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  1. Mrs works for the Uni. Apparently some departments are 60% funded by the EU, with one couple she knows pulling out of buying their first place until post Brexit dust settles and they know they still have posts to go to
  2. I looked online yesterday, and Bronze cover for f, 42, n/s was $350 / month. So for a family of 3, say $1000/m for basic cover. Bump that to Gold cover and lob in my Mrs long list of ailments and my sons asthma, that's easily $1500 a month. So my £1k a month uk mortgage becomes a £1k a month meds bill..., plus deductible, plus GP fee.. I read also that for the first 5 years there are restrictions regarding plans. Its a total minefield
  3. Mortgaged here in the Uk, work in IT, 44, 190k equity, married to a US woman, 4yr old kid too. Looking to move from Cambridge / London to Texas / Oklahoma as she misses her family (racist, shallow, tolerable at best). Problem is she has a multitude of illnesses (asthma, obesity (naturally...), sleeping disorder), and I think the healthcare costs would be prohibitive. Looking for an idea of the potential monthly healthcare spend, and thoughts on the whole concept... Ta G
  4. Work in the City, and as its divorced from reality compared to the rest of the country.... Virgin (Broadgate, Throgmorton) are a rip off for poseurs with too much money at (FFS) £100p/m?? Same with the City Club. Yes, its got a pool, but so has LA Fitness London Wall... Avoid Slim Jims, way too busy and full of twats. I go to Fitness Frist, not too busy, plenty of free machines and weights, people that go are a nice bunch, as are the PTs (not pushy) - but the Liverpool Street one is a hole in the ground - avoid. All are busy, but for City types 50 quid is very doable. If you really want to do it cheap, buy the Mike Matthews book and stick to his advice for muscle building, and spend a couple of hundred quid on proper running gear
  5. Agencies are always looking for people to fill vacancies there, so not without reason.... Also, BoA (shudders...)
  6. Cheers Pyra - fair point but they're not really the taking the p### types, just bumbling academics the pair of them. I was in no rush but you can only push me so far then the gloves come off - which is now!
  7. Hi VoR I was under the impression that, legally, it's still his property and I have a 'duty of care' (or some such nonsense) to it. I seem to remember that squatters can claim if you throw out their manky blankets etc, but that's squatters, not feckless drunks with emotional problems... gb
  8. Just moved into my new place which I completed on Wednesday 27th of Feb. The owner was an emotional type (not violent, just pathetic and a bit of a drunk) and having 'issues' packing up and leaving as he'd been there since 1986. I felt sorry for him so gave him 5 days 'grace' to get his stuff out. Came back on Sunday and he was drunk in bed, nothing moved. I called his brother to physically remove him, which he did, got his keys too. I agreed verbally with his brother that everything would get shifted by this weekend (9th and 10th) or I'd be taking it further with my solicitor. Anyway, having never been in this situation before, I'm at a loss as to how to proceed if the borther in fact doesn't get his finger out - as I haven't had to 'instruct' a solictor or anything else before in any form of dispute - can I just approach a local one, or does it need to be the one who did the conveyancing? Advice welcome! G
  9. Mates are SQL Server connies (RBS have been crying out for SQL Server DBAs for ages now) - they went along for the interviews but were not impressed by the people there
  10. It sounds like a pretty harsh policy TBH, but still needed in some form. What makes it particularly hard to swallow though is he doesn't put as much of a PR effort into the supposed clampdown on tax avoidance / evasion. The Vodaphone / Philip Green cases make this action seem idealogical more than anything else.
  11. Oh I'm just a lowly DBA, jobs ran then (and in some cases still do) via OS scripts - the apps guys had a small application that hung off the production database using an ODBC connection. Our server infrastructure guy was wondering if they had lost a datacentre...
  12. You joke, but my previous place had (small, non critical mind you) production systems running on these. Problem was the IT-clueless business owner didn't have the nous to oversee an upgrade process, so basically threw money at them to retain support. Everyone was waiting for him to move on so they could get someone in place to say yes to decommissioning & replacing them. I had always seen the private sector as being more rigorous than public sector in change control, so surprised to see such a company with an allegedly Laissez-faire approach
  13. Tuesday would seem a pretty poor choice for a production software upgrade, especially on such a business critical system / batch. My current place does theirs on a Thursday, and previous financial institution was Saturday mornings only - all changes complete by midday, so you had a day and a half to rollback if necessary. ITIL change management practices and control were rigourously adhered to too. Anyone any idea what this 'creaking back end' is - Oracle 8 and VB6? Ah - happy days :-)
  14. Perhaps someone in the Loughton branch got bored: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/De_La_Rue
  15. Can the email we got this week, about someone working in a secure printing press claiming that they'd started printing Deutschmarks, be genuine?
  16. Heavens, no! Only Rigby and Peller would ever find their way into my Christmas stockings - otherwise my request might smell a bit fishy.
  17. Perhaps you could send us a pair after you've worn them for a couple of days, and we can check for ourselves...
  18. I'd say a fast train service into Liverpool Street is responsible. I'm in South Cambridge, and can be door to office in 75 minutes - with a comfortable train and WIFI inbetween. That's a better journey than I had from Bank to the top of the Northern line...
  19. Works both ways - a 50+ should realise that their natural home is the contractor market. Get in, do the job, get thebig money for their expertise, move on.
  20. For the DnB heads, the Lord of the Rings sample is genius:
  21. Lots of schadenfreude on here, and very low on solutions... I have my firstborn on the way, and want to give them the right education and help them make the right choices to give them a fulfilling and rewarding career / life. My colleague has an 8 and a 10 year old, and they go without holidays so they can get the best private education possible - they also do sports and are learning an instrument. As he says "they are not just competing against their peers, they are competeing with China, India, USA...." So, if you had or have a 16 year old, what would you tell them? Personally, unless they were going into law, medicine or some form of science, I'd say avoid uni - after that, it would be to try and make something out of what they are good at, whatever 'it' may be.
  22. Just got my allotment today after a 6 month wait (South Cambridgeshire - well chuffed) This very much relates to my OP. If you are on food parcels, chances are you are out of work / have time on your hands - why not use it to GROW YOUR OWN STUFF! Granted not everyone has a garden allotment, but as tricky says - share one. Question is, if you pulled their cash benefits & replaced them with vouchers (oh, the horror!), or left them destitute (as I believe they do in the States once the welfare period runs out) - they would either steal (probable) or get up and do something about it. Are there not projects in Detriot claiming inner city land to grow food? Cannot see that happening here - the land owning classes & their agents (i.e. the plod) would soon put paid to that. It's only when the poor go hungry, they'll start REALLY getting into the riot groove.
  23. and drugs Some of what I hear is tragic - yet social services are all about 'keeping families together'. Jesus wept...
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