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  1. In fact, to add, just don't knock blighty, regardless.
  2. That's right. It always comes back to semantics for a palatable justification. It's OK to forcefully displace people who have lived on the land for centuries with a claim that you originally lived there a few thousand years earlier. Then, when they turn up to your own court with a title deed, ask them 'which sovereign state' issued it. If I go to the Congo seeking land, I don't need to determine who the "actual owner of the land" is to accept the fact that it is certainly not me in the first place.
  3. They should just take over the land and call them settlements. Then, build a huge wall to keep the original owners away. Job done!
  4. Because oil has only been really valuable on a global scale from around the 1950's. This could change dependant on technology - e.g. if we all go electric or even bio diesel. If the world decreases the use of oil or if a shortage increases demand - what then? or if the oil wells dry up? Oil backed currency could suffer a timebomb worse than Y2K (that never really had an impact). Gold has been of value for thousands of years and likely to remain the ultimate form of currency.
  5. Funnily enough, I just stumbled upon a hibiscus villa for sale around 222K - these started out around 186K and went up to 400k if I remember correctly.
  6. I know there are old threads on Saidia Morroco. I tried getting an update on it now and found the official websites have been down for a long time. Is it a case of 'retreat and regroup' or is the project now bereft of the king's backing? I thought perhaps there might be bargains to be had ....e.g. hibiscus villas for 100k joking.
  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Official_gold_reserves 3,217 tonnes. Always take wikipedia with a pinch of salt as the info can be faulty. Also, no mention of what date they had that amount.
  8. Not sure I get your point completely. If you had a piece of paper giving ownership of a 200k ferrari, then if the currency devalues 10x, your ferrari will be worth 10x more (less actually due to decreased demand). Physical goods do not become worthless due to devalued currency. Therefore, if a weekly shop costs you £100, then in times of hyperinflation it may cost £1000.
  9. Do you feel this will be easy to sell back if you need to ? Coins seem to have the advantage in that they can be sold relatively easily.
  10. My opinion would be to favour physical gold. If the economy goes to pot, then you will need gold in hand anyway. What use will it be if it is an vault somewhere.
  11. Thanks Thod. Can you expand on this wire mount idea, I don't have a visual in my head to understand this.
  12. I remember watching Dungeons and Dragons in the eighties. Not a bad cartoon I thought. Had a very irritating little character, called the Dungeon Master, who was sagely but talked in riddles. I always thought to myself, that if I actually met this character in real life, I'd beat him to a pulp if he tried that non-coherent shit with me. Anyways, luisphil, you need to structure your content a little to make more sense.
  13. Yes, I've been watching this since the afternoon, it's been rising and rising from about 575, currently 618. Interested to see how prices fluctuate during the inauguration in 15 minutes.
  14. Blimey. If jewelry is excluded, someone needs to post a youtube vid on how to convert bullion coins into ladies bangles.
  15. I need to get something clear in my head... what is meant by theft by UK govt? Reading other posts, the way to go seems to be - buy sovereigns or krugers. And if the govt want them back, them blow torch them into a bangle or something. Not sure show to do this, probably end up burning down the kitchen. Don't want to do that, it's hard enough cleaning the oven.
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