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  1. There is nothing in this situation that would make house prices go up. And the opposite of up is down.
  2. I remember this from the 90s crash. The gifted deposit keeps the numbers going to the Land Registry high so valuations on other properties in the development are not affected. There's probably a stamp duty downside which did not really exist in the 90s though, especially if you are into a new band thanks to the "gift".
  3. Nah, you don't understand business. Having improved profit by cutting costs the board will be entitled to bonuses. Shareholders reward results , you know.
  4. They may be locking in the low IRs in expectation of a serious hike within a few years, at which point they will be able to buy the bonds back at a fraction of the £0.75bn they paid. If they can't, they'll roll it over until they can.
  5. The admin required would be enormous if there were no zero-band for CGT. HMHC would collapse under the weight of all the paper if you had to declare the smallest gain on anything.
  6. If you want to export some money, say to the USA, buy an Amazon gift voucher (from amazon.com, not .co.uk) and send it to an American. Said voucher can then be used by the recipient to buy just about anything, including gold coins.
  7. Realistically, in a bank run you need paper money, not gold or bitcoin. The shops will take paper - there will be no mechanism by which they can take gold. You would need to go via a pawn broker and they would smell your need. Gold is for TEOTWAWKI.
  8. Everything looks good because of immigration. More people means more people employed, and a higher GDP. Immigration also forces up house prices which causes mewing and stimulates the economy artificially. Real wages have been stagnant for a decade. Wages adjusted for house prices have fallen off a cliff.
  9. What we are likely to need is more inshore patrol vessels to turn back refugees in ribs. Not very glam.
  10. Don'tcha love the way the way the "Palace" only releases one photo of TM meeting the Queen and it's a photo of TM in full curtsy. Just the Queen's way of saying, "Hello 13th Prime Minister of mine; it's probably not worth me remembering your name."
  11. All to the good if the capital leaves the UK. That said, Canada is pumped up like a helium balloon and ripe for sudden deflation. Carney worked his magic over there before coming over here.
  12. TBH, he would have been a disaster in the negotiating team. He would have put all their backs up no end. Hopefully he will enjoy a well-earned rest and not attend EU parliament too often.
  13. Can I invest in student loans? I'd like to get 3% plus RPI on an undefaultable loan The best I can find ATM is NSANDI who offer RPI plus 0.01% on their 3-year bonds.
  14. Venezuela should embark on some enhanced vigilance. According to central bankers that's a cure-all.
  15. This. US law does not apply in the UK. If he broke UK law try him here, otherwise leave him alone.
  16. Self-driving cars would be good for: Going to the pub and coming home drunk. Taking the children to school Taking themselves to be serviced (broken ones can be collected by the AA and then drive themselves home) Dropping you off and then going to find a parking space by themselves I'd have mine do some Uber runs while I was at work, earn some cash Unfortunately they're a pipe dream, like the 1950s jet pack which I would use every day if it actually existed. (Yes, I know they exist, but not for Joe Public.)
  17. I could see manual driving being abolished on motorways where there are no cyclists or pedestrians. A centralised computer could flow control the whole situation and the 'driver' would just indicate which junction they wanted off at. If there is real-time communication between a traffic management computer and the vehicles it probably gets safer and the driver can use the time more productively. The legal situation for the driver will be interesting. Is he allowed to sleep? Make phone calls? I've had a blow-out on the motorway - you need to grip hard, think fast and possibly pick a soft target to aim for. I've had a skid on ice (not on a motorway.) In these situations you need to disregard the rules of the road and just do what has to be done, eg for the skid let the car slide into a curb rather than trying to steer which would have spun it. Also there will always be the random element of motorbikes to be coped with. I reckon computer driven cars are not as close as people think.
  18. So what happens when a car gets between two trucks in the 'train' and doesn't drive fast enough to keep up with the leader? The train would break into two trains and no-one's driving the back trucks! Also, how does overtaking work? Surely that would have to be one truck at a time?
  19. My ten year old phone still works fine and my credits keep going up because I always use someone else's phone to make calls (my employer's!)
  20. Cheap oil is good for us. Just about everything you buy has the oil price factored into it somehow. Not so good for Russia, Brazil, Venezuela, Nigeria etc. I'm filling my car for <£1. Long may it last.
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