forces as they are pally with Kuwait which is effectively 51st state! I heard a politician say on Radio 4 at the time, after being asked what OPEC meant for Free Trade he said and I quote 'I dont think OPEC can survive the changes coming to the middle east' I knew then, and I know know it will happen! Discuss
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