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  1. But you don't live in Brighton? Or do you now? Or as per usual are you failing to keep your trolling story coherent?
  2. I used to really dislike ntl as my broadband provider but was too lazy to change to anybody else. When Virgin bought ntl my service got worse and the cost went up. I'm only still with them because they're so thick they've not charged me for my cable TV service since they took over and they put me on the middle TV package.
  3. In Cambridge Stagecoach are part funded by the Council. Yes, the taxpayer has the pleasure of lining the pockets of the shareholders whilst the bus service continues to be bloody awful.
  4. He is staggeringly arrogant and thoroughly unlikeable.
  5. With Mill Road you just have to be careful about which road off of Mill Road you live on and most streets have very little room for parking. Argyle Street is very nice and mainly professional lets and family homes. Gwydir Street was bearable depending on how fussy you are hearing drunks staggering down the road.
  6. Chesterton is a dump I wouldn't even rent in let alone think about buying. You only have to flick through the local paper and walk down Chesterton High Street to see that. Edited to add: Yes I've lived in Chesterton and was very glad to leave the area. My daily bus commute takes me through Chesterton twice a day. At weekends you can see 8 year olds throwing glass bottles at cars driving past Grumpies pet store after 10pm at night. Crime is rife in Chesterton.
  7. But you can buy decent 3 bed refurbed terraces down Waterloo Road in Preston for under 100k and that's walking distance to Preston town centre and the railway station. Why on earth would a young professional want to buy a 100k hampster cage?
  8. Because it's more acceptable to say "My BTL's are for my pension" (awww... it's for their PENSION! Poor souls..) rather than "I'm a greedy cnt who honestly believes that trampling over everybody else in this get rich quick scheme will mean that I'm the one who gets rich. Fck you paupers.". No, I'm not very sympathetic towards these people and, frankly, they deserve what they're going to get.
  9. Very very true! I used to troubleshoot as a consultant on projects that were going tits up. Some of the code I used to pull apart was so crap I can't begin to fully describe how bad it was.
  10. About a year ago my agent wrote an extremely snotty letter that the upstairs back window frame was going a bit manky. They told me to: 1. Use the shower, don't use the bath (makes you wonder what the bath's in there for?) 2. Keep the bathroom window open. 3. Keep the bathroom extractor fan on for long periods of time. I invited the writer of said snotty letter, and their manager, to come around and show me how to open the bathroom window because the bathroom doesn't have a window. Something I thought they'd notice whilst checking said property. I also pointed that perhaps they'd like to paint over the manky window frame like they did before I moved in as that would give the impression that the house didn't have a slight damp problem in the back room. Also I can't run the extractor fan for longer than 5 minutes as it automatically cuts out. So I offered that I was more than happy to run a dehumidifier if they bought one and if they wanted to fix/replace/upgrade the fan in the bathroom then hey feel free. Their response? Nothing. I've not heard from them since.
  11. Having had a quick nosey on Rightmove I can only find the ones that are still for sale on the same development, but these are 40% to 50% share not the 25% ones (they sold a while ago): http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-189...17&tr_t=buy http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-189...17&tr_t=buy The 25% share properties were absolutely horrible, not that the ones above are much better.
  12. What they seem to be doing in Cambridge is offering you the chance to own 25% (yes 25%!) of a new build property. After that you only have to pay nearly £300 a month in rent as well. Bargain! The weird thing is that these places are actually selling.
  13. <snipping of examples> Actually it can. That comes down to what is allowed to be broadcast. Honestly, I'm not the best person to discuss this with by any stretch of the imagination! From discussions we've had over the years here it is a very fine line between what they're allowed to say and how it is said on TV.
  14. No I don't believe they ever did. However, I will always remember one episode of Krusty's show where she was enthusing to a rather scared looking bloke that (and I'm paraphrasing) "He'd be mad not to buy the property as it will continue to go up in value.". That's financial advice, something Krusty has in the past denied the show gave because it opens up a real can of worms for her and C4. At the end of the day none of these shows has, from what we know, forced anybody to get a mortgage and buy any property they've shown. But then none of us have seen the contract the people who appear on these shows has to sign. If anybody has been on one of these shows and is feeling disgruntled please accidentally leak a copy of the shows contract.
  15. Kirsty, please just **** off. Thank you.
  16. Awww... c'mon it's not as bad as the goatse logo that was put forward: Note: For those who don't know what goatse is please do not search for it on a work PC or if you're easily offended! You have been warned!
  17. The German system is great imo. Ok, they hide the cameras but all you get are about £20 fines and no points unless you're doing something like 150mph in a 30.
  18. Near where my dad lives in Chester there's a stretch of 30MPH road (Lache Lane) that after about 10pm all your uninsured boy races goes pelting down at 60+mph. The Police did nothing. When the public kept complaining the Police sat on the road at 3pm catching people doing 3 MPH over the speed limit as they drive down the roads slope. Now who's more likely to kill somebody due to speeding? Like everything with the Police nowadays it's all about hitting easy targets.
  19. The difference is that the Tories were sitting on a warchest of money. When NuLab took other the first thing they did is blow all of that money. Labour always live from hand to mouth by the old tax and spend.
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