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  1. BBB! What is you dong man?!! You giving away all our secrets to these renters!!! You wanna kill th ebird that feeds you?!!
  2. i will not bother to reply to these scurilous personal attacks, nor defend BBB or TTRTR. They is quite big enough to defend tehsemselves. You people are refusing to acdept thetruth, it can only go up. How can it fall>? Tony would be out of a job pronto. I pity you. forever paying money to a landlord just to keep the rain off your flat heads
  3. Excuse me. You come on th e'pig forum and try to depress anyone, then you get upset when I poinjt out a few homne truths. At least I font swear you 'sh*t'. There is no reaosn to be upset. It is going up. As I said yto Phil th eother day - the y may take the piss Phil cos you acant say 'r's, but they have no property. Who is winning really? Easy question. Rent from me, little people. I dont even pay tax.
  4. What all you sad renters are forgetting is that it is LAND, and they arent making any more of it. Prices can only rise, and you should be thankful - if they didnt, landlords (rich ones like me) wouldn't be able to provide you scroungers with accommodation at such great prices and you would all get trench rot.
  5. Foolish renter-people. They ghave simply moved to a biugger better office. they are doing fine, and you may be sued for libel if you suggest aotherwise. M&C
  6. You are a very rude little renter. anoyher reason why you are not rich. If you were my tenant I would sneak in to the flat I rented you wjhile you were ddown the dole office and do a crap on your bed. That is why you will never be rich, becaues you arent even smart enough to know that you should change th elocks on your rental door otherwise 'pops' will be in and out almnost every day. foolish zzzz renter. bring me you finest meats and cheeses. My wealth cannot be countable
  7. It is an up and coming area with lots of new coffe bars and butiques. It will rise in price many times by next year. I am considering buying a couple myself (although I find the 'starck' kitchens a trifle cheap for my personal tastes, because I am rich thru buy for let propewrties). Kirsty and Phil are doing a special on it next month and the prices will rise like rocketships the very next day. You have heard it here fists.
  8. He's right. The first time this rentoid has said anything even half correct. Pay attention everyone and dont feed the troll. And leave the 'pig out of this. You know not of what you speak.
  9. Ignore them, TTRTR my man. They have no properties. They are poor and do not understnad what it means to be wealthy. Proprty is going up in th espring, Kirsty says so and you would be a complete idiot to argue with her. Ignore their jealousies. I have a cabin in Sweden too, alythough mine is bigger than yours. Having said tyhat, youyrs looks nice. Its going up, and dodging tax like you suggest is the best way to get more cash in your hands so you can take more properties away from the low life renter scum. MKTR
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