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  1. Bl**dy hell! I wasn't expecting that one to close! I wonder if they'll close the one at Cambridge railway station?
  2. I wouldn't make house buying decisions based on the Guided Bus working. It's actually expected to fail. Once it fails the County Council can then get permission to widen the A14. I.e. CCC went to London cap in hand to beg to be allowed to widen the A14 and get the funds for it. It is alleged that they were told "Not unless the Guided Bus fails *wink wink* here's money for the Guided Bus to fail. *wink wink*". As for buses the Citi 2 is very irregular and no way near "Up to every 10 minutes" as their slogan says. Think nearer "Up to every 40 minutes if you're lucky and enjoy being crammed in like sardines when one does turn up". I believe that's the only bus too and from Addenbrookes? There may be a Park and Ride along that route but P&R buses don't stop along their routes. I.e. they only go from the P&R site to their stop in the City Centre and usually have about 6 people on them as they drive past queues of people at stops waiting for late buses. Thank Cllr Shona "I'm a huge hypocrite" Johnston for that one. Anyway... All that said Addenbrookes to the City Centre is cycling distance (about 3 miles one way?) so that's always an option.
  3. Early last year they were threatening to make around 1-2k staff redundant. It didn't happen then but I'm not surprised that it's happening now.
  4. There are still BTL'ers in denial at the moment. I was on the train last week visiting my folks for Christmas and at the March stop on come two nimby types. They start talking VEEERRRYYY loudly about their portfolios. One mentions "Oh but what about the credit crunch?" the other says "Pff! I'll just keep putting my rents up!" and they had a good old laugh at how much more money they'd be squeezing out of their tenants. I think they're in for a bit of a shock.
  5. Oh absolutely. What'll happen long term (next 10 years) is when Internet 1 is switched off Internet 2 will be very heavily controlled. Sure people will run illegal FTP sites using their home PC's as servers, as happened with bulliten boards back in the 80's, but the steal everything for free tap will pretty much be turned off be it for music, games, books, films, porn, etc. Hands up all those here who're willing to pay £30 to see a small band play a shit pit? Anybody? No? I'm still amazed that people pay over £100 to see "artists" *snigger* like Madonna. It's completely mad. As I mentioned earlier most bands are lucky to break even on a tour. Edited to add: I'm off to the pub so I won't be posting any more responses to this for a while.
  6. Whilst the industry was very slow to catch on with MP3's they're there now selling 320kbps MP3's. Also remember that when MP3's were 128kbps that's because the memory size on players back then was under 1gb. People don't care. Honestly they don't. Many people have argued the "make music exclusive" argument, Trent Reznor and Alan Wilder spring immediately to mind. Beyond the hardcore fanbase who'll buy your release regardless your average punter doesn't want a CD with a nice art book or something with it. They'll whine that they're being forced to pay for "additional crap". Honestly, if people couldn't steal music by the gb online they wouldn't steal it.
  7. To answer a few things: Me? No. The label I'm on now? No. Labels I've been on in the past? No comment. You're catching on with how it works. Music magazines, on the other hand, are all about advertising. Give a release an honest bad review and advertising gets pulled and the reviewer sacked. The majors can afford the most advertising so who controls the magazines? This is how it works with 99% of all review based magazines be they for music or cars or whatever. Also who do you think writes the "exclusive features" in magazines? Hint: it's not the magazines. And yet the ones that "made it" were signed to the majors. It's the same situation now. Realistically technology is at a point where you can record a pretty decent demo/album in your bedroom. You can release it online to all and sundry but I can tell you that until you've signed to a decent label don't get ideas beyond playing 300 capacity venues. As for sales, if you break even pressing 500 silver CDs then you will have done very well but prepare yourself for sub 50 sales. This has been happening for as long as I can remember (late '70s onwards)?
