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  1. when oil was $147 the pound was roughly £1-$2, now thats its around 1.5$ - 1£ that may effect the price here. There is no excuse though for the gas.elec firms not to at least reduce there prices by some. I bet you they do it in spring once we all switch the heating off.
  2. I have given up on the housing situation, I feel this was it but now prices will start rising again so to hell with it all, i will rent for rest of my days and then go into a home when i retire or pop myself if i dont have any loved ones around.
  3. I really hope Brown doesnt walk out of all this a hero as I hold him acountable for the huge house price rises as well as a number of other faults the country has. Dont get me wrong I dont want to see people suffer I just want house prices to lower so they are in line with wages.
  4. I am hearing reports that the world is now backing Browns bail out plan. I suspect this will fix the problem as all countries will act as one and Brown will take credit and become the world hero who saved the banks! I really hope this doesnt happen but I just have a feeling it will and house prices will start to rise again.
  5. i bet michael moore makes a film on this in the next year. Bush will take centre stage giving his fear fear fear speech. I cant belive how bad things have become on his watch, america the great is now america the fallen and that saddens me as i really love things about america but this ugly side is a no no
  6. back to business as normal then? how will this effect uk house prices
  7. With the news coming from america and the large rally of shares etc does this mean the HPC is over in the UK and wont happen? will we see prices start going up again?
  8. I feel sick just thinking about it, really whats going to happen to all the people who can not get on the property ladder in this country, how can this country with its debt afford to keep the richer richer and drill everyone else into the ground. I feel so concerned about reaching 65-70 retiring and not having a roof over my head, I cant belive how far down the pan this country is going.
  9. It just seems like things are starting to go back the other way, the US situation is getting massive baking from gov, oil is dropping in price and morgage lenders are starting to cut rates. I really thought we were goingto see a return to common scence but now it looks like things are getting back to normal.
  10. oil falling in price, stock markets going up again, IMF reporting better growth - depressing reading really, i was hoping for a full on crash to bring things back in line to earnings and restore some fairness to socitey. It seems the governements of the world just will not let banks fail and will prop them up no matter how much they lose.
  11. Great, soon all the lenders will be doing this and it will open the gates for an entire generation of couples who makes 50k or higher to go out and buy a house. These house prices just keep getting higher and higher, on the hisotry chart it shows house prices reached an average of 75k in 1975 and again in 1995, id love to think one day it might sick to that level but I just cant see it, I really think the gap between house owener and non house owner has reached an epic size.
  12. one of the main issues as far as I can tell is that the people who are buying the "entry level" houses are people who already own a home and have the intentions of renting it out. I know someone who has 17 houses and he only lives in 1! he just rents the others out. Untill this kind of thing stops there wont be a slow down as houses are still being bought.
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