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  1. Barnsley is horrible. Why would anyone want ot live there?
  2. Errr, we have already done this http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...?showtopic=3539 There is even a poll.
  3. Funny how a load of people have been claiming London has been falling since 2002. Was it on this forum? I can't remember.... Was you on that other forum. Singing pig or mighty fool? It might have been there.
  4. Why on earth do you think being a landlord is not hard work? Where is BBB? Obviously turfing out some tenant who is in arrears with his rent. One thing's for sure if he isn't here he must be working.
  5. When will you buy zzg113? are you hoping prices will fall a bit first?
  6. Stop paying their housing benefit - then we will see just how sick they really are. There are jobs in warehouses and supermarkets that any muppet can do. As soon as you take away the nanny state and make people stand on their own two feet, well, we might start getting a bit of pride back into the UK rather than all these moaning workshy dossers who have never done a hard days work in their life.
  7. Yeah right, just like house prices in London have supposed to be falling for the last year or so. Not what the LR says. Or is the lag, lagging as well? Wake up and smell the coffee zzg113, there are no house price falls, just asking prices.
  8. Well yeah, if asking prices keep falling, but we all know that they won't. At some point asking prices will start to trend upwards again. Show me an index, any index, that shows actual agreed and completed sale prices falling. You will not be able to because there is no such index. just wishful thinking from people like you.
  9. I agree TTRTR, he, like all the others are just clutching at whatever straws they can find. Repeat after me THERE IS NO CRASH Stop looking at falling asking prices and start looking at sale prices - they are the same as they have always been.
  10. Err no! You hope that they can buy it back for a song down the line. I have yet to see actual house prices fall. Asking prices maybe, but not actual prices. Any fool can fly a kite with a high asking price. Shame all the other mugs think prices are falling when the price is eventually adjusted down.
  11. Looking at the bookies, there is nobody willing to place odds on it other than betfair. Seems 'no change' is the one to go for. They don't wanna scare the little children before xmas do they!?
  12. Right, that is it! If I find out who is doing this they are in real trouble. Can whoever made me fat please stop it! :angry: :angry:
  13. Well who ever it was, can you turn me back round again. I look so stupid with my hair all stuck to my head :angry:
  14. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/rm/template/pub...a_n=11&tr_t=buy This is a bargain and overlooks the Thames as well - what more do you want for heavens sake????? It will only cost you £400 per month on an interest only mortgage. Begger can't be chosers
  15. zzg have you just turned me upside down??? Not bloody funny! Now turn me back the right way you dummy! Not impressed by your pranks at all. :angry:
  16. or this http://www.rightmove.co.uk/rm/template/pub...pa_n=3&tr_t=buy
  17. maybe, but what about this... http://www.rightmove.co.uk/rm/template/pub...pa_n=2&tr_t=buy Decent enough
  18. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/rm/template/pub...pa_n=1&tr_t=buy Try this link - you will be amazed at what is for sale, if you bother to look
  19. If you feel so bad about it why don't you just go and buy a house! Simple as that!
  20. Are you all buddhists here - do you not aspire to any form of ownership. Love and peace all you happy people.
  21. Dearest fans, It is very heart-warming to hear your kind words day after day on this superb website. Why don't you all come round to my place of a biscuit and a cuppa? I'm sure we would all have an absoloutely fab time! Hugs Kirsty
  22. no, just buy, it's a good time to buy, BBB told me, and my mum....
  23. Aaah, so the founder of my fan-club has come out to play. Where is your fancy-man? The bloke with the mouth that looks like a muff? You two will look good together. Two fat b*stards Sh*gging up the bum Quick put the Lego away 'coz here comes mum 'tiz the sort of thing that happens in teenage boys' bedrooms, is it not?
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