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  1. I would actually travel a long way, stay overnight and pay a good entrance fee for a HPC p155 up somewhere when the COVID lockdown is ever over.
  2. 20% off of a 4 bed detached house in Cheshire; again south of Chester, east of Wrexahm. Puts some of the rubbish in London into perspective. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/95376350#/ Price Change History 17/12/2020 Price Changed: £1,250,000 £1,000,000 29/07/2020 Initial entry found.
  3. Change is the only constant. Every generation has a test. Dont forget even the Boomers had proper austerity to deal with early in their lives care of the legacy of WW2, which was really the fall of the British Empire. Subsequent generations had Thatcher (thanks Boomers!), fall of the USSR, rise of the EU, Blair and WMD...now we have the fall of the US (and its Dollar) and the rise of China. At least Harold Wilson kept the UK out of Vietnam. We are all products of our education and unless you are the customer (i.e. privately educated) you are the product. Who benefits? Who pays?
  4. 20% off of a 4 bed detached, south of Chester, east of Wrexahm https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/95376350#/ Price Change History 17/12/2020 Price Changed: £1,250,000 £1,000,000 29/07/2020 Initial entry found.
  5. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9150821/UK-population-shrunk-1-3million-amid-pandemic.html Statistics experts said UK population may have fallen 1.3million amid pandemic The 'illustrative' estimate would represent biggest fall since Second World War Suggests there may have been 'unprecedented exodus' of foreign-born workers
  6. 1st:- Thats a belter and at just over 19% off its the sort that has my finger hovering over the enter button sucking through my teeth and muttering about my self imposed 20% limit. 2nd:- What we in the trade term a “fecking shoe box”. I wouldn't want to experience lock down in that however it is a hefty 28.5% reduction for a flat that is walking distance from Canary Wharf. Thanks for the kind words and you are welcome. I think I just enjoy the dopamine hit from the chase now. I did a very sweet Caroline in my youth...but that's another story and not conne
  7. 20% off of...this well-proportioned Detached 4 Bedroom Family property commands spectacular elevated views across South Cheshire and North Shropshire with the Peak District in the distance. I suppose its there between the foreground and the sky? Time for another reduction "to sell"? https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/63721539#/ Price Change History 27/01/2020 Price Changed: £1,250,000 £1,000,000 17/07/2019 Initial entry found.
  8. 21% off of a 2 bed bungalow in Ventnor IoW. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/62467017#/ Price Change History 16/06/2020 Price Changed: £165,000 £129,995 23/05/2019 Initial entry found.
  9. Long term (over the next 5 years or so) this is going to be very interesting. Trump is clearly an idiot, however even with his very poor response to COVID he polled a lot of votes and gave Biden a run for his money. Biden should have walked this election. There is a very large section of American society that is angry, disaffected and...armed. Remember the Michael Moore speech from "Trumpland"? The basket of deplorables etc. If Trump starts a third party in prep for the next election with the usual conspiracy narratives, what happens over the next week or so will resonate greatl
  10. I don't do requests (I'd be here all day) however I did take the opportunity to have a sniff around the island yesterday and found a few things worth posting here. All have to conform to my 20% limit for me to post, HOWEVER there are a lot of reductions in your range in the 10 - 15% range. So here is one 20% plus reduction... 20% off of land in Newport, probably due another drop soon. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/commercial-property-for-sale/property-63641955.html Price Change History 01/06/2020 Price Changed: £375,000 £300,000 1
  11. Almost like they are appealing to foreign investors.
  12. I think that an Etherium type blockchain Internet based on DISTRIBUTED apps is getting closer and closer.... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9133377/Trump-fans-favored-social-media-site-Parler-DISAPPEARS.html?ito=push-notification&ci=67309&si=18891961
  13. Oh tell me about it...my finger hovered in 2015. I bookmarked PREEV.com back then and as it does, the browser saved it at that price...so I am for ever reminded that I almost bought at $719 per bitcoin!
  14. The total lack of respect for the value of the tokens we all work for (GBP in my case) led me to Crypto recently. I did not want to buy these strange items, but I am also in cash and PM's...so there was only really one way to go in the 2020's. I'm up a few thousand already and although that is nice, I am really looking to diversify my wealth and get it away from these reckless criminals. The more I make on Crypto, the more Crypto I buy on the basis that I am mitigating any down turn. I currently have Bitcoin, Ether and now Ripple. I am quite happy with the results so f
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