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  1. i am about to sign contracts for a rental property and have been sent a draft copy. I have never rented a house on my own before, so its all very intimidating, but have been reading up alot so that I know my rights. can someone please confirm if I am being served a S21? I have a 12 month contract but with a 6 month break clause. Does that mean that if I sign a contract with S21 then I could in theory be evicted after 6 months, rather than 12? "To accept the teneacy hereby created in anAssured Shorthold Tenancy as defined in Section 19a of the Houseing Act 1988 and the provisions for the recovery of possession by the landlord in Section 21 thereof apply accodringly" I suspect if I query this I will be fobbed off with an excuse from the EA. I really don't want to move again, have moved far too much over 8 years and want something more long term, but the EA told me they DONT do longer contracts than 12 months, even though I told them I would be wlling to sign for 2 years! Makes me wonder if the LL is aware of this....
  2. there will always be a small fraction of satisfying, well paid jobs which will chased by the many, I guess the point is that surely there should be some pride in knowing that you are able to provide for your lot without relying on the state? Why are the sheeple so willing to allow all their decisions to taken on their behalf? Because then they they can't claim resposibility for themselves..
  3. In that light you may be right- however these 'investment decisions' have the potential to impact on every person on this planet- its called a conspiracy because we are deliberately kept in the dark about their true agenda- which is essentially to be the most powerful group of people on earth, but then as the saying goes, 'the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince us that he doesn't exist'
  4. I think everyone agrees that parasitic chavs need to be sorted and made to work, however I would also agree that there wont be any incentive to work if their final take home pay is less than it would be living on benefits. So whats the solution? I think its high time we re-introduce the stigmatism that used to be assoiciated with signing on the 'box' as my grandfather used to say. However there is a real time and place when having benefits during that interim when you are looking for work IS necessary. After uni for example I was very reluctant to sign on cos I couldn't find a job for love nor money, but my father kept saying that he didn't mind paying for people to get on their feet to get work- as long as they didn't make a career out of it! I didn't sign up in the end, just worked in a temping agency. I didn't want to be the first person in the fmaily line to have signed on the dole!
  5. I agree, I guess you have to ask yourself whether you would be prepared to fight for something you believe in, or whether you would be the type to be happy to reap the benefits of other's sacrifice. My point is whilst I also think the war in Iraq is a farce, the war could have been anywhere else in the world and over other matters- if people are unhappy why on earth were Labour voted in a third term?!!! We should be glad that there are people willing to sacrifice their lives for us- too many people forget that we are only here today because of this.
  6. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/opinion/main.jh...7/09/do0901.xml
  7. In some respect I think it is good to have a totally free economy, but part of me can't help feeling that this is slightly dangerous that we rely on others in order for us to survive, I just feel that there are some areas in which we should be as self sufficient as possible- like growing food and raising cattle for example. What happens for example when these foreign doctors go back home (which will probably happen when things go tits up after Great Crash II )
  8. your right, it isn't but then I know highly educated friends of mine who know nothing about how the economy works and if I was to try and explain they would spout off the usual bullish aruguments, forgetting the most imporant aspect of: Inflation isn't good for anyone in the long term and will only foster greed and resentment. But then you'd be suprised how many people don't understand a basic concept like inflation... As for me? I was lucky enough to meet someone who taught me all of this and I have made every effort since to try and understand as much as possible about it- but then people are often unwilling to learn about something they don't want to believe.
  9. I often wonder though whether an immigrant expects an easy hassle free life in GB- I had an ex whose family fled from Georgia over 10 years ago, the father did work as a fairly influential journalist/writer back home and can speak fairly good English though his mother still cant speak any, or at least very confidently despite living here for over ten years. I used to get so angry with the father that he allowed himself to get so depressed that he was unable to find a job which he considered as worthy as his previous life, as though he had a right to walk into a job that someone lived and trained in the UK can do. I just felt that with his lack of confidence in speaking English he had very unrealistic expectations about the sort of life he would be living the UK- we are lucky enough that a lot of what we have can be given to us for free, but anything beyond that then you have to be prepared to work for it! If you have come here fleeing from genuine persecution than its right that we provide them with a safe home, food and clothing, however they should be prepared to work had, to do the so-called 'menial' jobs like cleaning (though what’s wrong with that, I ask? there should be some pride in knowing that you are able to provide for your family rather than the state, no matter what work you do) and then work their way up. Is the concept of hard graft forgotten?
  10. Ordinarily I would agree with you, but we must accept that people are not the same; some are better at understanding theories and their limitations whilst others are better at using technical skills to solve problems. We constantly tell ourselves that we should be glad of our differences yet the government seems to want to insist that EVERYONE, regardless of aptitude has the RIGHT to go to university. Surely we should be trying to encourage the skills and talents which come naturally to each of us? After all if you insist that everyone should be going to university this must surely drag the level down for everyone which benefits NO-ONE. Perhaps society should work towards appreciating all manner of jobs, no matter how 'trivial' they may seem (McJobs come to mind), instead of placing undue appreciation for those lawyers and bankers rather than those cleaners, health care support workers and plumbers. Part of the problem is this perpetuated lie that having a degree is a path to riches. Trust me, that isn't the case....
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