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  1. Your comments last year didnt come to fruition what makes you think you've got it right for the next year. if you had it right you would be a fleeting member like me and thank goodness!
  2. My advice to you would be, you can borrow almose 5 times your salary this is your start if you do not have a family a little one bed is a start or a 2 bed that needs a lot of work doing to it, make the next 3 years doing up a property and moving on, the first step on the ladder is the worst. Don't listen to staying rented for the next 10 years you will have lost 10 years repayment on a mortgage, remember the majority of people on here have made bad decisions and are bitter. Don't be a bitter first time buyer, make some money on a property and enjoy your life at the same time, its's very short!!
  3. Absoloutely couldnt agree more, however we also have a system in this country whereby you are innocent until proven guilty, name and shame when they are proved guilty until then as you quite helped me out with its potential "libel"
  4. Thank you, my point is terrified thinks that every person who posts on here is the ea, I was just clarifying to her. The interesting part of this thread is the particular company who terrified is making her claims agains is huge, probably bigger than Douglas/Zeta Jones or at least on a level. I don't think they would think twice. Have you read the threads going back to November 2005?
  5. You obviously know what you are talking about, all I can see on this thread is a lot of accusations about things that the people concerned do not have the opportunity to respond. I expect the ombudsman will sort that out though. I'm intrigued, tell me how libel works as a pose to slander?
  6. I hate to disappoint you but I won't be having an interview with the ombudsman im nothing to do with the ea
  7. My maths and figures are irrelevant, but if the ea decided to sue you for slander you are going to have to start answering these questions you are avoiding
  8. So if you bought at £225 in 2001 and sold for £249500 in 2006, you dont pay stamp duty on a sale, ea costs 3K and removals 1K and solicitors 1K, my maths make that a profit of £19500 not the 4K you are expecting readers to believe? Sorry, your quote!
  9. But you already said you knew the house next door sold for £316K done up so you knew the market place right next door. You appeared to have taken the advice of these good people on this site to sell!! which still may be a good decision "when the crash comes" You have stated the ombudsman does not want to take this matter forward and you do not have the money to sue yet you apparently had the money to do the necessary work to the property, however your mother in law advised you not to. Just a few questions that come to mind
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