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  1. Well, they are pretty good at it. I think these statist types well know it they were to run their vision of a free society as a business it would be about as financially viable as Northern Crock.
  2. The problem is the government correct their mistakes by making others pay for it!
  3. There is probably 3x the budget needed for education. California just went on a spending spree that would make an Arab oil sheik proud.
  4. Gone is the old get on the property porn ladder theme, in comes "houses are a burden and expensive to maintain." This is the new psychology of the housing market. Looks like C4 and Beeney are on the button with this one.
  5. Would have been more believable if it read " In Five British Workers Don't Fake A "sickie"" Poor suckers having to turn up for work.
  6. Seriously though, if your single, low income, rent a room somewhere and half your housing costs (inc bills). Its possible then to earn sweet fa and have a lot of disposable income.
  7. The reason Prechter expects this is because EW theory predicts a 5 wave move will retrace to the prior wave 4, so in his book he says the wave 4s he looks at is the 70s (dow 1000) and the 30s/depression (dow 400).
  8. We could give ourselves all one billions each and we'd all be rich!
  9. Fortunately the structure of logic does not alter depending on what qualifications one has. "Your wrong because I have a PHD" I don't think so.
  10. Leftism works like this: if a statement feels good it must be true. Its always the fault of rich people Everyone should have access to [food/shelter/health care] Were destroying the planet and rich people are to blame Lets spend lots of money on nice shiney things We can grow the economy by spending lots of money. edit> Its like being a 12 year old kid and wanting to eat loads of fizzy drink pizza and chocolate but your evil capitalist parents won't let you!
  11. Sometimes yields can explode. Krugman and others have been quoting low rates as meaning government can borrow to infinity with no consequences, even though Greece went from nought to bankrupt in under 6 months.
  12. Krugmans basic thesis is "the more money you borrow the more credit worthy you become", thank god he didn't run a bank!
  13. For accuracy they should be called unbalance sheet.
  14. Everyone knows that such labour saving technology only puts people out of work!
  15. Well the EU was considering making an annual holiday a human right (true) so this fits quite nicely with their plans. Most benefit recipients can only afford 1 or 2 holidays a year, but as their unemployed why not make it year round?
  16. There is a vast difference between wealth that is consumed and capital wealth. Wealth that is consume is by large much more equal, most production is for the middle classes. Its the capital ownership which is massively concentrated to the elite few. For some reason people become obsessed with capital ownership.
  17. Some people would spend £150 on a normal tap...
  18. Bottled water is a great capitalist invention. Healthy and convenient. Good for the environment too.
  19. But what will it look like after the £6bn cuts?
  20. Don't let reality get in the way of the lefty wet dream of screwing rich people.
  21. M3 in the us is deflating at a 10% annual rate. As fast as in the Great Depression. Things are going to get messy.
  22. Landlords are a very important part of the economy and very important for people on low income to find a place to live! Yes we hate idiotic speculators who push prices up to silly levels driven by nothing but greed and narcissism at their own short lived success.
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