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  1. Posted in right section not inflammatory or derogatory just asking for any advice. Hardly trolling........
  2. Hi a friend has £175K in savings and is at a loss as to what to do with it to protect it from inflation. My gut feel is he should invest it in a house as its a real thing and he will always get a rent. (as long as its let out.) Others suggest shares but I can't help feeling we are in for a crash. If he leaves it put ( in high interest account I'm guessing ~2% ) then inflation is going to erode it. Anyone got any suggestions? Thanks, TP
  3. I lived in Windsor for around 7 years Rented then bought Aircraft noise is terrible (especially in nice weather as planes more likely to make final approach over windsor) I didn't get used to it - some claim they do ... But fab town to live in. I rented when houses in Bexley Street were £112K thought that was mad then during last crash they fell and I bought a 2 bed for £84K ( I sold for £262K as I thought crash was inevitable - but was a few years too early - were going for £350-400K recently - madness! ) SO NOT EVEN WINDSOR IS CRASH PROOF - may take a little longer though than other a
  4. Happy to take BIG risks if I undertand them Hmmm short notice thing - yes I guess some of it £20K say Happy to invest lots of time into research
  5. Go them ...... But value goes down with inflation.......................
  6. Thanks to everyone for their input so far...........I do appreciate this isn't the most sensible or professional way to get advice ....however the refreshing thing is people are free to say what they like / think as opposed to IFA's who are bound by so many rules and fear of making mistakes they will never offer more risky advice. My situation 40 Unemployed (finding it tricky to get job at moment) but when I do should be in the 30K + mark Just me to worry about :-( No borrowings on house ( yep kind of happy where I am) Pension - no faith in it anymore..... Can't live on £600 / mth a ren
  7. Hi, I've got £175K ( Cash ) to play with .... Do I buy a small house and get an income of £500-600 for life (Seems attractive as constant income... or is there somewhere better to put it? Where can I get a better return? Cheers Paul
  8. This is true ! Maths not a strong point for me. ( house orginally up for £295K ) then reduced to £290K when it actually sold for £265. Hence my confusing myself. I sit corrected.
  9. All of a sudden prices are being marked as "guide prices" in a lot of EA windows in Newbury ..........does this means somethings afoot? ( also saw a £290K house in a nearby town go for £~265K a drop of £25K !!!!) Does anyone have any other info on whats happening in Newbury and nearby areas.... My sources from EA's indicate people are taking well under the asking price after properties have sat on the books for a while. I also can't belive a lot of the new BTL's are yielding anything remotely decent. I remember Newbury being in the Sunday times when it had gone "bust" after the Thatcher
  10. A house in Berkshire - small town near Newbury just sold for ~£265K vs its original asking price of £295K when pushed people are taking the hit.......
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