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  1. Indeed they would. Unfortunately, I don't quite have £450,000 to hand at the moment. Hey, it's only 16 times my salary, but it just goes to show how far the prices here have to fall to be even remotely sane.
  2. I'm not complaining - it's a shared house, so our bargaining position is non-existant. We'd all have to threaten to quit.. On the other hand, four of us are paying, in total, £800, for a large Victorian terrace near the river between the boating station in one of the nicer bits of town. It'd be a bargain even if they asked for a 20% increase in rent.
  3. Of course, LR data lags substantially behind the other stats. So that could mean that was the drop in the summer and we've now hit rock bottom in Bath. I doubt it, myself. 2.3 is a nice big drop though. Having said that, my rent just went up by 6%
  4. Freshford is stunning, especially in the summer with the flowers out and the sun shining. I'm getting quite jealous of the good Doctor just for being near the Inn. Not that the Circus is exactly slumming it! Still, being on the river in Bathwick isn't anything to complain about, and I'll just carry on thinking of all the money I'm saving.. Having said that, seeing proper houses go on the market in Odd Down for 140k is approaching tempting.
  5. Nice one. I'm fortunate in that I don't think it would be possible to find anywhere cheaper to rent than my current place, and consequently am already saving shed-loads of money a month. Even still, until a year ago, forget prices, even the deposit I would need for a modest place was rising faster than I could save. Different now, but if the crash doesn't actually take hold, this slump will have to be sustained for another five years before I catch to where I was five years ago (when I still couldn't afford to buy a house anyway!).
  6. It's Combe Down, a small village south of Bath. It may look like a wreck, but it's a wreck in an -extremely- expensive area. Nick Cage lives in the same valley and owns this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midford_Castle Believe me, I dunno what they paid for that wreck, but whatever they did, it's worth a few million now.
  7. 20mins sounds a tad optimistic to me - I'd have been tempted to try for one of the nicer bits of Weston village. Best of luck with the baby!
  8. Bugger Lucky you! Freshford is an astonsingly beautiful village - but buying somewhere there is only on my agenda for when I win the lottery. I'm just hopping I'll be able to afford something in, say, Odd Down in the next couple of years.
  9. The senior management. Obviously the company going under wasn't -their- fault, oh no, it was all the fault of the idiot previous owners. When they take over, they won't make the same mistakes, etc. It's different this time.
  10. I buy loose leaf tea, and I think it's better value than teabags. It's certainly better quality - the grade of tea used in teabags is called 'sweepings' for a reason. Won't cause a prob for me, though - there's a very good bloke who sells tea in our local farmers market. Whittard's do do a very good line in Chocolate covered coffee beans though, i'll miss them if they close.
  11. It's a reasonably sized Morrisons, but otherwise you're right. Place needs a Tescos. But what I really noted was that M&S was unbelievably busier than usual - this really surprised me. Even in Bath you'd expect people to be deserting M&S for Waitrose.
  12. Not in Bath, this weekend, it wasn't. Good god, I nearly had a panic attack in there - it made Waitrose (where last year they had -traffic control- in the aisles, FFS) look empty.
  13. According to http://www.breachwoodingram.co.uk/pastresults.htm £47,500 !! I wonder quite how bad that place must have been - where is lambridge st. anyway? Ah, a quick google suggests it wasn't so much a flat, more of a basement and 'development opportunity' with planing permission :-) Thought it was too good to be true.
  14. Not to mention the very large student population which has more or less caused the transformation of the most of the affordable areas (victorian terrraces) into bedsit land. I'm living in a shared house, but it's in a great neighbourhood, with sane housemates and I'm paying far less than most students do - I'm in no hurry to move out, and the % of my take home pay I'm saving is huge - but I do want to buy in 4 years or so when I cease to be in my thirties - and I want to get a nice litte house in Bath. I've watched the market stall since the start of the year, and while there were big drop
  15. Erm, no actually. It's BBC Worldwide, which is an entirely commercial enterprise (they publish all the magazines and flog the DVD's, etc.)
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