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  1. http://www.mysinglefriend.com/?gclid=CJbpp...CFRKb1QodRBa_XA
  2. The NSK and IRWIN groups are still going strong. I've always enjoyed their music, regardless of the style depending on the album, and their political sense of humour.
  3. Yes that's the quote. Always good to see another Laibach fan on the boards! The Kaptial album was superb. My favourite album of theirs is still Nova Akropola. They're still going although the last tour for Volk was a bit poor (mind you it was a fairly dull album).
  4. This thread reminds me of a Laibach track.. "Wirtschaft ist tot". Now where did my t-shirt for that single go?
  5. At the end of the day there is no free speech on the majority of messageboards. They all have rules. Deal with it. Whining like a 12 year old and putting up polls against the mods really doesn't help your case.
  6. You forgot to add that they will spend all of their time down the pub bragging about their financial genius as well as going on endlessely about their "portfolio".
  7. It wouldn't happen. There isn't the money available for stuff like this.
  8. "Mr Mason, of Thomas C Adams estate agents, points out a two-bedroom flat with a balcony which he says would have collected £180,000 two years ago and is now on the market for £163,950" £180k to live in a two bedroom flat in Wrexham?!
  9. And it's a hold. What a surprise!
  10. It's for Fallout 3. Oh, how we've all been laughing about this on the Bethesda (the company making this version of the game) forums. It even made other UK mainstream press (sorry no links, they were bright enough to remove them reasonably quickly).
  11. MEWing = a nice friendly name for the oft tut-tutted at "second mortgage".
  12. And to get around this, young low earners have always ended up renting with mates. This is nothing new.
  13. There's no reason to explain why "rents are so high" because they're not. Jeez.
  14. People can get very funny when it comes to money, moreso when they're losing money. Simple as that.
  15. I always thought that being "middle class" meant that you had been educated to degree level.
  16. According to my train driving friend.. yes.
  17. That's not exactly 100% accurate. You are allowed to defend yourself within reason. "Within reason" does not include shooting or stabbing them.
  18. I've just noticed a couple of houses that were recently "sold stc" are now back on the market at reduced prices (these are on my bus route to and from work): http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-173...=1&tr_t=buy This is listed twice, with the lowest listing now at £210k. It was initially on sale for over £250k which made me laugh. A lot. I wouldn't pay £130k to live in that house in that location! (You're almost opposite Tesco Metro and to the left of the house is a bench where all the drunks congregate during the day and the chav kids during the night.) Finally: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-104...=1&tr_t=buy I can't remember the original asking price for this one but it was over £200k. Edit: Typos? What typos?
  19. You do all realise that Facebook is owned by the FBI? That's why I don't do much other than play Scrabble against people I used to work with.
  20. To think it was only last year when house boats were being seen as the ultimate trendy thing to buy as an FTB. I remember watching some programs on the BBC about it when I was visiting my parents (my mum is addicted to property porn).
  21. That's exactly how I interpreted it as well. Even so it was a pss poor report done by two VI's desperately trying to blame the nasty banks for not allowing stupid mortgage multiples and non-stop credit.
  22. It's not legal. Call the local Council's street lighting department to get them removed. Also call your local Council and report them for flyposting.
  23. Diesel in Cambridge is now.. *drumroll* £126.9 a litre. What a bargain!
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