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  1. Don't underestimate how badly built that house will be nor how thin the walls are. It's new build rubbish after all.
  2. Please, not this drivel again. The only Council workers who are Key Workers are people like Police, Fire, etc not everyday Council workers.
  3. Nope! I'm a straight male but I'm just not fond of the woman.
  4. Buy some new studio monitors (about 2k) and the rest into savings.
  5. And perhaps professional help. They are indeed big but I wouldn't want to fondle them though. Will that do?
  6. And yet you joined in 2009? Given your attitude why are you here on this board? *confused*
  7. Ely is turning into a "little Cambridge" and that's not a positive comparison. I.e. Lots of new build crap, zero community and a lot of people with a bad "Me! Me! Me!" attitude. Shame really as I was quite keen on Ely a few years ago but now I'm not so sure! I've seen a couple of properties in Newmarket that have took my fancy. There's a lot for sale from the US Airforce in decent areas that look pretty good. However, although I've got friends in Newmarket who love the place and have had no problems I've been driving around the area, as you say, there's just something off putting about the place. I can't put my finger on it but I'm just not keen on it as an area.
  8. Here's an example of how to cut spending and not jobs: 1. Make up a work experience scheme with an unrecognised qualification at the end of it. 2. Give this to the unemployed and have them work at Councils. 3. Now the people who're in this spanking new scheme don't get paid anything, they're working for that all important certificate and they'll still get their dole. Remember that these will be given to people who want jobs and not your career dolites. 4. Get rid of all of the temps. These don't "count" as Council jobs as they're not Council employees. Yes it's a technicality but that's how these things work and there around tens of thousands of temps working in Councils UK wide. 5. Get the unemployed people on the "scheme" to do the temp's work and not what they were promised. 6. Tada! You've saved money and kept productivity the same. £500 says this'll happen under Labour. Other savings are, as others have said, various planned works won't happen. E.g. upgrading street lighting on certain roads, etc.
  9. Per week: Food - £15 (a very boring diet that does the job) All utilities - £10 (my utilities work out at under £10 a month in a 2 bed house with a PC that's on pretty much 24/7, minimal TV usage, daily hot shower) Weekly bus ticket - £11 Leaving you with £14 for booze/whatever.
  10. Those adverts crack me up. One minute he's a road sweeper, the next he's paid a fortune to do a course that shows you the bare bones of general IT stuff (how to code HTML.. Woo!), got a piece of paper that isn't recognised in the industry and he's an IT manager driving a posh car.
  11. I only bought BBC for my 360 last month as I saw it for under a tenner. Talk about superb! The destructable environments, the sandbox approach to the missions and the phenominal sound add up to a great game that just pee's all over COD4's single player from a very high height imo. I can recall countless times some brilliant non-scripted events went on in BBC that make COD4's overly scripted levels seem really quite tame. Yeah, I'm something of a BBC fanboy and I cannot wait for the sequel!
  12. They're only doing it because COD4 has sat in the top 10 360 charts since it came out. I.e. they know they can milk it very hard. Mind you I used to pay £30 for games on my Megadrive back in 1990 so that wasn't exactly cheap either. Heck, games for my old acorn electron were £8 in 1985. Personally I thought COD4 was quite bllocks and finished in just over four hours. Give me Battlefield Bad Company any day over the COD series. As for the whole FPS's are better on PC. I used to think the same thing (I've still got a quadcore games PC with a meaty GPU in it) but they work surprisingly well on console.
  13. I don't blame you. Mind you even when you carefully pick your tenants there's no guarentee that they won't be bad tenants. This is the risk element that the recent batch of amateur BTL's don't seem to take into account, along with void periods.
  14. Again, a similar situation except they did 10k's worth of damage (they literally took a sledgehammer to some of the walls). I will never understand LL's who don't use a letting agency to look after their property if they live abroad.
  15. Sounds like a house down the road from a friend of mine. There were loads of problems with them (fights, 24/7 music, dealing, etc etc) so he called the LL up to let him know what's going on with his tenants.. The LL told him in no uncertain terms to "Fck off and keep his fcking nose out of other people's business.". So he did. It turns out that the tenant had been pocketing his money so the LL decided to kick him out. They stole all of the furniture, ripped all of the fixtures and fitting outs and did as much damage as physical as possible. When the LL found out he rushed back to the UK and had a go at my mate for not letting him know what was going on. Oh, how we laughed.
  16. This one always makes me laugh. Landlords ususally start off with grand ideas of who they'll have as tenants. Then the void periods kick in so they make a few compromises and so it goes on until they've got long term unemployed chavs in their dealing weed and slowely destroying the place. I've seen this happen so many times I've lost count.
  17. I'm glad my CRT TV weighs about as much as a van.
  18. Mill Road tends to equal student BTL rentals that change hands reasonably regularly so I'm not hugely surprised by sales around that area. <snip> I think that this is most likely the case.
  19. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure that some properties are selling (decent properties tend to sell regardless of the economic climate) but I'm not seeing (as is confirmed in your figures) a market that's improving. It's just when a new poster pop-up and starts spouting estate agent rubbish that my eyes start to roll..
  20. It's not like they're going to say "Fck me times are hard. Nothing's selling. People should lower their expectations." are they? I see the same properties for sale week in week out and have done for months. Or they sell then go back on the market 2-3 months later.
  21. "we were suprised to see cambridge at the wrong end of the table for burglary staistics" Oh that's easy to answer, ineffective Police (fourth worst in the UK) + loads of hard drug usage that's routinely ignored by said Police = high crime. Back to housing, I'm still amazed that there's so little on the market in Cambridge and surrounding areas.
  22. As an FTB in waiting in Cambridge I'm looking at 3 bed semi's rather than traditional 1-2 bed FTB houses.
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