  8. I completely agree with you. It won't reduce your distribution costs that much as many people still like to buy a physical product. Many labels do this and bundle deals. In my 20+ years is the music industry I can tell you that you're quite wrong. Cost of bandwidth. However, give it a year and you'll be getting what you want. Imagine the following scenario, you've got a BIG band who are playing stadiums. Now if you support a band on that tour then you're getting the kind of exposure you won't get anywhere else. Is that worth paying for? Certainly it won't be free unless you want to live in a tent, not use their engineers/lighting and that's before people have been fed. As a general rule of thumb a tour was worth doing if you broke even. Why take the risk of running a commercial station that everybody will find out only plugs its own bands when instead you can pretend the radio, like radio one or whatever, are independent when in fact you're paying to get your bands played and kindly reviewed. Should the record labels buy all magazines that include a covermount audio CD as, guess what, you tend to pay to get on those as well. Not an Iron Maiden fan I can tell! That's not the kind of mastering I mean. Audio mastering, the type that should enhance the dynamic whilst removing the unwanted (clicks, pops, etc) done by somebody who is actually doing more than just pushing your tracks through a few filters will cost you about £25 a track which is bloody good value imo. Disagree. You can't push out a top ten album with an RRP of £5 and make any money at all. You can have the best product ever but if nobody knows about it nobody will buy it. If nobody has anywhere to buy it from then nobody will buy it. This is why you need the money and the contacts and, normally, the record label with their team behind you pushing your product.
  9. Depends on the CD you're buying. Conveniently for me 99% of the bands I support aren't badly mastered to sound louder at the loss of dynamics.
  10. Nope. The Indies who support the interesting bands are either going broke or now only releasing the kindof easy sell crap the majors normally deal with. And who's bothering to support bands nowadays? More and more entry to mid level venues are closing down and not being replaced. People now only tend to support bands once they're already massively established. Actually the opposite will happen. The only people who can afford to ride this out are the majors and believe me, they aren't going to take risks with what they sign. So prepare yourself for more safe manufactured crap.
  11. CD's are distributed at around £6 per unit. The rest is profit for the shop. Out of that £6 you're incurring the following costs: 1. Recording. 2. Mastering. 3. Artwork. 4. Pressing. 5. Promotion. This is extremely expensive, you've got adverts to get published, reviewers to bribe (I'm not kidding), TV and radio spots to buy your way onto etc etc. 6. Buying bands onto tours (bands deny it happens but it happens an awful lot). 7. Distributing the product (distributors like a profit as well). This also doesn't cover the costs incurred when a band is recorded, mastered, etc but for whatever reason (usually legal) the release is never released. The label just swallows that risk up. No, mass piracy exists because it's an easy crime to get away with and people have been taught to not value music. Music has also come down in price significantly since the 80's. I used to pay £8 for a vinyl album. I now pay £8 for a very well recorded CD. That's great value for a product that can give a lifetime of pleasure compared to what people blow, without thinking, on beer and a kebab. The worst thing is that the independent labels that release the interesting boundary pushing material are the ones who're going bust and nobody is stepping in to replace them because they can't not just not make money, they can't run at the losses they're incurring. We'll never see gimmicks like The Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails did in 2008 ever again. Support bands you like, ignore the ones you don't. Simple as that. Edited to add: Without record labels new bands will get nowhere. Who's going to loan 5 kids £30k to push their band? 5 kids with no industry contacts? Nobody is who. Labels aren't the evil scumbags they're made out to be, sure there are a number of bad eggs at all levels within this industry, but when you sign to a label you're buying into using their contacts, people and talent to help push your band as best as you can. Oh and before people go "What about those MySpace bands that got big?!". Hate to break it to you but they were already signed and the MySpace thing was just a slick marketing gimmick.
  12. Umm.. nope! They have a research facility here in Cambridge where they are making lots of VERY interesting things and their corporate support is near Oxford. As for which OS, meh ask people which car they like and most people will give a difference answer.
