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  1. From Cambridge yes. From Peterborough? Nope.
  2. I've experienced a lot of noisey neighbours, usually the 24 hour party house sort, and my advice is simply to move because it won't get better. It'll take weeks to get the Council out and they rarely actually solve anything. Worst case it'll encourage your neighbours to start to time when to be noisey to upset you further or they'll take it out on your car as well. If you decide to stay you'll be surprised at how quickly they'll wear you down and it'll gnaw at your sanity. If you do decide to contact the Council the usual process is that they'll send you some leaflets and a piece of paper to log the noise for a month. The log is a waste of time. You need to keep leaning very hard on the Council to get them to come out. Also beware that when they come out you might not get the answer you're expecting from them. You could write to their Landlord (find their details on the Land Registry). Other options are the minute they're noisey or causing trouble on the pavement/street outside the property you can get The Police out. If you know, and I mean not surposing but you *know* (my old drug dealing neighbours were stupid enough to discuss it all in their back garden), that they're dealing drugs from the house call The Police and their Landlord. But quite simply all the above will do is help you to retain your sanity a bit whilst you move. Seriously just move.
  3. Or not. Most bands don't make money from gigs or tours, in fact most bands are out of pocket.
  4. What's the average age of an FTB now? Why is it so old compared to you being an FTB at 20?
  5. Guitarman - I went through a similar phase a few years ago and it drove me nuts. The thing is not to look at what others are doing because it'll only get you down. The reality is that they're probably MEW'ed up to the eyeballs. The other thing is to keep saving hard.
  6. Agreed. I don't have a problem with the professional long term paid in cash own it outright landlords, it's the bandwagon jumping IO mortgage BTL numpties I have the problem with.
  7. The problem imo is the percentage of BTL to actual home owners. There's certainly a requirement for a percentage of properties to be BTL (students, people moving into areas, contract workers, etc) but there has been a massive shift in this percentage. I don't know what the ideal percentage is, I haven't got a clue, but certainly the balance has shifted far too much in one direction creating the situation we're in now. In terms of is BTL a good business venture? Only if you own the house(s) outright. There are too many things to go wrong over the term of a mortgage so relying on profit when it's all paid off and can be sold is a huge gamble. Every person I know who got into BTL (extended family, some work collegues) has had their fingers severely burned by either very long void periods or tenants causing five figure sums of damage to the properties. BTL, now, is imo exploitative. I've listened to too many BTLers bragging and laughing in public (in the pub, on a train) about how they're going to squeeze tenants as hard as they can for more cash or BTLers bragging about how they're creating captive markets in local areas.
  8. And every year the "date of doom" from the many mystics on this site gets shifted each year and still nothing really happens that effects the UK house price insanity by a large margin. See you in two years.
  9. The best thing I ever did was get an Amazon Prime account. Yes it's £49 but the petrol money and time I've saved not having to drive to shops and walk around finding that nothing is in stock has been worth every single penny. From experience I wouldn't recommend Argos online. Ever.
  10. Exactly. Don't get me wrong, I think it'd be great if we all got on and worked towards a common positive goal in an equal society (very Star Trek! ) but there's always a percentage of people who are either idle or dangerous.
  11. Read your history books because you'd be taking a big step backwards to a very dangerous and short life. What I find amusing with this thread is the socialist ideology of everybody getting along, working towards a common goal and sharing everything. How exactly would you deal with those who don't want to share and are happy to kill you for resources you're building up or they just want to kill you because hey why not? How would you deal with the idle who don't want to do anything? Leave them to die? What if they start to steal from you? How would you deal with that? And so on, I'm genuinely curious. Socialism is a great ideal until you introduce people into the equation because people don't tend to do what they're expected to do and then how do you enforce it? I suspect it would start with everybody getting a vote on decisions and once you're on that path it's not that long until you have a Government being formed.
  12. I've complained, for all the good it will do. Sure he puts his point across badly but he's certainly not offensive morally dispicable or abhorrent.
  13. I'm not sure why the A10 gets a "<shudder>"? I commuted up and down it for over 12 months and never experienced any real problems beyond the average speed is 40 MPH during the crush and there are a couple of pinch points (Waterbeach traffic lights and Stretham roundabout). Failing that go down the A142 or use the train.
  14. I think you're experiencing the general problem with letting agents in Cambridge, they don't tend bother to check references. Countless times I've seen houses that are "professional let only" go to people on the dole/students who either turned them into drug dens and/or 24/7 party houses. Who would I recommend? I can only speak from my time renting in Cambridge and, honestly, it's pot luck.
