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  1. In both cases the investment return is gross of tax and therefore a constant. Therefore the only difference between the two is the marginal tax rate at the point of application. ISA = (1- I.t) * C * 1 Pension = 1 * C * (1- P.t) If P.t < I.t then you win. Given that for a higher rate tax payer on salary sacrifce I.t can be as high as 62% and P.t as low as 15% then pension contributions are a clear winner (assuming a constant rule set). Why do you think the government wants to move everyone on to ISA’s...
  2. Indeed, and ‘loads of pay’ for Google is share options. Food for thought when the GS MD salaries are $500k.
  3. Nice find - for certain employers with accurate job titles you can work out exactly what colleagues are paid which is interesting. For balance I bunged in Goldman Sachs and Google and I would conclude that you will see high salaries for any leading US employer. Side point - but Google seems to have almost infinite results - much hiring. Plus GS cleverly disguises the results with generic job titles and salary bands.
  4. No. If ever there was a job for thick skinned migrants from Africa it’s that one.
  5. I imagine anything a bit tech related is going to be at the forefront of this, basic industrial in the middle, and financial services at the rear due to a decade of so of being sand bagged by increasing capital requirements and governance expenses. When/if wage inflation comes back for banks/insurers then this will surely be the end of super low interest rates.
  6. Yes that’s probably the key consequence - that is the money that should otherwise be used for pension saving. The long term consequences of this may be telling.
  7. Don't know the bloke, but sounds interesting...
  8. Good stuff - love to hear about people cooly enforcing their legal rights against people who would happily abuse them. Let us know how this concludes.
  9. In the words of the ring announcer from UFC: Here... we... go! https://www.moneymarketing.co.uk/pensioners-sue-mortgage-lender-self-cert-interest-loan/ NB. MM.co.uk is a good website - recommended reading for HPC-ers.
  10. Dealing with scumbags... one of many reasons not to be a landlord.
  11. He already has I think to the foundation he set up with his wife (cynics might point out this is something of a tax shelter).
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