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  1. Is there a link for your 2019 predictions?
  2. JC wants a chaotic BREXIT and he wants to blame the PM.
  3. The way that Parliament is going over BREXIT, I almost expect that to die before any senior royal.
  4. Roman Roady

    EA Just told me to wait to buy

    Further along the south coast close to Southampton here. I am seeing 2 most satisfying developments:- 1. Rents are coming down. I moved a couple of months ago and my last rental place has not been rented out and is now £150 less pcm (small 3 bed terraced town house). That landlord has now been without rent for 4 months. The place we are now in was an increase of 200 pcm however is much larger (4 bed detached); it was reduced by £100 pcm from its original price. We met the landlord and he was overjoyed when we took it off the market (been on for 4 months). Our research showed that rents seem to have reduced across the board by approx 15% in the past 2 years. 2. House prices are coming down. In several conversations with letting/estate agent types we heard several anecdotes of 10 – 20% reductions in asking prices. However one in particular was where the wife was told of a seller who was not impressed by the £100k reduction recommended...I posted this previously, she didnt ask the original price so I cant comment on the percentage drop. Shame.
  5. Roman Roady

    Boomer Freudian Slips

    Ahhh, you were "triggered" by an old woman who was making small talk in an attempt to entertain you at the family bash? Poor you. In future stay at home in your safe space. Here's some new years resolutions for you....Grow up, ease back with the self pity and play the hand you have been dealt.
  6. Roman Roady

    Housing market: average UK asking price dips £10,000

    wake me up at 30% drops
  7. When they are taking the vote to cancel BREXIT as many people as possible should (after a twitter campaign): 1. Travel to Westminster, 2. Don a yellow high viz vest, 3. Put on the "Guy Fawkes" mask, 4. Stand in silence and face the houses of parliament. If enough turn out it will put the wind right up them.
  8. Roman Roady

    Diane Abbot for Prime minister

    What are the odds?
  9. Haha Lets see what a good European Macron is shall we. What exactly are the EU going to do on the security council anyway apart from endless arguing and vetoing. To provide security you need security forces...good ones...like the French has got. (deliberate phrasing since it sticks in my throat at the moment)
  10. Agreed I have never understood why we crow on about "green" issues etc when we strive for growth quarter upon quarter...which is just another way of digging up more and more resources from the earth and making tat from it all....more than we did in the last quarter. Perhaps its all just another tax scam. It has to end some time.
  11. Houses down 30% and the pound down below the dollar (thus my gold goes up). OH PLEASE!!!!!! I think that the 2nd rate Canadian politician may have gaffed with his HPC prediction....that law of unintended consequences. More of the younger generation likely to vote leave in a peoples vote???
  12. Nice one! Possible problems trading with the US???? Has Nigel called in some favours from 2016? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6431207/Trump-says-Theresa-Mays-Brexit-deal-hit-UK-trade.html
  13. I too used to live there. I left for a 3rd country and put stuff into storage. Eventually returned to claim said stuff post BREXIT vote in 2016....the first Swissite I met, literally the first said "Good for you Brits, F**k the EU! Good language by the way". We shook hands and he went on his way. I found that the Swiss generally liked the UK and disliked/distrusted the EU. They hold nationwide military exercises that simulate chaos in the EU and closure of their borders. After the Brexit vote I think that they withdrew their historic request to joint the EU. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Switzerland–European_Union_relations I dont recognize the picture you are painting of them.
  14. Thats a bit of an understatement there! I thought we were going to see her storm off....or him for that matter. I liked his repeated use of the printed agreement as a visual aid...kind of brings home the magnitude of the job ahead of those who say that this agreement can be re-negotiated.
  15. OK...not sure all that is true but since i dont have the time or inclination to research each post on this site I will for the time being assume you are correct...possibly re-enforcing your point there but hay-ho. If you are correct, how inclined are the main populace to accept the facts as you present them? The conclusion would be to enforce swinging taxation on fuel for personal use whist allowing all haulage companies access at a much lower rate. What one of our political class would want to enforce that? Lamb from NZ and Beef from Argentina, electronics from Korea etc will be targeted. This is of course aside from the impact of rearing Lamb and Beef and the damage caused by the electronics industry. It will be much easier politically to go for localism...it will bring jobs back and the populace will be happy to pay that bit extra.

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