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  1. Devils Advocate time:- if its as simple as borrowing and printing, why do we all go to work to earn money and pay our taxes? Why dont we all just stay furloughed and let the chancellor borrow ad infinitum.
  2. I genuinely think that they dont know the first thing about leadership...they have never had to lead. They are probably good at management i.e doing the correct thing at the right time and place etc...process and routine; but as any software engineer will tell you, a piece of software can manage things. We are emerging from a very benign period in our history; I think the noughties were described by Mervin King as the NICE decade (No Inflation Constant Expansion). During this time all the political class had to do was to manage their respective nations as giant bureaucracies. Leadership is different, its about the softer skills and it has to be based in truth and integrity; so things like motivation, emotional intelligence, respect for others, commitment, loyalty, courage and finally discipline. If you want others to have the discipline to follow the strict life altering rules that you have set then guess what? YOU HAVE TO SHOW THE SELF DISCIPLINE REQUIRED TO EXCEED THOSE RULES YOURSELF. Go tell it to the Marines, 75 years on from VE day. Our military cemeteries are filled with the bodies of our young people who instinctively knew all of this and this shoddy shower of sh*** who now govern us are not fit to tend their graves. Or if thats too militaristic for the poor little darlings, possibly Cummings and Johnson can tell it to the NHS workers after they clap them this coming Thursday.
  3. Statement will read something like:- I dont care what any of you think, I will do as I like. I am in an unassailable position within the Johnson Govt and he cant sack me. I suggest that all of you serfs now leave me alone and stop projecting your anger at your own poor life choices onto me.
  4. I suddenly find myself suddenly looking forward to Lockdown 2.0 this summer. Pass the popcorn.
  5. I doubt it. They all think they can do what they want. "Do as we say not as we do".
  6. I think Mr Market is going to decide in the end. The rest is just delay.
  7. I think income tax as an employee is based on residence. You could work for a company in KSA but if you live in the UK you will pay UK tax on yr earnings...tax free or not. There are examples where people work in CH but live in the EU (FR, DE etc). Polite name is "boarder runners", the Swiss call them the Boarder Rats. Although tax is paid in the more expensive EU, the cost of living outstrips this. Not sure how this works if you are a Ltd Company...prob pay corp tax in the country of registration...Google et al know about this one. I knew a few guys back in the day that paid themselves via Gibraltar. Its an interesting outcome of what we have been through.
  8. ...and what is the road to hell paved with? We have loads of UK property forming large parts of foreign investor portfolios...what would you do if you had some skin in that game?
  9. Is there going to be a HPC? Just watching the news re Rolls Royce Aero engines...9,000 to go in the UK and every job loss is amplified 4 times in the supply chain. Jesus wept! How can there not be a HPC with this sort of impact!
  10. Because they got out of the habit, they are saving for the next pandemic, they learnt to cook better during shutdown, they don't have a job... to name a few
  11. Permys at my place were told they were getting a 10% cut. Over 1000 furloughed across various locations across the country...many wont be back. Being a contractor I was requested to take a 10% cut....I took the view that:- If I wansn't essential to the project i would have been "let go" in March, I am a miserable money grabbing contractor who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing, ..and said "No". I am still alive and nothing else has been said. Probably not an excess of friends but hey ho, its not a popularity contest is it!
  12. So its not just the Socialists who run out of other peoples money. Popcorn time.
  13. WANTED:- Distressed sellers for the UK HPC. Other than probate houses, we will not see significant drops until the three month holidays wear off.
  14. For those who have grown up over the last 40 years, mother nature has just dispensed a practical field lesson in economics. That lesson is that you need reserves in place for a rainy day...we all know this is required deep down. So I think we will now see a large proportion of the population of the west establish SAVINGS again...and i don't mean for a deposit on a house. This is under consumption so i expect to see the prevailing narrative to discourage it (references to hoarding, low IRs etc); but the experiences of many will be hard wired for the next decade. It will be a "Generational" thing. Oh another thing....it ain't over yet. The fat lady ain't singing; not the end, not the beginning of the end...blah blah blah...
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