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  1. It is certainly true that they do appear to be flogging (first entry) FTB priced properties down here successfully - God knows how considering that the average salary in Hereford must be one of the lowest in the country. On another note, speaking to EA's around here, they do all appear to be incredibly bullish. I made an offer on a house at the weekend, negotiated 10% off but have decided not to go ahead since it needed so much doing to it. Told the EA today I would not proceed and would need at least another 5% off - he said "The vendors certainly won't go any lower, I thought the price
  2. Just been talking to an mortgage advisor for an EA in Hereford enquiring about the small number of 3/4 bed properties in the city coming onto the market. He said (and it is reflected on their website) that small properties were being bought by FTB's since the beginning of the year and that will encourage the larger properties to come on. He said the reason for this is that since the New Year it was no longer a problem for FTB's to get mortgages at 90% LTV and that investors were also buying again now. This bubble is going to take so long to deflate...............................
  3. This appears to be the new modus operandi. In the past week I have viewed 2 different properties and on each occasion another couple have already been viewing when I pitched up. Also, the duration for viewing was 1/4 hour both times. Pathetic attempt by EA's trying to apply pressure!
  4. SnugglyBear That is sooooooo...... funny but soooooooo...... naughty!
  5. - w - You are absolutely right - I'll be on the phone first thing tomorrow morning begging to gazump - I can feel the conditioning working already!
  6. I had a dubious conversation with an EA today. I went to view a property on Saturday; the EA was so busy could only fit me in immediately after another viewing. I arrived before the previous viewers had left. They were obviously quite interested in the place as was I. The EA said they would call me in the next couple of days to get my views. I've been away until today and when I got back there was a message from the EA (called on Tuesday) asking me to call them for my views. So I called this afternoon only to be told the property had gone under offer yesterday but they had called me fo
  7. Apropos snippets from the comments: Julian T J Owens, Arkwright Owens, Hereford, Herefordshire, - Lack of supply, positive for prices,negative for climbing the property ladder. Shortage of rental properties will mean demand will maintain prices for lower priced property. Interest rates,if they go up - more expensive to borrow money. I would question how representative the RICS surveyors are to give any sort of perspective on the market. As a good example the company above only ever has about 5 properties for sale and until very recently (and still do as far as I know) only undertake comme
  8. I find the whole concept of a buyer having to put down a deposit to secure a property which will be lost if that buyer pulls out bizarre, since there may be a myriad of valid reasons why a buyer won't proceed - such as a bad survey or a lower valuation than the price offered. In those situations, why on earth should the prospective buyer lose the deposit? I was asked to do this once by an estate agent when I made an offer on a house which someone else was also very interested in: I told him I was not prepared to play this game and after a quiet word with him from my solicitor he dropped the
  9. In Hereford this summer, the Council dug up and tarmaced a flower bed quite literally adjacent to another flower bed so that they could park their vehicle on it when they needed to tend the second flower bed. The locals complained and within three weeks the tarmac was pulled up and the flower bed reinstated. God help us!
  10. The EA concerned is manager of a national chain so no personal financial interest in the agency. Thinking about it, however, I believe you may be correct that he is desperate to retain the instruction - his particular branch seem to be taking on very few in the area at present. Thanks for all the ideas. As I said earlier, I was genuinely amazed that he wasn't pressurising her to drop the price.
  11. "You have to question the motives of that EA. " I have been trying TMT. I happen to know him and would say that he is fairly straight (for an EA) and I would have thought he would have told her the reality of the situation. I know the elderly lady involved is very keen to sell (just won't drop the price!!) so I would have thought that he would be really applying pressure for her to start reducing the price substantially.
  12. and yet.................. I was talking today to someone in Herefordshire who has had her property on the market for over a year (4 bed detached) and in that time has only reduced it £10k (from £280 ish to £270 ish and has not had a sniff of interest. She told me that she had spoken yesterday to the estate agent marketing it (a manager of a national chain) and said to him that all the news seemed to be doom and gloom. He replied that she should not worry and that things were not half as bad as the media is portraying them!!! What in heaven's name is going on?
  13. TMT There is a tiny tiny terrace cottage halways up a hill in Mumbles, just at the back of a pub, that a dwarf would have trouble in, IMPO, if he scored with Snow White that is on the market for a fiver short of 300K. Ludicrous asking price IMPO but I was told the seller is a second home owner leaving. After such a delicious day of bear news, that is such a delightful image! Thanks TMT!
  14. Hopefully the dreadful Jenny Eclair will no longer be heard imploring people to claim for every tax credit and child benefit they can. In the last few months before the election the ad featuring her was being played incessantly on talksport and similar as well as being on itv. I wonder how much the Labour luvvie got paid for that?
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