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  1. I would like to know how much money they wate on employing people to collect ad publish such useless statistics as this. I am sure it is far more than the thrown away meals cost.
  2. At my local Ford dealer, there is a large, expensive desk in the center of the showroom with Motability written above it. The regular sales peoples standard looking office desks are back in one corner. It is not only BMW being propped up by motability.
  3. I just want to clear up a misconception about inetrest only mortgages. I have an I/O mortgage. What I took out was an offset, repayment mortgage, that will be paid off in about 7 years. For some reason the bank class this mortgage as an I/O mortgage and send me statements in an I/O mortgage type format. I do not know why but I suspect a lot of offset repayment mortgages (and there are quite a few attractive rates arround now are classed as I/O).
  4. Yes, planes are very noisy here, but it is not the worst area as they are not directly overhead. Ludlow avenue is much worse for planes. Huge posh houses there and planes 50ft above your head every couple of minutes. Nice. This house is on a steep hill, poor area (even for luton) since Vauxhall plant closed, bad school catchment. It may not be in a busy road but it is just above/ overlooks Vauxhall Way which is a very busy buypass, or you may have a view over the derelict factoy / waste ground itself.
  5. Here is a little anecdote about rental demand. A friend is looking for a house to rent in north London (edgeware / harrow ) due to his current rented house being condemed with major subsideance problems. Anything that is good is let within hours of going on the market. He has been looking for over a month and it is literally a race to sign as soon as something comes on the market so far he has not won that race. Even hovels you wouldnt put your worst enemy in are being let quickly.
  6. MULTICAR INSURANCE IS THE BIGGEST SCAM. Have a problem on one policy (forget or unaware of some insignificant detail or for whatever lame excuse they refuse to payout) and they cancel BOTH immediately and keep the premiums for both. This is the multicar business model.
  7. These deals I mentioned are from my existing lender, seem to be quite competative, and I do qualify. 66% LTV and 1.5* joint income so should not be a problem.
  8. It is that time for me soon and I dont know which way to go. Base rate + 2% tracker or 4% fixed for 5 years. My last call was to go on a fixed at rate 5.3% but that was a bad move as rates started to drop soon after I took it out. Help and opinions wanted please.
  9. My polling card never arrived. Neither did anyone else in the street get theirs. Just take a bunch of cards, bin them and claim your free money. No actual delivery work required. :angry: I must remember this for next election time. It will only be a few months away when the coalition falls apart as soon as they discover the true state of GB's finances.
  10. The two new 09 plate cars in my street both came from Mobility schemes. There are a few 2007 cars though. You could map peoples spending power by that.
  11. I don't post here often, but lurk a lot. I thought I would share a conversation I had last weekend with a friend who is looking to buy at the moment (FTB in Stanmore). He is looking in Oxhey, Bushey, borehamwood Basically every descent, affordable house that they look at is sold at or very close to asking price, very quickly. There are definitely buyers out there for good houses in good locations and they have money to spend. My friend has missed out on 3 houses now basically because the hesitated and didn't immediately put down an offer of, or very near asking price. Anyway... I convinced him not to buy yet. He has a young daughter and I told him to look at the OFSTED reports on local schools near where he was thinking of buying. They are terrible for any house he can afford. He is renting near a good school now and and he is now going to stay there untill his daughter starts school in a years time. If you want to convince someone not to buy, just tell them about the schools in the area, rather than banging on about economic predictions, recession etc.
  12. Green waves Simply unbelievable, but that is Labour for you. Previously the Department for Transport (DfT) had discouraged the systems which reduce fuel use, resulting in less tax being paid to the Treasury.
  13. Can you tell us what the survey valued the house at. It would be interesting to see what surveyors are doing at the moment.
  14. You should use a vacuum with a Certified HEPA filter, or Type H vacuum. They are not cheap and anything less just blows the asbestos dust all around the room.
  15. Exactly the approach I took, (and was advised to take by asbestos watchdog) although I only had it in the boiler cupboard. Had ceilings / artex tested and it was all clear. Just have to get rid of the asbestos concrete loft water tank now but I don't really want to smash it up. Survey didn't mention it when we bought the house either.
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