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  1. I'll try, but it's going to be difficult to control myself on that one. We actually have a celebrity troll here and that's just far too entertaining to be healthy/legal. I just can't take the guy seriously at all. (Must... resist.. typing all the mini-me gags that are springing to mind!).
  2. Hah that poisoned dwarf was on TV only a couple of weeks ago ramping away saying "Property always goes up in price!", "Look at the last 100 years house prices have always gone up!" and "You can't beat bricks and mortar for investment". T*sser. Am I the only one here who's quite proud that we're pi55ing so many of these self titled "experts" off?
  3. Coincidentally I noticed this on the way home last night. Every single house (about sixof them) that's been sat on the market for months and months on my way home was "Sold stc". I thought it was odd that a ) people would pay 250k for these dumps in bad areas (do you like drunken chavs throwing cans of special brew at your house all night?) and B ) they all went to "Sold stc" on the same day. Four of them are roughly in a row on the same road (three are terraced next to each other) so I reckon that was a BTL'er. The other two have been on the market for over a year and were both "no upward chain". I reckon those have sold for way under what they were being advertised for. Of course I did also think the same as RB and wonder if these empty properties have fake "Sold" signs on them as they were all through the same agent.
  4. Am I the only one who wondered why Declan wasn't wearing his suit and was all "casual" in the call centre? He also looked really nervous which was fun.
  5. Ignore my first post I was looking at the 15 minute delay version on the BBC. Doh!
  6. And now it's back up and trundling along in the green.
  7. I can't even get onto the BOE website, it keeps timing out. Even so a cut was expected, even though I thought that they might hold. Makes bugger all difference either way really.
  8. I forgot to add earlier that I did shout "You thick ladies front bottom" when the VI spouted "Remember, house prices have risen massively over the last 100 years.". Yes and so have potatoes so what does that say?
  9. I thought it was hilarious when the developer kept spouting "IR's not 15%, very low inflation, low unemployment, blah blah" I thought it was Gordon Brown in disguise. Either way it was good to hear the potential FTB saying "Crash" all the time on the BBC.
  10. Do not feed the troll. It's as simple as that.
  11. I'm finding the posts there highly entertaining. They're only just beginning to realise that the economy has been built on owning more than one house and MEWing. Bless 'em.
  12. The only things I've noticed at work are: 1. People are no longer going on and on and on and on about how much their houses are worth, as loudly as possible, like they're some kind of financial genius. Oh, how I miss them telling me smugly that it's not a right to own your own house. 2. They've stopped going on about their housing portfolio they're considering building up. 3. They're not boring me to tears anymore about their impending third foreign holiday. They used to love saying "Oh, you aren't going abroad at all this year either?" to which I'd reply the usual "No, I'm still saving for a house" and they'd smugly reply "Oh, you still can't afford to buy one then? That is a shame isn't it.". 4. People are now really stressed about their mortgages. This one has been quite entertaining with those of them who have blown a LOT of money on their CC's and MEWed heavily on celebrity lifestyles (notably the ones I'm refering to in points 1, 2 and 3 above). I did enjoy it when one of them snapped at me "I don't know what you're looking at! It's alright for you renting!" and I replied "Yes but house prices only ever go up don't they? Anyway, if it's an issue can't you just withdraw some more equity from your mortgage?". Now that set them off good and proper! Edited to add: During the argument in point four it was also refreshing when one of them said "Well it's not like you'll be able to buy a house! You'll need at least a 10% deposit." and I replied "Because I've not spent the last four years blowing money on holidays and tat I've got a 35% deposit.". I'm really enjoying work at the moment. Oh and point 5, the woman who used to wear new designer clothes each week has stopped doing that.
  13. But what does the land registry show it sold for? There was a house near me that, according the EA, sold for 400k (they posted a note through my door saying how great they were for selling it for 400k). It actually sold for 310k. This was a year ago.
  14. £2,400?! I have a mate paying 700 for a part furnished 2 bed off Woodhead Drive with a garage! You can get a 3 bed around there for under 1k a month.
  15. Ah how I continue to laugh watching that fat scab stress more and more after years of his smug face. The only thing that did annoy me was that quick report on that couple from Bolton (I think it was Bolton) who couldn't get any mortgage. They never said how many times their combined earnings they were after on that 100% mortgage that then required a 10% deposit.
  16. If those goths that got killed (I'm including the ones in Whitby) weren't goths they would've been attacked if they'd been fat or had the wrong haircut or whatever. The scum who killed them just wanted any excuse to kill someone. As for Goths "asking for it", I just don't understand your logic at all.
  17. I'm glad it's not just me who noticed the Grand Arcade and how much was still empty, ditto the rest of Cambridge. I want Woolworths back.
  18. In Cambridge? You can literally take your pick as to any flat in any location in the city and it'll be in negative equity now.
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