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  1. Well, Diane and Marks story is sad, BUT it just goes to show how greed just pushes you into remortgaging. I bet they can't store that 42" plasma
  2. Low inflation is great isn't it. I've just had a letter from the gym that they are increasing membership by £4 a month. Thats >10%.
  3. How about this for an expensive rental. SHITE
  4. At the end of the day if you were in their shoes, would you be moaning and complaining about receiving such a generous bonus? I guess not. These people live in a different world. Envy can be blamed for the majority of these threads. I really don't care about these fat cats getting fatter. Nothing can be done to stop them as they are keeping browns "Miracle" economy afloat. And by that I mean by spending their money on properties and goods. If you want to discuss obsence pay then why not include footballers and MP's as well. Surely these are worthy threads. Occupation: Software Engineer Age: 35
  5. You know, we may all laugh at this case but. If there WAS a crash to happen and people lost 50% off their house value. Do you think we would see posts like the following "During the recent crash I've lost 100k from the value of my home. I am going to sue Kirsty and Phil because they said house prices can only go up and I was hoping to sell around about now to buy that property in spain" or "Can I sue the government" I'm waiting
  6. There is no HPC prediction because who in their right mind would print that story. Printing a HPC cover would probably start the ball rolling, with the multitude of noobs in this market suddenly panicking and selling up, thus pre-empting armageddon. Plus that paper would probably be targeted by the press then for starting it. Even though this credit crunch situation will affect us all, I am just happy in knowing that the VI's who have been preaching that house prices only go up will end up with egg on their face. Also, is it me or are the adverts on this site funny. I'm looking at one know telling me to invest in UK property and I could make loads of money.
  7. Can we start a singles or widowed thread then.
  8. If I had the option to buy a house without any mortgage then yes I would buy. I'm renting at the mo and see houses as great places to live not invest. It's only due to the unaffordability that I haven't taken the plunge.
  9. Corner plot as used by Steptoe and Son. God this country is Fooked!
  10. Load of rubbish. Even worse, there doesn't appear to be a TV signal cable anywhere. Look at the photo of the living room. The TV has a portable arial on the top. Surely people must be stupid paying for this.
  11. My heart bleeds for these people, it really does Seriously though. If something bad does happen to these people then I will assume these people will be on the news asking for help from the government. Reminds me of the story about the frog in the hot water.
  12. Me and the GF are renting a nice 2 bedroom Semi in Appleton, which is south of Warrington and a very nice place. Unfurnished for just £575 a month. Managed to negotiate 2 year contract with no increases. I couldn't even begin to afford the place if I wanted to buy it. Since we moved in I feel no stress. The Landlord/Landlady are really nice and I feel stress free. 5 miles to my office so Im saving loads of cash in petrol. Buying at the moment is just stupid.
  13. I've managed to secure a tenancy for 2 years. However this is with a landlord/landlady couple who have a load of properties and have built them up over a good few years. I would assume that the properties you have been looking at are owned by "Jump on the bandwagon" btl'ers who have some seriously itchy feet.
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