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  1. http://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/news...ttle.3787337.jp saw this after writing my last post. ''INVESTORS are locked in a legal battle with Leeds property tycoon Simon Morris'' after being sold over valued properties inc. in the Burley area of Leeds which they were then unable to rent out and when they came to sell they had plummetted in value. I seem to remember Morris properties being mentioned on one of these itv exposes on House prices.
  2. I have been keeping an eye on terraced back to backs in LS4/Burley area, lots of the 2/3 bedroom terraces seem to have been done up and squeezed into 5-6 bedroom student lets and sold onto investors. Granted some of the 5/6/7 bedroom houses will have been slightly larger type properties but a lot of them were only 2 bedders with basement space. I have noticed that a lot of these properties were bought within the last couple of years probably by btlers at outrageous prices eg 299k and now a lot of them seem to be getting sold or auctioned off at much lower prices. The range of the asking prices for 5/6 bedders now on rightmove seem to be from 149k to an optimistic 249k! I notice one for sale though a 7 bedder which is now on for auction guide price 155K http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-169...=9&tr_t=buy I checked on sold prices and it was bought a couple of years ago for an astounding amount of 359k! I cannot beleive someone would have been such a chump to have paid so much: 08 Feb 2006 33 St Anns Avenue, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS4 2PB Terraced Freehold £359,995 That's a drop of over 50% I am wondering what will happen to all these student houses, will there be anyone wanting to buy them with all the new student flats which have been recently built in Leeds? What does everyone think?
  3. tormy


    Hello, really sorry to hear about your problems, we had a similar problem with a property we were in with damp in the bedroom and crappy economy 7 heaters (not so economical) not helping the situation, I don't think that lack of ventilation was an issue, we are no longer there thank God. We complained to the landlord, he bought us a dehumidifier to use which helped greatly, but luckily found a place soon after and moved out and got our full deposit back. If the landlord doesn't do anything threaten to report him to the environmental health agency. It's not healthy to live in such conditions. Good luck
  4. http://www.leedstoday.net/ViewArticle.aspx...ticleID=1944450 Check out this article from the end of last year in the Yorkshire Evening Post, there is plenty of empty housing in Leeds mosty the flats in the city centre, apparently Leeds is now "empty flats capital" of the UK', and thousands more 'luxury' 1 & 2 bed flats are still being built...
  5. Moving can be a bit of a hassle but if he can get a better place same price or cheaper in the same area then I'd say move, living in an outdated craphole can get to you after a while, plus it will be somewhere nicer for you when you go to see him.
  6. finally found somewhere decent and non damp to rent, good luck to every other mold afflicted renter
  7. There has been a major reality check with the shock rate rise. Everywhere in the media, newscoverage is increasing about how hard it is for first time buyers and the growing cost of living is affecting people, spirallying debt etc, programmes about debt, and how the cost of living is increasing beyond earnings. Have a look at this MSN board about the cost of living, people are finally waking up: http://boards.live.com/UKMoneyboards/threa...ThreadID=170077 Last night a program 'Excess in the city' about big bonuses in the city, some guy on there said that UK used to be one of the most equal modern economies but now is shaping up to be the most unequal with 1% of the population owning 1/4 of the wealth. Another guy on the programme stated how hard it is for first time buyers as all the availible properties had been snapped up for investment.
  8. Never seen spendaholics offer that solution before and also they didn't even mention IVAs they just said there is a way you can halve your debt, big cop out. I don't think the girl learnt her lesson really either... out of interest anyone know what happens if you don't pay a debt off and they don't catch up with you does the amount continue to grow or does it get written off at some point? (not me by the way...)
  9. Hi Maker of things. I would be interested in knowing the outcome of your contact with the environmental health dept. See if you can get hold of a dehumidifier that will help in the meantime. Good luck to you...
  10. as long as they don't try putting up the Council tax by ridiculous amounts to compensate...
  11. sadly the only heating is crappy electric storage heaters. We are fighting a loosing battle I think, it's not adequate heating to heat an old victorian high ceilinged property like this. And no heating in Bathroom, just an extractor fan and hot air blower thingy. I wish I had known how crap they were before I moved in. Still looking for a new place to rent...never again will I live in a property without central heating....
  12. Thanks a million for both your peices of advice will bare them in mind. The landlord brought a dehumidifier, and I washed the mould off the walls with bleach. It seems okay now but if there is any more sign then will be getting in touch with environmental health. There is mold in the bathroom too. I am finding it impossible to keep on top of this problem the landlord says that once the level in the flat goes down from the dehumidifier being in the bedroom the bathroom shouldn't be so bad, am nagging my other half to sort out bleaching the walls and repainting as I have been too nackered. We have been looking at other properties but everthing at the level we are looking at is really dire. I have recently had an ectopic pregnancy and am hoping to try to get pregnant again but hopefully will be out of this dump by the time I get pregnant.
  13. Hello, I'm in a rented ground floor flat at the moment in a converted house, a couple of weeks ago I started to smell a damp mouldy smell in the bedroom . I thought that this was just the edge of the curtains due to a bit of condensation on the windows so I was going to get them washed, but today on further investigation on moving my chest of drawers a whole patch behind them was black with mould and damp and the back of the wooden draws had green mouldy fuzz on it where it had touched the wall. I have moved out temporarily and am going to inform the landlord tomorrow. What are my rights concerning this? I am looking into other flats at the moment and want to see if I can get a reduced notice period and get out of here asap without having to give 1 month notice. By the way the landlord is currently renovating the top 2 floor with a view to converting this property into a house again so I was going to have to leave sometime in April anyway. Any advice would be appreciated. T
  14. but may squat in house if left unattended...
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