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  1. I live in Cambridge and that's very much the situation. About 3 years ago you had to literally look at a flat/house to rent and agree to become the tenant immediately. If you didn't you'd lose the flat/house to the next people who came around. 3 years on 1 in 5 BTL houses on my estate are empty and have been for over a year. They tend to be sold every 6 months to a new prospective BTLer. As I walk around Cambridge there are more and more long term empty properties. Ditto areas such as Milton, a prime BTL location. My rent hasn't increased since I moved in either.
  2. I have to agree with the original post. I'm still saving extremely hard waiting for house prices to normalise. Not that I can do any more than that given that I was priced out of buying a caravan two years ago! A lot of my friend who had savings have blown the lot on foreign holidays, nights out, fast cars and gadgets. They all gave up saving because they honestly think house prices will continue to soar in price so they've adopted a "You only live once" attitude to life and are mostly 10-15k in debt. I think the most annoying thing is that home owners I work with all think I'm bone idle and want too much for my first house (they seem oblivious that I need another 30k of savings to be able to buy a rathole in a bad area) and my spendaholic friends think I'm a mug staying inside not spending any money. Oh well eh?
  3. Absolutely! The welfare state has changed from being a stop gap measure to help people who have fallen on hard times to an acceptable "career" option. I strongly disagree that having a kid gets you a free house. I even more strongly disagree that if you have a Council house you have the right to buy it!
  4. There's not the money in IT that there used to be. When the IT bubble burst (yet another bubble that people said wouldn't burst) a lot of UK companies outsourced their coding to eastern Europe. After all would you rather pay 30k or 10k for the same code? The only coding jobs that earn 25k+ involve a hardcore knowledge 68000 or microprocessors. The world and his wife can code VC++ and ASP.net. Boy, do I wish I'd paid more attention during my 68000 lectures at Uni!
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