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  1. still having trouble loading them. youtube or google maybe works better? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgoSOQ2xrbI http://video.google.co.uk/videoplay?docid=...192100369180136
  2. I'll have everything on it. thanks. I'm hoping for 3% euro rates at 12.45. no hat for that one.
  3. Martin Stanford on sky was 100% certain there would be no rate rise. he looked like he was about to choke as 4.75% came up. Tony "Jo Moore" Blair is live on every channel now trying to bury bad news. he looked choked as well.
  4. I have to eat it then. fantastic. I was watching sky news, expert said "there are no inflationary pressures whatsoever in the economy, no change expected", then he turned completly white when it came up 4.75% Blair has a press conference deliberately timed at 12.00 in order to bury bad news.
  5. current mpc members are lightly worried about their own survival. labour's only serious policy left is too keep property and assets as high as they can. tony doesn't want to crash it before he goes. gordon doesn't want it to crash whilst he's on his way in. (after is ok, then he can spin his excuses). top labourites are thriving with their new found wealth (in the last 5 years), why should they want it to ever end. (the top tories are very very happy as well). they've all made more from their asset increases than from any of their wages (except tonyb of course). tony doesn't want higher
  6. just buy your own crystal ball. the doc has paid for his, so why shouldn't you pay for yours.
  7. he paid £2.55m he will accept £2.75m so that will be a 6% return in 5 years (if he gets it) when everybody else got 100-200%. this proves that sven was a dumb mother off the field as well on it, not that he was any good on it (sweden div 3 player). I can only think of 1 person as dumb as sven in property - tonyblair. 42 year lease.
  8. it's got 42 years left on the lease (and a on a house as well, which is not that common). press register later.... http://www.primelocation.com/estate-agents.../KFYEWS1021670/
  9. I think all assets are still way overpriced including gold. our money is being stolen right from beneath our feet and the best we can do is to buy gold, which has already trebelled.
  10. most countries are printing 10-20% new notes per year. real inflation is money supply increase. nobody disputes that. yet joe public still thinks inflation is 0%. I think they've won ( the governments). so far. except joe is happy to accept 1% pay rise in his new 10xsalary appartment.
  11. I'll always go with the number of new digitally created notes. 13%.
  12. short illness - so that rules out a heart attack then. working for a company that 'printed' 25 billion new pound notes last month, I'm sure there are lots of people with motives. my heart says he was unlucky and just dropped dead, my brain says he accidently took in a bit of untraceable ricin or similar. I can think of 25 billion reasons why he was at risk.
  13. china is 19.5% even at 11.5% in uk, that is the equivalent of 30 kent bank robberies a day by the uk government. i.e government is stealing £300 million pounds a day from savers, by watering down their money. stamp duty is theft also, but at least we know exactly how much tax we are paying on money we've already paid tax on and we can decide if we want to pay it or not. money supply increase theft is done by every country in the world. when you get an interest statement, you should read it as how much has been actually robbed from you. E.g interest £10, means gov has stolen £20 from you.
  14. rates have to rise now. World Governments need higher inflation - higher rates now. Blair is going to look a right mug if he gets reposessed before he is kicked out. He will be able to afford a massive mansion in the end (nobody is disputing that). I can't see how he can sign off rate increases that will lead to his own reposession. (that is preposterous). I dislike Gordon Brown, but Blair is a bigger roadblock, he has to go now.
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