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  1. It was like when he said "Don't worry your house is still worth 47% more than it was 5 years ago!" and tried to look sincere. How I love watching that greedy scab sweat on TV.
  2. Except they won't be passing these cuts on to people with mortgages. This is all about helping the banks, not the public.
  3. I only caught part of it as I was off to work but didn't he look sad/pee'd off? That really cheered me up.
  4. Doesn't the bible have a few things to say about greed and debt as being a bad thing?
  5. Define "beautiful view". Heck I sometimes get to see the attractive woman at the back sunbathing topless in her back garden.
  6. That's actually quite cheap considering the distribution of a local rag. To advertise in a 25k circulation magazine you're looking at around £300 for a quarter page and £1500 for a full A4 colour.
  7. I couldn't agree more. I'm struggling to see how I could save 100k in 5 years let alone 10.
  8. He was an actor using YouTube and his video to get noticed.
  9. "Inside, the £4,000 home boasts a stove, water supplied by rainfall and gets its electricity from a car battery" Gosh! Sign me up!
  10. Dunno. I was in London yesterday and Oxford street was quite tame (this was after 12pm when it's usually heaving).
  11. LOL! No thanks! I'd much rather be where I am than stuck with her attempting to boss me about all the time!
  12. Yeah that VI piece was staggering this morning. Without FTB's the housing market will stall! Erm.. what percentage of genuine FTB's bought over the last 18 months?
  13. Dunno but it made my ex-girlfriend's dad a multimillionaire because he owned most of the land it was built on. But yes, Cambourne is a sinkhole.
  14. Whereas the closing of schools, hospitals, the near end of NHS dentistry, our national debt levels, selling our gold at rock bottom prices, etc etc are signs of competency?
  15. God, you sound like the Labour whiners at work yesterday. They hate Labour so much but they have to keep being seen to support them. The only thing they've got is "It wouldn't be any different under Cameron". Actually I think it would. I don't remember them ever being the tax and spend party, or the party that seems to have industry and investment running screaming from the UK.
  16. He also shovelled most of his money up his nose and went into rehab I believe.
  17. I wouldn't recommend Arbury full stop! Mill Road can be hit and miss because there's a lot of student rental around there which means late night noise.
  18. I had the same argument with somebody only last week. Basically, they're convinced that anything "good" relating to housing will always happen in Cambridge, whereas anything "bad" wouldn't. I tried to get them to explain their argument but all I got was "House prices always go up, especially in Cambridge". I threw the last crash figures at them, etc etc but they were not to be convinced. Oh well, time will prove one of us right!
  19. Within the City we seem to be at the "I'm not lowering my price!" stage. Just outside of Cambridge prices are still dropping nicely in areas like Milton, Waterbeach, Ely, Histon, Cottenham. I guess that as prices keep dropping in places that are nearer and nearer to the city that'll be when we start to see some decent reductions in the city itself. Remember, it's only February!
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