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    House prices will fall by 80% overnight in July 2005.<br /><br />The house price bubble needs to be continually fed otherwise it will burst. The house price bubble is just like a pyramid selling scheme that always collapses.<br /><br />What goes around comes around, going full circle and taking you back to the beginning again.<br /><br />House prices never plateau or stagnate at the top, they only plateau at the bottom. House prices either rise or fall but never stagnate at the top.<br /><br />Buying a property when prices are falling is insane. Buying now will put you in negative equity straight-away. Buy only at the bottom or when prices are about to rise after a slump.<br /><br />The property market is driven by greed and speculation. There are good times and bad times to buy property. Only buy in a recession or at the start of a boom. Never buy at the top. You need to learn patience and wait for the right moment in the economic cycle to buy property.<br /><br />A house is only worth as much as a buyer is prepared to pay for it.

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  1. Keefter, My advice to FTBers and particularly those FTBs who are new to this website is that house prices are so ridiculously over-priced that you need psychiatric treatment to buy into this crazy market. The market is in a speculative frenzy where greedy vendors are trying to rip people off. Don't rise to the bait. FTBers will have to wait for the crash in order for house prices to reach normal levels. Anybody who suggests that you should buy now should have their eyes drilled out.
  2. The inflation rate does not reveal the true extent of the massive inflationary pressures that exist within the economy as a result of too much consumer borrowing and spending. The economy is in the midst of a massive inflationary bubble because there is too much money in circulation. Low unemployment, high employment, high consumer borrowing and spending are causing too much money to enter the economy which is inflationary. The true inflationary nature of the boom will only materialise when the inflationary bubble bursts.
  3. I think that TTRTR (Time to Raise the Rents) who is the person who is so bullish about property prices on this forum should take note of the sliding property market and sell up his entire property portfolio - this is what a sensible BTL landlord would do - take the money and run.
  4. Too right. Too much demand is being created as a result of the boom and speculative activity from the BTL and other jokers. I saw the other day the veteran Labour party politician Roy Hattersley argue that high house prices are due to a shortage of houses and more homes need to be built to fulfill demand. However, the problem is too much demand, not a shortage of supply. Roy Hattersley is obviously taking rubbish and coming out with the usual political drivel for the housing problem because he knows fully well that high house prices is how Governments win elections.
  5. Membrane, When you said that you shagged the bird out of Dollar, do you mean the woman "Thereza Bazar" from the pop group "Dollar", that pop duo with "David Van Day"? I wouldn't mind giving her one either.
  6. I think that TTRTR is getting a bit worried about the property market when he is relying on those people who STRed to re-enter the property market because he hopes that this will help to prop-up the market. Although the property market is falling, it hasn't fallen sufficiently to make it worthwhile to re-enter the market given the transaction costs involved in making a property purchase and having to pay the still ridiculous prices for property. Property prices must fall significantly in order to make it worthwhile for those who have STRed to re-enter the market. Neither the STRs nor the BTL l
  7. Unwitting accomplice, So you are asking 105K for your house. OK then, I'll put in an offer of 20K cash for your house for a quick sale. How about that as an offer. It's so good you cannot possibly turn it down. Remember, a vendor can ask whatever they like for their house but it is the buyer who decides how much they actually want to pay. A house is only worth as much as a buyer thinks its worth and I think your house is worth 20K. Go on, accept the offer, house prices are falling, your house has probably already fallen in value by 10K so far today already.
  8. Unwitting accomplice You said that you put your house up for sale for 105k and although you got viewings nobody seems interested in making an offer. Well, take my advice drop the value of your property from 105K to 50K, thats right take 50% off the price straight-away. You may just get more interest in the property and maybe even an offer of 20% below the asking price at 40K. Good luck with the sale. Whoever buys the property, at whatever price, is going to be losing money in anycase because house prices will be falling for the next seven years.
  9. That's right. Less effect yields more profit in a rising market.
  10. How about we all make a small contribution to put in a full-page advert in a quality newspaper to highlight the issue concerning high house prices?
  11. Dogbox, The property market is losing momentum, it is running out of steam, it is running out of juice. The property market is grinding to a shuddering halt. The economy that has been moving in an inflationary bubble for the past seven years is about to stop moving completely when the inflationary bubble finally bursts. Now is definitely not the time to buy a property, whatever the discount or other circumstances. There is absolutely no point in buying into a falling property market because you are just losing money that way because you can buy the property for a cheaper price if they had the
  12. The new regulation won't come into being until April 2006 which will be too late to stop a total economic collapse from occurring in July of this year. My secret contacts in the finance industry in the City of London assure me that the financial institutions will pull the plug on the economy in July this year by a massive sell-off in Sterling on the financial markets causing a total economic collapse and biggest house price bust ever experienced in the UK. The real reason why Gordon Brown and Tony Blair are at each others throats is because it is well known in Governments circles that the eco
  13. You spoke about hampstead. Well I heard that there is alot of heaving bodies and rumpy pumpy going on in the vicinity behind the pub "Jack Straws Castle" in Hampstead Heath.
  14. Milton Keynes is a real shithole. All roundabouts and concrete cows. It is an artificial town full of plastic people and crooked taxi drivers. If you are going to pay that kind of money for a house you will be better buying a place in the big smoke. Milton Keynes doesn't even have a respectable red light area, which means that Milton Keynes cannot be classified as a proper town since all proper towns have a red light district. When the crash finally occurs Milton Keynes will be badly affected because it is such a dump. Nobody wants to live in Miltons Keynes, that is why property prices there a
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