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  1. That is just ridiculous. The price for this craphole just shocks me. I use to live in the south of England. Yea its beautiful and all that, but come on. How about this place for only 264,000 pounds. I sold my place in Surrey many years ago and moved back to the USA. http://www.trulia.com/property/1080670134--Huntersville-NC-28078 This is a nice town on the outskirts of a large city Charlotte NC. Great place to live. Way better than ole blighty for me and my kids. Got me a acre on a beautiful lot in Wintson Salem NC. I will never move back to the UK. I will come and visit, but house prices are just insane for the crap that you get.
  2. I'm pretty sure these flats are quite a bit older than 15 years old. I purchased a studio flat in Farriers road/close that backed on to Kiln lane back in 1998, At the time I was working in an Estate Agents (I know I know, but it was not my full time job) anyway to cut a long story short we had maybe 5 or 6 properties for sale in that estate complex even then it was pretty rough in some blocks. Forced social tentants I think? I paid 32,000 pounds for a Studio flat, that the Original owner had paid almost double for when purchased new? I would do some research on when these were built. I never lived there, just rented the flat out. Made for a good rental for me, once it had doubled in value I sold it. At the time I had a few flats in Sutton and Epsom, both towns made for good rentals, lots of students. Epsom is an ok town much nicer than Sutton. I can't believe people are still willing to pay such high prices for property in the Uk, just plain crazy. That flat is a prison cell if you ask me. Here is a nice house for you check it out. and its way less then that slave box. http://www.trulia.com/property/1074412901-...-Salem-NC-27127
  3. Well...no tears in my eyes......but hell yea.....I don't know what I would do in Los angeles without BBCamerica......I been living here in america for almost 20 years....and the only TV I watch is british.....
  4. Hi ...I understand that you are mad at the BTL owners......but why stop paying all your bills.....????.......exactly who are you not paying?.....and why?......best of luck with the move...malta sounds like a nice place.......got to agree with a few posters about Uk being not such a nice place to move back too...I honestly don't think I will ever live in the Uk again....shame really....can be such a bueatiful place.
  5. In your dreams mate!..........if you really think this?......you are in for a very rude awakeing......UK PLC...is fcuked......come back and read this thread in six months ......
  6. Hi All I posted this about a year ago but can't seem to find the original thread.... Anyway this is for my old house I use to own in cranleigh surrey...address is 10 the mount, cranleigh....listed with Meldrum Salter & Edgley....should not be to hard to find..... Been on the market for about 16 months now, slowing chasing the market down....was origianlly listed for 315000....then 305,000 then 299,000....on at 289,000 for about eight months, I guess wating for the bounce back....today price was dropped to 249,000. I originally purchased this house for 147,000 back in 1999..sold it in 2001 for 210,000. I'm guessing that even with a 65,000 price drop...interest will be zero.....I think we will see prices drop back to 1999 levels in the not to distant future.....50% price drops will be the norm.
  7. Yes I caught this show...I thought it was very well done.....a lot people over here still do not seem to understand....how this can effect everyone! But my concern? is.....that old blighty is going to be even worst off?...I think this year will be pretty bad for Old Blighty....better tighten those purse strings
  8. Hmmmm........OK I see no real difference from Los Angeles to London....(apart from better weather?)... I just looked at a house that last year was up for sale @ 695,000 us dollars.......now in foreclosure for $380,000!....we offered $300,000? Don't think for one minute the same won't happen in Ole Blighty........one year ago if you had offered $500,000 for that $695,000 home you would have been laughed @.....
  9. Hmmmmmmmm........I did not think anyone would be so touchy about my post stateing stockbrokerbeltland ....I was just genrealize the fact that ...cranleigh is a well to do area...and properties normally sell quickly...the last house I tried to buy about two years ago when I was thinking about moving back to the Uk...I got in to a bidding war! And I also understand Asking price is not selling price...but if the asking price keeps dropping this has to be taken as some kind of sign that the market is weaking? As we all know......anything will only sell for what someone is willing to pay for it?.......would I buy this house back @ my originally selling price?.....my answer would me yes......as to her bargaining skills ...The house was listed at 220,000 and I lowered the price 10,000 to allow for some small repairs..... I will let you guys know what it eventually sells for as I keep a watch for it.
  10. Ok guys...just a little note to say..that even..in the heart of stockbroker beltland....and one of the nicest villages in surrey...Cranleigh...my old house...which I originally brought for 147,000 in late 1999 and sold for 210,000 in late 2002....I did not really spend to much money on it..as I did most of the work myself...maybe 3500-4500 pounds. I noticed that the lady that brought it from me has been trying to sell it since early spring..originally put it on at a cheeky 315,000...needless to say each month the price has dropped by about 5,000 pounds... so far it's dropped..to 289,950. Personally I don't think it's worth more than 250,000....and even high at that...no garage and very small rooms. P.S HOUSE IS ON WITH MELDRUM SALTER & EDGLEY..289,500..2 BED HOUSE
  11. errrrrrrr?............how often are you interviewed by the BBC or your local newpaper making a withdrawal from "YOUR" bank on a saturday morning?
  12. Hmmmmm most branches of northern rock are open on saturday mornings???....should make very interesting news!
  13. yes I think that should about do it!....push them over the edge....
  14. hey do you guys ever sleep?...I'm in Los angeles reading all this...isn't about time some of you guys hit the sack!...p.s I agree northern rock about to go pop!......the 1st of many I'm afraid......best stock up on th baked beans me thinks?
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