  13. 3-4 beds for 100k in Cambridge ain't gonna happen. Just before the boom (1999-ish) you were looking at around 125k for a 3 bed new build in a central, not bad (i.e. nice non-student parts off Mill Road), area. I just don't see that kind of correction happening. Btw, Cambridge is not immune to house price drops. Prices dropped over 20% in the previous crash. Prices have been dropping for some 18 months, however because the city also contains very expensive million+ houses these keep the average prices looking a lot better than they are.
  14. I think Helloween already wrote a song for Gordon back around 1985, particularly the bits in bold: "You promise us a bright golden future You say you will save the world That there will be no more hunger and pain But we only see your golden hands You say you take care of our survival Sending us missiles instead But you just betray us, deny us and lie And you always say you would... ...Fight for freedom! Fight for rights! I see treason! In your eyes. Judas - rulin' with an iron hand Judas - sittin' in the government Judas - I am not a Jesus Christ Judas - you will be the one who's crucified Your worship money and economy There's nothing that you wouldn't do If the payment is right you don't care about life 'Cause economy is your truth You are the one selling terror and pain In all the parts of the world You are preparing the final grand slam But you keep on tellin' you'll... ...Fight for freedom! Fight for rights! I see treason! In your eyes!"
  15. Living in Cambridge I'm used to dealing with rude people who honestly think that they're superior lifeforms to everybody else just because they live in a City that has a "respected" University.
  16. I got fedup of wanting to throw heavy objects at the TV whilst watching the BBC. It wasn't good for my blood pressure!
  17. I was half watching ITV this morning whilst having my breakfast (I've long since given up on the BBC) and Gordon Brown was interviewed/had his ego *****ed off. I have to admit I was only half watching it as most of it was "Aww... Gordon wants to save lives with Donor cards!" but I then caught him saying something along the lines of "The good thing about deflation is that your savings remain the same value". Can anybody confirm the actual phrase he used? It all felt a bit 1970's..
  18. I think the worst thing was watching what it did to a number of my friends. Some decided that they would never be able to afford property so they blew as much money as they could using plastic to "enjoy life". This lot are all at least 30k in debt and that has destroyed a few relationships and one marriage. My other friends were the "property only goes up in value" type who took on insane levels of IO mortgage and MEW'ed massively. Again relationships are starting to strain badly as they now realised what they've done. As I stuck it out saving extremely hard whilst renting most of these friends no longer want to talk to me as I remind them that I was right about what was going to happen and they were wrong. Shame really.
  19. Jordon got where she did by ******ing the right people (speculative) and making hardcore porn. Ok, that involves a certain level of ability in certain areas but she's not the smart business women she's sold as being.
  20. I'm going to start looking seriously next April. Yes I'm sure I'll be diving in slightly early but if I stay where I am then I'll be spending another 8k just renting for the year. I've already seen houses I like the look of at an extremely tempting price.
  21. The noise pollution lot at the City Council are absolutely fcking useless! To be fair there's only a handful of people in that department, a huge volume of complaints coming in and a very wide area to cover but if you're getting serious noise problems just move. Honestly, it's far easier, quicker and involves less stress than attempting to drag the Council out (a feat in itself) and arguing with your neighbours. Also if your noisey neighbour is a pensioner then they won't do anything as, off the record, they don't like to be seen to be picking on the elderly. Yes seriously! There are some nice quiet areas in the City but do some decent homework first.
  22. Definitely report it. If it's an honest mistake, then there's no problem they happen. However, some bank tellers have, in my experience, stolen a few quid here and there and they only get caught when it's reported. Believe me, it could be £1 and the bank will take it extremely seriously.
  23. Shame that there's more than one Uni in Cambridge then and they tend to be the ones you'll have for neighbours playing loud music until 5am on week nights. I really wouldn't downplay that either for people thinking about moving here. They need to be extremely careful not to buy anywhere near the student areas otherwise they'll get to experience life on 3 hours of sleep per night. Through renting I've been there and done that a few times when I first moved here.
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