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  1. But it wont be a scandal for another 20+ odd years, when it finally dawns on the millions of people that unless they receive a huge inheritance or win the lottery that they will never actually own there home outright.
  2. You'll have to worry about exchange rates each month. You will also have to find a way to get market (commercial SWIFT) exchange rates otherwise you will end up incurring high street retail exchange rates that the general public gets (not very good!), and you will probably incur a exchange rate fee of some sort on top of all this and no doubt some sort of extra commission. Alternatively you might be able to pay via someone like nationwide who do very good exchange rates on there cards.
  3. 2 months, Wokingham council its about 2 days in arrears before a demand letter is sent requesting payment in 7 days. Naturally they send the letters 2nd class so by the time they bundle, post and its delivered you'll have about 1 day to finalise payment before they start proceedings. :angry:
  4. See how long this post lasts... Use adblock with firefox, it tones it down to a less annoying simple text post.
  5. The way its going with the markets there wont be any city bonus this year to speak of.
  6. Perhaps if they offered direct deposit of winnings electronically there costs would be less Then again, by the time the cheque is posted, deposited and passed through the banking system they have kept hold of the money + compounded interest for about a month extra anyway. Surely that covers the cost?
  7. IR was one of the sibjects of discussion on todays BBC working lunch program. The guest (cant remember his name) spoke very strongly that there is no way they are going down, the next move is up and he expected it to be by the end of autumn. He also mentioned that the absolute peak will be 5%, the uk economy cannot handle anymore with the general public already so stretched to the limit of debt affordability, that if it went beyond this it will be disasterous for the economy.
  8. FYI.. good charts to track the longterm FX movements. http://www.forexdirectory.net/aud.html http://www.forexdirectory.net/gbp.html Just change the timescale to weekly/monthly.. WAL.: It looks like the AUD has broken out of a long term downtrend against the GBP that stretched back to the 2001 high. So for the moment, holding GBP instead of AUD is better, for now.
  9. As an IT contractor she should of put aside enough to cover the periods between jobs. You take your chances as a freelancer that extended periods of unemployment may arise, it comes with the territory. Ideally with foresight, switching to a permanent role to take advantage of maternity leave would of been of a smarter and more financially secure decision. It does sound like she took her chances with sticking with a more than likely higher payed IT contract and then hoping that the investment properties would cover the period off work. Though the restaurant business decision really is the one that did the damage. I just cant feel sorry for her unfortunately, but at least she is trying to resolve her financial woes rather than the straight to bankruptcy solution. And it does take some doing to publicly declare the situation she now finds herself in.
  10. http://www.smh.com.au/news/national/figure...8524820530.html
  11. Thanks cbs7, Did you have to apply for a margin facility to be able to use the IDEAL platform for the GBP to USD conversion? The platform is very powerful, its worth viewing the flash presentations and using the demo system to see how it works. There is a $10 fee per month if you dont generate $30 worth of commissions (something like that), but when your paying $1 for a trade of 100 shares, compared to most other uk online brokers charging roughly $20 a trade its a bargain. Still, IB is targeted to frequent traders rather than the occasional investor.
  12. http://www.breakingnews.ie/2006/05/09/story257938.html
  13. Add another 1200 to the daily total then.. Littlewoods warehouse closures.. http://www.breakingnews.ie/2006/05/09/story257938.html
  14. http://www.smh.com.au/news/national/proper...6335933244.html How long until we can see similar headlines in the main press in the uk?
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