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  1. That Property118 link was flat out bizarre. I own my property outright and I'm not remotely jealous of property speculators like yourself Mark.
  2. IIRC you can say what you like when advertising products online.
  3. The 3 bed terraces on Gwydir Street are actually a fairly decent size (the main bedrooms are huge) but you're looking at £450-500k for them and parking is a bitch around there.
  4. I've still kept my big CRT TV that I won in an online competition. I've kept it because I don't watch much TV and when I do I tend to watch TV on my HD portable in the kitchen. Btw, my CRT weighs 80kg!
  5. "Allocated parking". I.e. learn to argue with your neighbours. (I've rented in a house with allocated parking and it was a nightmare)
  6. I had a similar problem in a rental where the bathroom was in the middle of the house (no window) and had a pathetic extractor that seemed to do nothing (I'd leave it on all the same thinking it would at least get rid of some of the problem). We got bad mould in the bathroom like the OP. The letting agent sent me a snotty letter telling me that it was my fault for not opening the bathroom window. Much hilarity ensued when the agent came to check the property and, as I was there, I asked them to open the bathroom window for me. No idea if they ever sorted the problem out properly but the simple solution is the HG mould spray people are recommending. Be warned, it's strong stuff and if you get it on wallpaper it will dissolve the wallpaper. Where I live now had a slight mould problem in the corner of one of the bedrooms. I used the HG mould spray on it to clean the area up. I then painted it with gloss white paint (it's important to use gloss paint otherwise the dark patches will still show) then painted the area with anti-mould paint and finally painted the wall my colour of choice using normal wall paint. I've not seen mould since.
  7. Ely is around 12 miles from the Science Park. Travel wise you're either on the A10, A1303 or B1049. The rail connection is pretty good but that'll drop you in Cambridge City Centre. The bus route, the 9, is actually pretty good and drops you off at the Science Park. Again, just a thought.
  8. This. From my years of experience of living in and around the area (I used to live in Chesterton for a few years) I would personally avoid the A14 as part of a daily commute purely due to the number of accidents and broken down vehicles on it that regularly turn it into a car park. If you think it's been bad now wait until the clocks change and the weather really turns. According to the signage the upgrades should be finished by January 2016 and here's hoping that we'll all feel the benefit because when there's an accident on the A14 near Cambridge it effects all of the major northern routes out of the city. E.g. the A10, A1303 or B1049. I forget which routes Chesterton railway train station will take when it's built so check that out. How often do you need to be on the A1? Daily? Twice a week? Once a month? If it's very infrequent then you're realistically adding 40 minutes from Cambridge every so often vs time lost on the A14 twice a day in the crush with the potential for problems due to accidents. I.e. you might find north or east bound routes are quicker to the Science Park. Edit to add: IIRC the lack of parking on these new developments is because people will all be using buses to get to work and not need cars and not the reality that is most of the houses turning into multiple occupancy BTL's with three cars per house.
  9. I've owned both petrol and diesel cars and I'm back with a diesel mainly because I liked the car and I do the mileage to warrant one. Turbo failure is always possible but most people don't follow the simple advice of turning your engine on and waiting for 10-20 seconds and the same again before you turn the engine off. Not doing that can result in turbo bearing failure. Many people skimp on oil changes or put cheap half synthetic oil in instead of decent quality fully synthetic oil. It's all in your cars manual. Sure, some diesel engines have bad design that can attribute to turbo failure but pretty much anything big can go with a car, I know of people who've had turbo failure on petrol cars. I also know people who's diesels are well into 120k+ miles territory with no problems, just bog standard maintenance. The early mk2 Focus 1.6 TDCi had turbo issues due to the location of an injector feed and bad sump design and these were rectified. My neighbour has a 2005 plate Focus 1.6 TDCi that he bought from new and has never had an issue. For every horror story you read on the Internet you're not seeing the thousands of people who don't experience a problem. If my turbo does die I'll replace it then get rid of the car. As for the DPF, again, people don't read their cars manual or understand how the system works. Roughly every couple of months do a good clear run and keep your revs well over 2000 for about 20 minutes uninterrupted and you'll be fine. For those here who are suggesting this will mean you'll spend all of your saved fuel money doing this, sorry, but you don't know what you're talking about. My previous petrol cost me £38 a week in fuel and I've literally halved my fuel bill. Do people honestly think that 20 minutes every couple of months costs over £150 in fuel as they're suggesting? Bonkers. If somebody is going to pootle around town doing 8k or less miles a year then they shouldn't buy a diesel. That's just common sense. Btw, I see plenty of petrol cars with black smoke pouring out of their exhausts every day on my daily commute.
  10. The putting a flash motor on the drive thing is nothing new. I remember this happening in the early 90's before the crash.
