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  1. Do you have any imperical evidence to back up your statement? The only way to illustrate your argument is through an example. This is the only way to make the masses understand. Theory is good and well but it is always important to remeber that your theory needs to be tested against some evidence.
  2. Hi All, Love this forum. What do you think of APR comparisons? I know that the APR calculation has a set set rules in the UK so organisations don't cheat their numbers but something makes me think that maybe they don't always play fair. Have you guys and girls got any thoughts on the APR rules? Thanks John
  3. Hello Everyone, In my last post I commented on the decline of credit card debt. I read your posts and it got me thinking. Today I did some research for UK mortgage market report for my site and I found that the trend had seems to have continued. UK Mortgage debt is on the rise and UK credit card debt is steadily declining. The report also gives figures on unsecured personal lending and credit card borrowing with their figures both falling. If there is a shake down on the UK market then it seems to me that the lending institutions want to make sure that they do not to be holding to much
  4. I hear that the Labour will be putting a limit on the number of eastern european people entering the UK to work now. I guess this could have an affect on the labour market and subsequently other knock on effects like the prices of goods etc. One of the reasons things are so expensive in the UK is because of the Minimum wage rules. If there were no minimum wages then companies could afford to lower the costs of goods. I guess that would be going a bit to capitalistic though on a social state and Labour would never have it.
  5. First off I want to say that I really enjoy your website. This is my first post so I hope I don't step on anyones toes. I run a mortgage website and am constantly looking for information on the UK property debt market. Recently I found some very interesting data on the credit card stats in the UK. The basic of these findings are that credit card lending is on the decrease for the first time in a number of years. This debunks the theory that the market could be going to all hell. People may be wising up and saving money for a change. Maybe my economics isn't as good as some of the peopl
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