  15. I've been on 5 Live a few times regarding the music industry (I get called as and when they want me, I don't go through the interview process anymore), and it's not as easy as you think to get your points across because they control your input making it very difficult to get points across and they have their own agenda on how they want the discussion to go. What they do is let you say a bit, then talk over you and cut you off whilst they do this, and let the debate continue without your input. If they feel like asking you to comment you're live again. Believe me it's not just say what you want and keep chipping in as and when you feel like it. You have to be VERY focussed and VERY quick to get your points across they don't want the audience to hear. If you pause for half a second they'll cut you off and talk over you. If you're deemed "difficult" you'll be completely ignored. After a being on a few times you learn how to work it in your favour but it's absolutely not a free for all debate.
  16. If it were me and I was getting this much hassle this early on in a sale imagine what you could be like later on.. If I was absolutely desperate to sell then I'd go along with it but if I wasn't being pressured.. nope. To the seller it's still hassle and there is no incentive at a very early stage to go through said hassle. Sure if you've had your surveyor around and you want a few things checking out from the surveyors report then that's very very different. There's a huge difference between getting a surveyor out and getting a number of tradespeople out. The surveyor should be non-biased, they can be sued after all, but tradespeople tend to be looking at how they can make money. That's the key difference. Not being rude but have you ever tried getting tradespeople out? They tend to go where the money is, which means not turning up if they get a better offer or not returning your calls if the job looks too small beans money etc etc. At the end of the day the decision is yours as to how you approach buying, and I wish you well, but I think you'll find what you're suggesting to be a whole heap more difficult in practice than it is on paper.
  17. If I was selling and a potential buyer wanted to get a number of tradespeople to come poking around the house purely to find faults that may not be there (say what you want about surveyors but they have to be reasonably careful) I'd be showing you the door. If you want to get people around after a survery has been completed then that's a different kettle of fish.
  18. Here's hoping you've got a patient enough seller to allow all of those tradespeople to turn up at different times. I say different times because good luck getting them all out at the same time!
  19. Absolutely, there will always be something you missed when looking around and there will be small things that need replacing that the previous owner could live with that you can't. Without covering what others have already posted, on my second visit to the property I bought, as an FTB, I forgot to open every window and consequently the one I didn't check had to be completely replaced.. I also stupidly didn't pay a huge amount of attention to the condition of the existing fascias so they needed replacing as well. Make sure you get into the loft. I couldn't so I didn't see that the loft had no lagging above the bathroom(!), the survey caught this and it wasn't a huge issue for me to sort but a friend of mine went up into his loft moving in and could see daylight pouring from the tiles, he had a lot of fun when it rained the next day. Some sellers will hide things that even an experienced eye can miss. My seller hid a chip on the base of the bath by putting a kids bath toy over it. At the end of the day you won't notice everything, even if you've gone around the building a couple of times. As for old people as neighbours, it's a double edged sword. Yes they notice everything, which is handy, but in rentals I've lived next door to two different problem elderly people. One was an old boy who used to keep his TV on 24/7 at FULL volume, even when he went out, and to quote the Council who came around they don't "pick on the elderly". His house also had a bad damp problem that worked its way into the rental I was in and he had no interest in fixing it and he had no children or other relatives to sort it. Another was a little old dear who would get up at 3am, put the radio on FULL volume and have a bath for an hour.
  20. Although I bought last year (right place, right area, right price for me), I had a similar very heated discussion with my parents at Christmas about house prices. Once the dust had settled, they had literally been shouting in rage at me for daring to suggest that it was easier for them to buy a house on 2x one salary than somebody starting today, they paused, thought about it all and suddenly they apologised and agreed. I nearly faint, after all, it's only taken around eight years for them to finally understand. I do think that the boomers are *slowely* starting to wake up and smell the proverbial.
  21. There is another solution, always ensure that the house is an absolute tip. For additional fun I used to leave ***** mags lying around with "suspicious" tissues.
  22. Getting mould patches behind furniture is bad, in all my days of mouldy rentals I've never seen that happen. To reduce the problem you should be opening the windows in each room for about 15-20 minutes a day anyway. When you've had a shower/bath air the bathroom, i.e. keep the window partly open for an hour or so. To get rid existing mould, pop to B&Q and buy their mould spray for £5 and will last a very long time. You could also ask the LL for a dehumidifier. Given how bad you're saying the rental sounds in terms of damp I'd move out.
  23. Rather than the Castle (bad service by bar staff, sh*t beer, pricey, etc) I'd recommend the refurbished County Arms opposite. Decent beer, nice environment and friendly staff.
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