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  1. Buy a dehumidifier. I was stuck living in a damp rental for six months due to my contract and bought one. Best investment ever. You can pick up something reasonable for £100-ish. I still use the one below in my new gaff: Dehumidifier
  2. a.) he has in the past IIRC. b.) Well he's married to Konni Huq and she has plenty of BTL so..
  3. You'll wait around 6-8 weeks and get a "We didn't find a problem with what was aired. Goodbye" email/letter. I complained about the episode of Watchdog where Konni Huq used about 10 minutes of the program to push her own agenda in a hugely biased way and got the above emailed back to me. Speaking of Mrs Brooker, funny how Charlie never mentions his BTL empire when posting on this site..
  4. Why people want to live in Orchard Park when you can live in Impington instead is beyond me.
  5. Guys/Gals, after 18 pages can we stop feeding the troll now please. Ta!
  6. From memory Cambridge prices dropped 20% in the 90's crash. I have no idea what the timescale was. I reckon that the crash for Cambridge will happen where people have paid way over the odds to live in the manky areas or they've bought new build flats. Beyond that I can't see much happening as most public sector workers don't own property in the City, they either live on the outskirts or rent.
  7. Whilst I agree that Labour well and truly lit the touch paper people like Beeney are not without blame. They went on TV and told the public to either flip properties or BTL on a weekly basis day in day out like a mantra. Ask yourselves these two questions; how many people jumped into BTL during property booms prior to 2000 and without the constant stream of property porn on TV would your average person in the street have overleveraged themselves to get into BTL?
  8. ...and also those flats are VERY noisey at night.
  9. Chesterton is a dump. I'd recommend anybody wanting to live there think *very* carefully and to drive through it late at night (i.e. after 11pm). There's a reason there's so much CCTV in Chesterton nowadays. Shame because when I first moved there it was actually a nice area but once the professional lets turned into social lets when the dotcom bust kicked in problems started to arise. I was very glad to move out of the area. I enjoyed living in Milton quite a lot, I just couldn't afford to buy what I wanted there.
  10. The issue with The Rowans depends on where in The Rowans you live. You don't want to be on the Tesco side of the horseshoe imo. See my earlier posts in this thread on that part. The Butt Lane side is certainly nice and quiet. As a Northerner down south I'll say that whilst Cambridge is safer than say Bradford (I used to laugh at how safe Cambridge was when I first moved here, I never used to see a fight at the weekend) it's certainly got considerably worse over the last few of years, pretty much the last four years have been quite a decline.
  11. *agrees with all comments about Milton and Chesterton*
  12. When I was viewing houses this was a very typical EA tactic. I wouldn't mind but 99% of the properties didn't fit what I was after either. One EA demanded that unless I started viewing these properties he wouldn't deal with me full stop. You'll be surprised to learn that I didn't view the properties and he continued to call me up every bl**dy day with another house I didn't want in an area I wasn't interested in, for nearly two months, before he took the hint. I found that the larger EA chains in my area I dealt with were either aggressive shysters I didn't want to deal with (calling me a fcking idiot will not make me buy from you) or clueless numpties who couldn't sell food to the starving (failing to send me details of houses that fitted my spec exactly, arranging for me to visit properties then not turning up or not telling the owner to expect me, etc etc). The EA I bought my house through was a small family run business and they were absolutely great. No messing around from word go and the price negotiation was a painless, sensible, procedure.
  13. In Cambridge I'd recommend "Kester, Cunningham, John" (http://www.kcj.co.uk/). They were excellent when I used them.
  14. As somebody who doesn't get a parking space the thought of only having to pay £250 per year (60p per day) for a space where I work would be a bonus!
  15. This thread reminds me of a rental I lived in. The window frames were rotting (the LL had kept painting over rotten wood, obviously he denied this when it was blatantly obvious) and there was mould growing in the corners of the upstairs rooms where damp was getting in from the building it was attached to (he kept painting over the problem before showing people around). I was told, in all seriousness, not to boil anything in pans, not to use the bath, to only have brief showers and to not turn the temperature above "lukewarm". Surprisingly enough I didn't stay there long.
  16. Basically, people don't like hangovers and Labour have left us with one hell of a hangover to deal with. They want to keep the party going on endless credit.
  17. A bit of both. Having lived all over the UK, Cambridge is without a doubt THE most unfriendly place I have ever lived by quite a significant margin. It may have lots of lovely architecture (and lots of horrible new builds crammed in any space bigger than 1'x1' ) but it doesn't make up for the fact that, unless you are/were part of the Uni, there is zero community there.
  18. On the flip side I moved out of Cambridge earlier this year and cannot believe how happy I am not to live there anymore! I thoroughly detested the place and the people.
  19. He should re-sit his final year. Many employers want proof of qualification, I know of somebody employed at my girlfriend's company lied that he had a degree. This was discovered one week later he was told to leave "right now". In the IT industry showing that you failed to complete your degree says "I can't see anything through to the end" and they will assume this will also include difficult projects that they will be involved in. There are many reasons to resit that can be waffled over in an interview providing you come across well. It also says "Ok, things didn't work out as planned but I saw it through to the end". Not having a degree is a huge problem generally as most employers expect you to have one. Again in the IT industry somebody with no degree and no experience ain't going to get far, this industry is particularly cut throat at the best of times.
  20. The flats there have been massively overpriced for years. They're noisey as well.
  21. I don't think the OP did anything wrong. The problem really seems to be that in some areas certain properties are not shifting as quickly as they used to. This means that the EA has to do more than just turn up. When I was house hunting there were two EA's in particular who were quite rude. I saw a house on Rightmove and thought it was worth viewing so I arranged a viewing. Ten minutes later I realised that the house had a joint garden/parking area at the rear which was something I didn't want. So I called the EA up to cancel the viewing (thus saving them time with a pointless viewing). I was then on the receiving end of a furious EA who called me pretty much every name he could think of and after shouting "FCKING TIME WASTER!" down the 'phone at me slammed the 'phone down. Yes, I should've gone in to have words with him but I thought "What's the point?" and didn't bother. The other EA kept wanting me to view properties I didn't like from the photos or specifications they sent me and kept pointing out that if I wasn't viewing properties they were suggesting for me they'd no longer deal with me. So, as I was out in the areas where the houses were anyway I thought I may as well spend 30 minutes nosing around somebody elses house. Everytime the EA called me back for my thoughts I'd reiterate what I told them before I'd seen the house (it's too small, you're practically living in a car park, there's no garden, the estate will never be adopted, etc) and they'd then tell me that I was expecting too much and I should lower my expectations. One day she just cut me off as I was politely saying why I didn't like the house. Needless to say some months later I did get the house with the specification I was after in the area I wanted through a different EA who wasn't pushy, was happy for me to be selective and would only inform me when the right properties were turning up, they were a small family firm. I tended to find that the larger chain EA's were the worst attitude wise.
  22. Many people do enjoy living here, but I've never seen the appeal of Cambridge in all the years I lived here beyond it was convenient for where I worked at the time.
  23. I won't effect them, I don't think that many public sector workers actually live in Cambridge, it's the University and London commuters that keep the prices going.
  24. You missed this one out: You buy in Cambridge to impress people. (I've worked with people who were in a dire financial state due to overstretching themselves but at least they could brag that they lived here. No I don't understand it either).
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