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  1. these kind of people will die alone and unloved, but at least they will have their wealth.
  2. £210k in Swanage, Dorset. A caravan sited on disused underground quarrys, the land is unsuitable for traditional construction. http://*******.com/ccgtnw What chance do young families have ? this is why they are closing our schools.
  3. Swanage in Dorset, Barratts bought a former seafront nursing home in nov/dec 07 for a reputed 4.2 million and cleared the site. In the last couple of weeks a sign has been put up - "Coming soon, The Shoreline a stunning development of 24 luxury apartments" Interesting to see if they go ahead, in an area where the average income is less than 20k these properties are aimed at the second home own market. Unfortunately, right now second home owners seem to be selling, not buying.
  4. according to Goadsbys EAs In todays local paper The Advertiser, Goadsbys have their usual double page spread in the property section but right in the centre of one page it says - CRASH IN THE PROPERTY MARKET ? .....Dont always believe all you hear on the news Goadsbys Wareham office has agreed in excess of £4,000,000 worth of property sales in the last month alone. No crash here then
  5. Anti second home/luxury apartment graffitti is appearing in Swanage as well. http://www.purbeck-gazette.co.uk/pdf/2008-02.pdf
  6. Really, you have seen them that cheap ? Heres one in Swanage for £225,000 http://*******.com/387l5v
  7. Second home owners here (Isle of Purbeck) get a 10% discount on their council tax. :angry:
  8. Hi, £60,000 in, wife and myself last 7 months winnings £1500.
  9. I drive through Sanbanks regularly, living in the Isle of Purbeck. I have to say i was shocked at the amount of for sale signs there last week. I think they are "getting out"
  10. Please someone set this up, im not clever enough. I can run to a few lampost protest signs but thats about it.
  11. Thats funny ! hope you dont mind if i put it on Purbeckhousingactions forum. The "farm" is very close to the town, not outside and not so much a farm anymore though. I am sure his door will be knocked on very soon asking for a contribution to the cause.
  12. These signs were deliberately written in such a way so as not to offend, but nonethless were removed by the Police the following day. The local economy relies heavily on tourism towards which these second homes contribute very little. We have seen our house prices pushed far out of reach of anyone on a local wage and as you can see we are now getting a bit fed up with it.
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