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  1. I agree with the sentiment behind your statement however history has shown we are incapable of learning from our mistakes several world wars etc, and also several crashes behind us, still I honestly wish we could learn
  2. Things have only gotten more insane in my region the NE over the last few years but I am convinced this can’t got on indefinitely a correction has to occur and in short the real value of houses has to re assert itself at some stage. In terms of supply shortage there are plenty of unsold properties up here
  3. http://www.millerhomes.co.uk/explore/NorthEast/10808/prices Hi I agree with others , the development above overpriced and in Blyth as per my previous posting some time back now has one house only reserved and I have noticed small reductions in asking prices on the houses for sale on my estate. As others have said 2007 should be interesting????
  4. A new devlopment in blyth £350,000 for a four bedroom (the conway), one to watch me thinks! Who the hell is going to pay that kind of money! http://www.millerhomes.co.uk/explore/NorthEast/10808/prices
  5. I Would have to say that our society is well screwed the welfare system supports those in many cases those who can't be arsed to get of their backs and do anything other than produce babies and their babies produce more babies etc etc My own opion is that the welfare state needs major reform and the whole country has gone soft, if you end up in jail you get a Playstation and soemtimes even a free concert? I have a prison officer in the family so I am not making this up! Some of these people should learn what a hard life is really like, ******ing wasters :angry: :angry:
  6. The words gentrified and Wallsend or not words I would usually associate with each other the thing is at the moment that's actually a good price for that spec of of house. Goes to show just how nuts the current market is
  7. I currently live in Northumberland but recently had a look at a devlopment in Wallsend, we found a nice house 4 bedroom double garage but who would pay £250,000 for a house in Wallsend? http://www.bellway.co.uk/ne/HadrianVillage.../Cranborne2.pdf I think it will be interesting to see how these sell over the next few months?
  8. I can sympathize with your situation I bought 5.5 years ago at 85K now worth about 185K, if I hadn’t bought then I would be would be well pissed now. The question is where are we in the cycle my crystal ball is cracked so I don’t know, but I do know that a cycle exists!!
  9. I am a home owner with £100,000 equity so you could argue that I should be happy but I would like a bigger house and really can't afford it at the moment, I live North of Newcastle in Northumberland. we are on a good income and should be able to move up a house level easily but since houses are over valued its not sensible!! My wife has two younger brothers who have recently bought houses, both small in a grotty areas but could only just afford it, I feel sorry for them when prices do drop! The current market is not sustainable when reality hits and the hypnotic insanity that has gripped the nation for the last few years goes we are going to see prices plumet http://www.bellway.co.uk/ne/HadrianVillage.../Cranborne2.pdf This would be our ideal next home but at quater of a million in Wallsend, not exactly a desirable area I just wont do it, having said that I keep getting that voice in the back of my mind saying prices will only ever go up buy now or you will regret it, but I tell Paul Mckena to shove it and the voice goes away I don't claim to know when it's going to happen but I am bloody sure it will happen at some stage, in short things are getting insustainable
  10. Okay so when is it going to hit the UK mid 2007, and ideas guys the very fact that this is happening in the US is going to make people think twice about buying in the UK. Further we are expecting further rate rises through into 2007! Could this herald the begining of the end in the UK????
  11. Don't be silly house prices only ever go up ignore all the news my estate agent told me so!
  12. I am 36 sam and feel the same way the way things are if you sit on your **** and do nothing you get looked after and if you have done okay for yourself you get taxed to death, however if you are super rich you are left alone the situation stinks and I have had enough!!!!
  13. They were going to build the M62 through that house but the geolgical conditions stopped them so the farmer decided to stay, apparently they get crashed cars on the land once in a while, is it for sale?
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