  11. Without a doubt the best revenge music is highland marching music. It works every single time.
  12. From my wealth of experience of dealing with noisey neighbours: EH don't just meet up with your landlord and yourself for minor noise incidents. It takes a number of weeks and many hoops being jumped through to get to the stage you are at. This will include EH having witnessed the noise. I expect that you are going to be handed a noise abatement order. Well done, you've earned it.
  13. To be fair I've not lived there since 1998.
  14. Chorley really isn't somewhere I'd want to live because it's very rough. I've got a number of friends who were born in Chorley and all of them couldn't wait to buy outside of the area. Preston is actually very nice, I lived there for five years. Just be aware that Preston has a lot of student rentals and some areas are a bit dodgy.
  15. I'm more than happy for Girton Interchange to be made safer, when I used it the first time to join the westbound A14 I couldn't believe the junction, but I'll be ignoring the A14 once it goes to toll.
  16. Yes because they own the land. They're not trespassing on your property. It will also mean that if you wanted to extend your property over said land you wouldn't be allowed without their permission or more likely buying the land from them. You can end up with odd situations where a tiny strip of land is owned by somebody but the owner can't actually, physically, get to their land without walking through other peoples properties.
  17. You're right I was confused with the parks but.. he's still on the 9 bus route that goes through Waterbeach and said research park. Meh whatever.
  18. Most cars are averaging 40 mph in the crush on the A10, as they approach Waterbeach you're looking at nearer 20 mph for about two miles. Btw, he'll also be near a bus stop, there are stops on the A10 near each area with houses or just a house, for the number 9 which is very regular, reliable, and stops at the Science Park. For cycling, once you get to Waterbeach cyclists cycle on the path all the way to Cambridge and it's all very well lit from Waterbeach onwards.
  19. I lived in Chester for years (I've probably staggered drunkenly around most of it as a teenager). Definitely avoid Blacon like the plague. The Lache would not be on my list of places to live either, I know that some surrounding roads were turned into Polish BTL havens and there were a lot of problems with drunk/noisey Poles during the small hours in the nicer bits (this was in the press). Saltney is close but also not somewhere I'd be too keen on, drive through it and you'll probably see why. Westminster Park has some insanely priced house for the location/size (i.e. around the Vincent Drive bit) due to it's proximity to the financial park on the Wrexham Road but there are also some decent sized older three/four bed detached houses nearer the shops/Lache Lane that have pretty impressive amounts of garden. I have family who live in Wezzy Park and it's still a nice, quiet, estate. The downside is facing Lache Lane in the crush if you're going into Chester or trying to get on the Wrexham Road. When the races are on Chester pretty much gridlocks. Nearby you've got Curzon Park but that's pretty pricey, only the posh kids at school used to live there. Handbridge is very nice, but as others have posted, you won't get much of a garden and parking can be a bit of an issue but you're that bit closer to the City Centre. Even so it's a very nice area. Hoole, as far as I can remember was always a nice enough area but you're that bit further out of the city. Further out you've got North Wales on your doorstep, e.g. places like Dodleston and Lower/Higher Kinnerton. Just bear in mind that some of these places can be a bit.. unfriendly to the non-Welsh speaking so you'd have to do your homework about the ares a bit first. In terms of City Centre appartments, hundreds were built over the last ten years, most are in less than desirable locations unless you've got a thing for heavy goods 24/7 vehicles and pollution.
  20. In the mid 90's I bought a Dell PC, it was the best PC I've ever owned. Well built, sturdy and decent compents and it lasted years with some upgrades. My dad used to buy Dell PC's for home use and they were always great PC's. Fast forward to around 2009 and I've bought an XPS 420 as this was priced cheaper than one I could build at that point. What a mistake. It's cheap plastic shite externally and internally. When it turned up it wouldn't boot (dead PSU). Once I've fitted the new PSU they sent me I discover that the RAM's fracked as well. Marvelous. I argued for over an hour every day for two weeks demanding that they pick their hunk of shite PC up and refund me my money as it's not fit for purpose. Instead they sent me new RAM and a 2gig USB stick as an "apology" (the USB stick stopped working in under a month btw). Oh well I'll fit the RAM then. Hooray! My PC is now working. However, in under one year the GPU died as did half of the RAM that they sent me. Two years in and the HDD died. A friend bought a laptop from them at roughly the same time. HDD failure and a dead battery at just over one year. I would never, ever, give Dell any custom ever again. Their products are cheap nasty crap and their customer service team is useless, rude, and staggeringly obstructive, it's literally designed to grind you down as they stonewall you. Since then I've gone back to building PC's for myself, friends and family. Long term, outside of a few places, I can't see PC's or the traditional laptop surviving much longer.
  21. No idea what it's worth but I wouldn't believe the seller is actually going to have those jobs done or done well (I'm thinking more about the damp than the moss). Negotiate them on the price and do it yourself so that you at least know it's all been done properly.
  22. The best music to annoy problem neighbours with is bagpipe music.
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