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  1. As Si1 says, this isn't a big out-of-town retail park, but right in the centre of town opposite the train station. It's about time something was there - it's a long time since they got rid of the Next outlet store, etc. I'm a bit surprised it's that big - it doesn't feel like there's that much space where it's going to be.
  2. To be fair, the non-repo appears to include a pretty large indoor swimming pool. These are not identical houses. Surprising the EAs didn't say this though.
  3. Well of course it is; how could it be anything else?
  4. Thanks everyone for the contributions. If someone asked me the same question I think I would certainly say "wait a year". But as you say Red kharma, doing nothing in the face of personal pressure from all sides is hard. Is my job safe in a recession? Who knows. I'm a university lecturer - safer than many I guess, although who knows how many people will be doing degrees, and in what, in 5 years. Can I service the debt at 15%? Yes, providing the lass is happy to keep working! Where are house prices going? Down, surely. But do I care enough to rent for another year? I can imagine saying "one more year" for long enough to be too old to get a 25 year mortgage before retirement age!
  5. I feel a bit like Groucho Marx, not wanting to be a member of any club who would have him. If a seller accepts a low offer from me, I'm likely to feel like the greater fool who he's just off-loaded onto. Don't worry, I always do my own research (for a living, literally). My heart says "buy it, move in with the woman, and if houses prices halve and interest rates double in the next 5 years, so can still afford your mortgage, you made a bad call but hey, big deal". My head says "how on earth can you even countenance this?". The trouble is, I'm sure I will be wracked with worry whatever I decide!
  6. A stupid question on this forum I suspect! I'm 33 and a would-be first time buyer. I'm still renting as I've had a series of fixed contract jobs moving around the country. I now have a reasonably secure job which pays well and has a decent incremental salary system. I've lurked on this forum for 3 years, although rarely posted. Mostly I've enjoyed learning lots about economics, and the debates and arguments too. I've been thinking, and saying, like many on this site, that I will continue renting until house prices are more reasonable, but I'm getting old! I'm in a terrific position really, partly through saving hard, and partly through having generous parents. I have about 50K deposit and live in Leeds, where I could get a nice 3-bed house for around 200K in a decent part of town. My girlfriend wants to buy with me (she's young and impulsive but no fool). I don't care about making money on property; I just don't want to end up shafted. It seems clear to me that I can afford the repayments (on a 25 year repayment mortgage) easily, on my own, and with her (she's on 20K) it's very easy. I'm not claiming that this is affordable for everyone, but I don't seem to need to spend much money to be happy. I'm currently paying £500/month rent and saving £500/month easily. I'm well aware this might be the worst time in history to buy, but what's the worst that could happen? This is a genuine question! We're happy to stay here for years; I would be over-paying hugely; I would get life insurance etc. I'm not thinking this is a great investment, nor would I be considering it if I didn't think I'd be happy to stay in that house for years and have kids there (eventually!). Are you all going to tell me that I'll never make a bigger mistake? Or can someone reassure me that although this is clearly not a route to riches, I'm not shafting myself?
  7. <pedant> While many languages (e.g., French, German etc.) have masculine and feminine (and sometimes neutral) cases, English does not, except for the adjective "blonde", which takes the form "blond" for a masculine subject, and "blonde" for a feminine subject. Hence, a blonde woman and a blond man. The original poster could only have been referring to a woman. </pedant>
  8. 01/09/2006 £135,000 Flat L Aspect 14, Flat 194, Elmwood Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 8WG 18/03/2005 £220,000 Flat L Aspect 14, Flat 194, Elmwood Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 8WG This is my entry - 39% drop in 18 months....nice.
  9. Afternoon, First post from me - am inspired to post by this thread. I'm moving from Bristol to Leeds for work in a couple of months, and was in Leeds at the weekend looking at flats to rent. Against my will I'm looking at these trendy 2-bed sort of places (I used to live in Leeds a few years ago, and always rented out of the centre in Roundhay or Oakwood and such places, but I really need to be within spitting distance of the train station this time, at least at first). It seems to me that they're pretty tiny, although usually kitted out with pretty nice kitchens and bathrooms. Clearly the prices they sell at are crazy, and some of the asking rents are crazy. Because I'm not moving for another 6-7 weeks I was having fun making some fairly cheeky offers, and was astounded that some of them were excepted pretty much immediately. For example, a 2-bed apartment (actually was lovely, decent size, probably too big for me really); landlady wanted 900 a month. I offered 700 a month, but with the contract to start on 1 November, and she said yes staright away! I made a few other cheeky offers which seemed to be taken pretty seriously too. And since I'm not moving imminently, I feel like waiting until the last minute, and then making some really crazy offers to take a place immediately. Part of me feels like I'm being really stupid to consider living in such a place (I mean a trendy executive pad, not Leeds!), but I figure if I can get a decent rental deal, it will suit me just fine. Cheers all
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