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  1. this site reckons its only a few months old: http://www.bizstats.co.uk/ltd/sovereign-investments-precious-metals-limited-09281180/ i wouldn't risk my money on that.
  2. ermm, whats going on? has the world ended, currently $98 up!! edit: now $110 up - this can't be real?? edit2: yeah, i think something must be broken, the bulliondesk and netdania tickers are spiking upwards for no reason.
  3. red khama, red knight, r k etc.. has been making these predictions for well over 5 years and not a single one has come true, or even close.
  4. honestly, i wouldn't bother with the sets if they are more expensive than normal coins - they don't go for a premium from what i've seen. certainly avoid those sets that are sterling silver and not pure - lots of them on ebay a few years ago and they often sold for less than the silver price.
  5. never had this problem - i've ordered from them many times and it was instant. ring them up, or the bank?
  6. the boe have been looking into this for years - nothing to do with the new bloke.
  7. i know people who know liz jones and she is a total bitch in real life as well!
  8. some people seem to equate: rising price = bubble thats not what a bubble is and just because gold has increased so much in the last 11 years doesn't make it a bubble.
  9. and never shuts up about it! RB got it wrong in 1980 and has got it wrong for the last 10 years on gold.
  10. what a goddamn liar she is! she never mentioned any such thing - in fact she has always said the exact opposite - i guess she gets that from balls and ed.
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