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  1. 22 hours ago, Tes Tickle said:

    They always work, even when cold.  They trap 100% of the soot all the time.

    They only fail to regenerate if they don't get hot.  That gives the owner a bill for cleaning or replacing it, it doesn't affect pollution (well, other than in making a new one).  They've got much better over the years though - most now use a fuel additive that greatly reduces the flashpoint of the soot.

    Spot on. 

  2. On 14/05/2018 at 15:14, gannet59 said:

    Don't be so quick to judge what you do not understand.

    How patronising. I understand but if you know that area you will know how challenging/impossible it will be to achieve what is being advertised in that area.

  3. 18 hours ago, spyguy said:


    Looks like I was wrong, what with Metro and Mrs CEOs expensive FengSHui company and TSB and their super duper new .Net bank system running COBOL.


    Speaking from experience youd be amazed at how many ancient COBOL based systems are still in use with very large companies. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Option5 said:

    Perhaps I didn't make myself clear, a bike at 30mph is probably as close to its limits of grip and stability as a motorcycle is at 60 mph


    Nope. I used to race bicycles in my youth and youd be amazed at how quickly and in control you can stop a well maintained push bike at 30mph. 30mph on a push bike is nothing like a motorbike doing 60mph. 30mph is absolutely pedestrian in terms of speed to a fit racing cyclist.

  5. Ely's a nice place with good transport links but as has been pointed out there are some, erm, not to my taste modern estates (no parking, gardens and you can be seen by roughly either houses when sat in your living room, etc) on the edges of the town. Car journeys will be improved when the A142 bypass is completed (currently late summer 2018). Wisbech and Chatteris are a bit too "local" for me. I have friends who live in March and I quite like the place. The downside of March is if you have to get to Cambridge or London the trains are quite limited compared to Ely (IIRC the last train to March from Cambridge is 20:30) and you're roughly 30 minutes further out than Ely to Cambridge by car.

  6. I've removed my comment because I feel the topic would go off course and I'm not actually bothered if people love or hate Cambridge.

    On topic house prices fell in Cambridge by 10% in the last crash. We're not even in a crash and they fell 5.1% last year alone. It makes me wonder what the impact will be when we do experience a crash.

  7. On ‎06‎/‎12‎/‎2016 at 8:58 AM, TheCountOfNowhere said:

    Oh, me thinks the fear stage is well and truly underway.


    The angry BTLers should tell you all you need to know.

    Agreed. BTLers I know have gone from boasting about their wealth to stressing about how they're going to cope with S24.

    Edited to add: Also in my area SE I'm seeing more and longer void periods on rental properties I pass on the way to work. Previously these have been void free but some are now four months void.

  8. Logically, for me, it's 3x salary. IIRC with developers it's 20% off the going rate of an equivalent new house on the development.

    Edit: the 20% figure is one I've read in the local Cambridge press a number of times whenever a new development mentions it'll provide "affordable" homes as part of the development.

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