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  1. Little Professor

    Another raffle - We're not giving it away.

    And the Guardian here: https://www.theguardian.com/money/2019/jan/11/couple-accused-of-misleading-entrants-in-raffle-for-3m-house Surprised this has gotten so much mainstream attention and outrage. Usually these house raffle scammers are able to slip into the night with their 75% cut of the takings without anybody paying attention - the media only cover the initial ramping of the competition. Hopefully this greedy boomer couple get the cuffs slapped on. Very dodgy behaviour
  2. Little Professor

    What / Who will collapse first in 2019

    Mothercare Interserve Debenhams Capita
  3. Little Professor

    Another raffle - We're not giving it away.

    For the Whitby House, the Gambling Commission have clarified that they shut down the raffle as the question - " “What year did the North Yorkshire Railway open? " was too easy as it was easily Googleable, and therefore the entry was not a game of skill. By that mark most other raffles will fail too.
  4. Little Professor

    Another raffle - We're not giving it away.

    They aren't allowed to insist you send them a stamped address envelope. I'd report it
  5. Little Professor

    Housing Equity Withdrawal q/q

    MEWing was a big thing before the financial crisis - treating your house as a piggy bank. Since then it's not been a common occurence - people have focussed on paying down existing mortgages
  6. Little Professor

    Another raffle - We're not giving it away.

    https://www.windancershillhouse.com/update/ Update 13th December 2018 Hello, Melanie Walsh here, the owner of Dancers Hill House. Six months has passed and I am excited to share a brief update on the progress of the house competition With your help and trust, I have had an incredible response to ticket sales, however I am still not quite there yet. I have therefore extended the competition for a further 6 months to ensure all entries are sold. I will be giving monthly updates in the New Year. I am not a magician but I do know that the more entries you buy, the better chance of winning you may have. Will you be the lucky person to collect the keys? Click here if you want to play again and better your chances. Wishing you good luck in the New Year. Best, Melanie Walsh
  7. Little Professor

    Extreme kite flying in Whitby

    Sold for £525k in the end. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/detailMatching.html?prop=46711023&sale=6053743&country=england
  8. An update today: https://www.kentonline.co.uk/ashford/news/landlady-in-hot-water-as-judge-forces-her-to-reveal-wealth-in-boiler-row-193219/ Judith lost the court case and then defied a court order to fix the boiler of her disabled tenant. Now she has to hand over details of her financial assets and income (including any joint accounts) so that the court can impose a suitable punitive fine. Should make interesting reading if her financial situation is made public. Once again Fatty threatens to sell up in retaliation: The ruling will “accelerate the rate” tenants are evicted as the couple look to sell up their housing empire, Mr Wilson said. “Let’s see what happens with the fine, but it means we will be selling more properties," he said. "We were selling up anyway because of our age - I could drop dead tomorrow. “We won’t put all the homes on the market at once because that would mean house prices will drop.”
  9. Little Professor

    Cunning Boomer Plan to get new Mortgage

    If you actually read beyond the headlines, this guy knows what he is doing, he's just making a point to show up the ridiculousness of people being able to self-identity as a particular gender etc
  10. Little Professor

    Peak Kite flying?

    Some portal-juggling going on here. WIthdrawn and then relisted with the same agent, same price and photos http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-70811699.html
  11. Little Professor

    Peak Kite flying?

    Sold for 290k in the end. Didn't need to reduce much https://houseprices.io/?q=36+trenance+gardens%2C+HX4+8NN
  12. Little Professor

    House Raffle

    Looks like the "£3.2million" house eventually sold for £1.3million in 2016 http://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/B49/Alcester-Heath.html
  13. Little Professor

    Yet another raffle....

    Oh, what a surprise, the leicester house raffle got cancelled
  14. Little Professor

    Yet another raffle....

    Another one today, yet again in the Daily Fail http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4969010/1-7m-Georgian-mansion-prize-25-raffle.html House allegedly worth £1.7m Aiming to sell 150,000 entries at £25 a pop in the next six months (will need to sell over 800 tickets a day). If she doesn't reach the target she gets to keep a big chunk for "administrative fees"
  15. Little Professor

    House Price Mania

    It'll never happen. We underestimated how wedded the government are to rampant HPI. They will never let it collapse, even if it means devaluing sterling to zimababwe-levels to keep nominal HPI positive. We've lost.

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