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  1. But podgy Declan promised we wouldn't hit a recession! This was only two weeks ago! He didn't lie did he?
  2. Ways to save money and improve service: 1. Sack about two thirds of the management. 2. Bring back all privately contracted work into the Council. E.g. repair of traffic lights, bridges, etc. 3. Stop Councils wasting money printing glossy internal magazines that are only there to w4nk off managers egos. 4. When the ex-head of the Council went to London for some booze up award ceremony they went by taxi rather than train. Why? Because they're too important to use the train like a commoner. Cost of trainfare: £25. Cost of taxi: £200. This sort of thing goes on all the time with management level staff. 5. Decent auditing to catch things like that in number 4 above. In Cambridgeshire over 100million of tax payers money is being blown on a guided bus scheme. It's known that this will fail and that's basically the point. I.e. it has to fail so that central Gov will cough up the cash required to widen the A14. They won't do that unless a guided bus scheme is tried out. You want to blame somebody about this blame somebody high up who recently resigned from the Council. My point is that there are plenty of ways to save money within the Council (I could write pages of suggestions from my own experience) without increasing Council tax.
  3. Now that I don't believe at all. Street lights are owned by: 1. The County/City Council. For example, in Cambridgeshire the County own about 65k street lights. The city own a low few hundred. 2. A few lights are owned by local Parishes. (Maybe 10 per Parish as an average) 3. A number of unadopted street lights will be on unadopted roads, usually new estates or roads that aren't up to spec for adoption. The Council couldn't sell the street lights. Who'd want to buy them at 1k for an average 6M column? The repair and maintenance of street lights tends to be done by private contractors who work in partnership for the Council. I.e. The Council will have a few engineers who do things like meet the public to get street lights moved and design schemes. The general day to day "replace faulty lantern", removing dangerous lights (hit by vehicles) and installing new ones are done by the contractors. Street lighting will make up something like 60p of from your entire years Council tax which I think is pretty good value myself. Edited to add more waffle.
  4. That's not the reason for it. I can't remember the exact reason but it was something that "worked well" in London and central Gov decided everywhere had to follow suit. This also effects private companies, such as BT, EDF, British Gas, Waterboards etc etc. I.e. anybody who is intending to dig up the public highway. Oh I remembered another great money waste. First up you make a high up manager redundant. Give him a nice 50-70k golden handshake goodbye. Then the following week he's back hired as a consultant on 400 quid a day. Give it a few months and create a new management position that is identical to the one made redundant, except for its title and obviously up the salary 20-30k, and give it back to the original manager. Good stuff eh?
  5. That reminds me of some new legislation that came from Central Government and was recently, forcibly, adopted by the rest of the UK. In ye olde days you'd have a pothole crew. They'd be given a worksheet containing where the bad potholes are in roads. If they saw another pothole on the way to a job on their jobsheet they'd fill that in because it needs filling in anyway and saves both time and money for the taxpayer. Because of this new legislation, the traffic management act, they're no longer allowed to do that. Instead they can ONLY do the work that's on their worksheet. They can note down where the other potholes are, then they have to request to be able to do the work with the highways authority. This can take four weeks. If the crew just fill the pothole in and they're seen by one of the many Government spies driving around checking up on them (yes seriously), they'll lose their job and the contractor who hired them fined heavily. It's this kind of cr4p that Labour have spent 11 years making up that is costing so much to run. Again, don't blame the poor bloke who fills the pothole in, or repairs your street lights, or traffic lights, or cleans your gulleys, etc etc. They'd rather be left alone to just get on with the job and earn a bit more.
  6. Basically yes. When I worked at the Council I couldn't believe how many middle managers there are who turn up about two days a week (the rest of the time spent "working from home" and generating no work, nor answering their 'phone/email) all earning 40-45k. You walk from office to office only to see the "workers" on 13k a year and never any management. The management tend to get yearly bonuses for doing nothing. Yes this has to be justified but anything can be justified. Also management pay tends to go up 3-5k a year regardless of how good or bloody awful their work is. Most of the money goes into "trendy" departments and not the ones that are understaffed, very underpaid and do a lot of work. That was certainly my experience when working in Highways. Those in Social Services (about 40 of them) used to spend their entire days sat outside smoking and drinking coffee. All earned 25k+. The other big money pit is PFI, which is a completely ******** concept that has been proven time and again not to work. But it's all about back scratching yourway into these private companies as a manager. Oh and let us not forget the payrises that the Councillors give themselves each year. People can whine all they like about Council's but, seriously, the people who are striking are the ones doing the work on pitiful salaries and not the many many wasters.
  7. On seeing that all I can say is "FCK!" 3.8%?! And those are the massaged figures! Why do we bother with the BOE?
  8. I think it's more a case that it'd open the floodgates on how many are doing it and how the FSA should've been doing this years ago.
  9. I think it's this that makes me hate working and living here the most. The attitude of the people here is absolutely staggering. Roll on me working back up north! Edited to add: thinking about EA's I've not had a free Cambridge property paper for a month now. Anybody know if this is still being produced?
  10. Somebody remind me why Cambridge is so desirable? It's an overpriced dump.
  11. Perhaps I need to start shouting loudly around the office, like people did when their houses were rising in value, how much money I'm "making" by doing nothing.
  12. They must be middle management, something that Councils throughout the UK need to get rid of. If you want to know where the monetary waste is in Councils look at how many middle managers there are and what they're managing.
  13. So become one. The pay is so poor they're struggling to actually employ people on 13k a year.
  14. Even so how many days does it take to massage the figures?
  15. *shrug* Fair enough. I'm only saying what my experiences where and those of my dad who *gasp* worked for an estate agent and 99% of the people he would deal with were Londoners moving up north to live, whilst still working in London.
  16. Absolutely. About fifteen years ago I was living in Workington and even back then there was a huge influx of Londoners buying properties. They'e work from home three to four days a week, then going back to London for the other one or two days. Prime locations were Carlisle, Cockermouth and Workington. Oddly enough nobody wanted to move to Maryport! Obviously Carlisle has a railway station and a direct line to London, hence its popularity.
  17. No it doesn't. It only covers Police, Firemen and strangely Social Services.
  18. Just to re-iterate what others are saying: 1. Your HD is on the way out. 2. Buy a new one from somewhere like www.scan.co.uk (make sure to find out if it's IDE or SATA before you order). 3. When your new HD arrives plug it in as the master drive make the old one the slave. This will let you copy as much as you can off your old one with the new one plugged in. Once that's done remove your old drive. Take a hammer to it and completely flatten the thing. Chuck it out. 4. Reinstalling XP will take you 20 minutes, including downloading SP2 and 3. Have fun!
  19. I was thinking about the responses from ITC about LLL. The thought occured that maybe they can't deal with the complaints about Krusty giving financial advice to the people on the show because the people on the show are actually actors. I'm not saying that they *are* actors, just that maybe they are.
  20. I've been in enough shared rentals with "friends" to know that the novelty wears off rather quickly. What do you do if one person can't be bothered to maintain the house? What if one person wants buying out of the mortgage? Or can't pay? Etc.
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