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  1. Congratulations Malthus. Hope you have many a happy year in your new home.
  2. One thing I think would be a nice addition would be the ability to create multiple shortlists. The reason for it is that I notice that quite often people hunt out properties for friends, family and work colleagues. It would be nice if I could create a specific shortlist to share with another person whilst keeping my own personal shortlist separate so as to not confuse matters.
  3. If I do a search and rate by popularity, does it order by the properties I have rated highest or does it take into account how all users rate properties?
  4. Excellent! I noticed this myself but thought it was an intended decision to not show the price after it goes to 'Sold' status.
  5. Cheers for that Paul. My opinion is that it's much more efficient to abandon actual device specific apps and drive people down a mobile web route instead. This saves development time and keeps things fairly consistent across most platforms. As an Android user I tend to set my User Agent as "Desktop" so when browsing the web I get the desktop sites. I much prefer the whole experience rather than a diluted mobile experience but this is my own personal preference and is very dependent on device screen size. As most newer phone models are becoming larger, the full 'desktop' experience becomes ever more possible and will likely make the developers job that bit easier. Good luck Paul.
  6. Great to see PropertyPal on here and listening to the customers! Looks like you've also fixed the "Back to Search" link when viewing a property. I see there's an iPhone app - will there be an Android equivalent?
  7. That's a nice insight BelfastVI. BinTin, well done and congratulations on your new home. I hope you'll be happy there for many years. I think as others have said, you absolutely have to be prepared to walk away and your story is one great example.
  8. You might get the show on BBC iPlayer soon but it covers a housing crisis in north Belfast. There was a show on last night from Spotlight, which I haven't saw yet, that relates to the debate on the Nolan show tonight. There is a large bit of land available for development handed over in 2006 from the Ministry of Defence that the politicians have been squabbling over. Apparently now the politicians have agreed on what to do with the land but won't give out any information apart from a publicity photo. Journalists were not allowed to ask any questions and journalists have found creating the Spotlight show extremely dificult. http://www.bbc.co.uk...nireland/nolan/ The Nolan show was interesting and makes the politicians look a little dodgy over this particular affair.
  9. Up in Scotland, Rangers FC are basically screwed just now. In administration and teetering on liquidation. Major, major debts to the tax man and other creditors. Channel 4 have revealed evidence of double contracts which could mean they've been cheating and breaking player registration rules for years! Rangers have appealed the tax bill they have received and there is a tribunal that will be completing soon. If Rangers fail and HMRC win the case, then, from what I gather, HMRC will tackle other Premiership clubs who have been involved in EBT contracts that are given to players/high earners to avoid tax. Rangers Tax Case.com and more recently Alex Thomson of Channel 4 have covered the story.
  10. Congrats on the purchase and good luck in the future! I'm eager to know what rate they offered you if you don't mind?
  11. Oh, another thing - this is one reason why I have also set my router up so that only devices that I have registered on the router can gain access by using the MAC Address control.
  12. Best thing to do is tell them straight. I wonder how many other households suffer this strange phenomena with them around? I would seriously offer to phone Sky alongside the parents and probably wait 30 minutes+ on the phone just to get a Sky rep put them straight.
  13. What a joke. Incredible they are even considering this. This I can see riots over!
  14. Signed. Despite some on here questioning, "why should people with money be given more money?", the basic facts are that most people with savings don't have a great amount and the value is being eroded by inflation. We just want to keep the value and pitiful savings rates are destorying any value our saving (big or small) may have.
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