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  1. No.Not at all like other markets such as Bulgaria, Morocco et al.These will never be world leaders.Take a look at some of the projections for Brazil by Goldman Sachs etc.It is self sufficient in many areas and possesses enormous reserves of natural resources.There are over a million millionares in Brazil and it is also characterised by the strong emergence of its middle classes.Add the forthcoming mortgages to the mix and you have a potentially explosive growth cocktail.
  2. The boom is far from over in Brazil.On the contrary,it has barely started. When property prices rise to levels akin to the Caribbean (and the locals do not earn much there either) that is the appropriate time to insert a check step. At just over 8 hours from Gatwick, the same year round gorgeous weather, great beaches,but without the extreme conditions like tropical storms and hurricanes and properties at approx a quarter of the price,overlook this emerging lifestyle destination at your own loss.
  3. It would appear that with hindsight when you decided upon Morocco in favour of Brazil you went for the wrong option. I bought a 3 bed property in Porto Dos Corais Maracajau in Jan of last year for 93,000 Euros and assigned the contract 2 weeks ago for 122,000 Euros. Not a vast profit admitedly but certainly better than i would have been able to achieve had i pressed ahead with the reservation deposit i placed on an apartment on Med Saidia. I am not sure if this is typical as there do not appear to be many resales to compare,so i can only relate my own experience.
  4. Contracts may be assigned any time after the first 30% stage payment.
  5. Jonrob, You should have few concerns about the rental potential in the early days.As a generalisation ,the N.E.of Brazil is a capital appreciation play and your gains will more than compensate.Regard any income as a welcome bonus. As i stated 10 days ago these prices would not be maintained at this low level and anyone conducting even the most superficial comparative analysis would have been able to rapidly verify. The front line golf penthouses on Marginata have now risen in price by 23% and the sea view by a massive 31%
  6. Dogbox In that case i do NOT get it. Sure i see the vision-In fact it would work extremely well in central Florida.I just don't think that N.Morroco is an appropriate place for it.I guess we will again agree to differ. I really would not place too much faith in P.L's evaluation of the terrorism bounce phenomenon with reference to the Red Sea Riviera.The visitor profile is entirely different. Sharm is a divers destination frequented by the young hedonistic fraternity -the majority of who could probably not even name the leader of the opposition ie-little interest or awareness in politics,kn
  7. Dogbox I have no desire to restart the epic Morroco debate-i think we have already agreed to differ in that regard. Just a couple of aspects i can't let ride without comment however. N.Morroco is not even close to a year round season-believe me when i say you will need to buy a thick camel hair overcoat.If you really MUST buy in Morroco ,and are seeking a long season ,i would recommend TanTan-quite simply the best weather AND best beaches.Lack of infrastructure right now but Orascom have committed-you can also anticipate a far better quality of build from these than anything Fadesa could co
  8. This is not in itself a sufficiently strong reason not to invest in Thailand. It can be neatly and legally circumvented by a 30 year renewable lease ad infinitum which facilitates control and is also incidentally highly tax efficient. Personally i think Thailand and Samui in particular is an excellent recovery play-there is a huge unrealised demand due to governmental lack of policy clarity. Hua Hin is also a smart choice though Phuket,Pattaya and Chiang Mai are best avoided.
  9. Lina,With respect,you invited opinions and that is what you have got. Do not allow the somewhat abrasive terminology of the other guys posting to detract from its content which whilst ineloquent ,is fundamentally correct. The gimmicky marketing angle is an abysmal,and futile attempt to disguise its poor value,and i regret to say that your argument that it appears good value with reference to Marrakech is a fatally flawed recipe for impending disaster.You may as well say that you are purchasing in Grimsby because it looks good value when compared to Greater London. The only meaningful bench
  10. A grossly inflated purchase price and a buy back after 9 years of only the original price paid is a very poor deal. Keep your funds in the bank and wait for something decent to emerge.
  11. Rondy-I would have thought that by now you may have developed at least a modicom of ability to control your innate urge to continually shoot yourself in the foot-your predictions are about as accurate as a dyslexic weatherman waving a wet finger in the air.Pretty soon you are going to need a wheelchair to get around. Lots of developments like this in N.E Brazil?-this is a real mould breaker for the region and raises the bar by a significant degree. How many developments do you think will have the following? FIVE golf course,(professionally designed,PGA) Celebrity,high profile marketing.(A
  12. Dogbox, Seems that we have at last found some common ground after our Saidia epics! I am 100% in agreement with you on this one and have also purchased a one bed here-it is one of the best opportunities i have encountered in quite some time. I must confess i picked up on this one a little later in the day than normal and only had the option of a Travellers Palm.Well located as it is,i have a strong preference for a 2 bed and wondered whether either you or anyone else may be interested in trying to procure a 2 bed cancellation as co-owners ,rather than individually owning the smaller units.
  13. I visited both sites within 2 weeks of each other and Sahl Hasheesh was quite simply in a different class altogether.The beach and sea are far superior -genuine sparkling clear turquoise/blue clear water akin to the Maldives as opposed Saidias murky greys. Similairly,the architecture displays genuine flair at Sahl and the topography lends itself well to some very interesting and creative design possibilities as the land slopes upwards from the sea.This elevated topography will create superb views over the bay with its picturesque mountain backdrop.Regretably,in comparison Saidia is flat and u
  14. Anyone interested in considering the possibility of shared ownership here as opposed to sole? It would appear to offer a very sensible strategy in that all costs(and risks )are dramatically reduced. Sahl Hasheesh in particular is a very attractive destination and this mode of ownership is already extremely popular in the States.It is only a matter of time before it gains popularity in Europe and is increasingly becoming the focus of attention in the press as a workable solution to the often onerous purchase and ongoing maintenance costs of overseas ownership. I would be very interested in t
  15. The greater the consideration i devote to this, on the contrary,the more convinced i become that the vast majority will NOT make money in Morocco. I have always maintained that this is a high risk play,and not one suitable for the first time investor. Within the context of the location,Plan Azur, and Med Saidia in particular,whilst highly commendable in conceptual terms,is quite simply,overly ambitious. Many have identified terrorism as being a major concern,though i would suggest that whilst this may well be an issue,,prospective owners have more to fear from fundementals as opposed to fun
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