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  1. Somebody was certainly typing what they were thinking on that link!
  2. The one on the right looks like an ugly Brad Pitt in drag.
  3. Because you'd be near that kebab shop that gave me food poisoning? As for living "right in the centre", I don't understand why anybody would want to listen to drunk students everynight and breathe all that lovely pollution in.
  4. Chatteris is not somewhere I'd recommend unless you're born and bred there. Oh and it's a bit of a dump.
  5. Obama is nothing more than a black Tony Blair. I.e. he's a slick snake oil salesman and nothing more. I'm sure the US will wake up to that soon enough. Speaking of John Major, I was reading Canon Fodder last night (old 2000AD story that's been reprinted) and on the second to last page John Major is confessing his sins that the "Green shoots of recovery" were a lie. It made me laugh just to read the phrase "Green shoots of recovery" in a story from 1993/4. It's nice to see that phrase has been used for 14 years!
  6. "Streetlights are missing or faulty on some roads. " I bet you £20 those lights never get adopted by the Council.
  7. A few brief moments online would've given any potential buyer enough information for them to think "Fck that!" and not move there. Still at least the Citi4 is reasonably regular. Well until the Council and Stagecoach give up promoting that route..
  8. Not really given that he'd be dead.
  9. That bloke spent EIGHT GRAND on a holiday?!?!!! Fck me! As for that couple who "only have £100 a month" as fun/spare money, well guess what, I've been saving so hard I only have £80 a month as fun/emergency money and have done for years now. These idiots deserve the reality check they're getting.
  10. By sheer conincidence, before coming online, I was reading in my local free paper about a students marching through Cambridge over the loans because some of them can leave Uni with 40k of debt. I'm still struggling to work out how a student can get into 40k of debt over three years without a serious drug habit on the go. I got my degree years ago with a full grant. As another person mentioned, you could actually live on it and leave Uni with no debt if you were very careful, which I was. Mind you unlike most students I knew who were doing the basket weaving degrees I wasn't down the pub from 1pm until kick out time six days a week, I was either in lectures or labs. Anyway, although I think that everybody has a right to free education there are too many pointless degrees on offer that students are doing because they just want three years of being on the pi55. Perhaps the Government should encourage people to do certain useful degrees by giving people full grants to do engineering/maths/etc as well as the classic subjects history/english lit/etc. If somebody wants to do a degree in tourism or whatever then they can pay for it themselves. Also students wouldn't get into so much debt if they didn't attempt to live a "Friends" style lifestyle on their grants. They need to realise that Uni life is more "The Young Ones" where you get to live in a cold dump in a bad area for a few years and you walk to and from Uni, not buy a car then run it. Edit: splelnig erors
  11. I blame all those chains who bought older pubs, ripped all of the character out of them then turned them into chrome covered wine bars charging 4 quid a pint and £20 for a £3 bottle of wine. People (not me) were happy to pay that last year but not now.
  12. Before thinking about living in Royston I'd recommend driving through it a few times, including weekend nights. For commuting I'd recommend looking at Ely. On the whole it's a very nice area.
  13. I would not live on Devonshire Road if you paid me! I enjoy my sleep too much.
  14. I've stolen this and got it up on the BBC's "have your say" as Mr Flibble.
  15. Why would people on this site be jealous of people who are financially ruined? I can't work that out I'm afraid.
  16. Yep. Bar Hill is a dump so don't go there. Ditto the chav-ville that is Littleport.
  17. They were initially up for £380k each as a starting price well over a year ago. They sold one. This year they sold a few more howver, there are still two of them that're empty (I walked past there last week and had a good nosey). They're very near The Haymakers pub that's VERY noisey until all hours nearly every night of the week, let alone being on the corner of Scotland Road/Union Lane.
  18. Well no sh*t sherlock. What do they expect in a development next to the worst part of Cambridge for anti-social behaviour full stop? Do they not know how many crack houses are near that development? I shouldn't laugh but... Edit: It's readible now, yay!
  19. Not on a decent Computer Science degree it hasn't. You won't get pure maths in Software Engineering. As for anything like Computer Studies, they're just not worth bothering with as a computer based degree imo because industry wise they're pretty much worthless.
  20. Ah but did we all see her interviewed on C4 news last night? There was some furious back peddling going on and redefining on what she actually meant by her letter. She also came across as a complete berk. I kept thinking "And she was a whip?!".
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