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  2. This is a very relevant point but we're stuck bc the govt is focused on the green standards for the cold weather we get most of the time, rather than the hot weather we get occasionally but that will increase in severity and frequency. Some people are thinking about it, but any change won't come from top down. https://passivhaustrust.org.uk/UserFiles/File/Technical Papers/PHT Summer Comfort_version 0.1.pdf
  3. Should post this in climate change thread…
  4. Google response to: “mortgage calculator how much can I afford to borrow”
  5. Sure, but I’m trying to work out if that liability has narrowed for some reason. Because the converging rates thing.
  6. But as long as the bank will have the mortgage paid, surely that risk doesn’t impact it really? I have no idea about this, just hoping someone in the sector with some useful knowledge can chip in.
  7. It’s very heartwarming (🤣) to me to read how many HPCers are such optimists! We simply don’t need to worry about the future, the climate is perfectly normal and nothing has changed at all. The UK will continue to lead the world, our infrastructure is sound, our economy vibrant, our housing cheap and plentiful, our water is clean, our natural resources abundant. Children breathe clean air and will easily secure worthwhile and well paid jobs that allow them a better standard of living than their parents. The 14,000 boat migrants this year are simply moving to the best country in the world*. Well done Great Britain! God save the Queen. Come one, come all. * Nothing to do with climate change.
  8. What is the risk profile differential between 60% LTV customers and 80% LTV customers? If the risk is extremely marginal, or at least the recent history of risk is recently marginal (ie in low rate environment for past 14 years) then how are banks to justify a wide difference in rates offered? Sure they must want that extra padding but, why not just charge max rates for all while you can get away with it?
  9. on 400k it’s almost £400 pm more. Not pocket change and we know it’s going up. Around 23k over 5yr fix.
  10. Allow lobbying to attain industry self regulation, citizens reap results. Charge citizens for medicine to cure cancer that unregulated market has given them. American genius.
  11. 5yr fix 60% LTV remortgage comparison: Barclays - 3.1 1k fee RBS 3.16 1k fee HSBC 3.19 1k fee
  12. I got a message from Zopa with an increase just last week.
  13. I’ve lived and worked in 43C and I certainly hope we don’t hit it this decade. But we will hit it one day, only a matter of time. Aircon installation will be a boom business next 20 years
  14. Why the Bank of England's governor will be closely watching South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand https://news.sky.com/story/why-the-bank-of-englands-governor-will-be-closely-watching-south-korea-australia-and-new-zealand-12651355
  15. Makes sense. South Africa has had this for a while, with residents' card giving cheaper accommodation costs in national parks (and elsewhere). Nice for locals to be able to afford to explore. Unofficially Jamaica has a white skin tax. I just got charged more in the shops, or given the worst cuts of the meat at the jerk stalls. They're quite open about it, at least one guy spent ages telling me I was a racist coloniser for not buying his beads.
  16. JFC. This place is like mumsnet sometimes with the competitive smirking. People who are not used to extreme hot weather can die in extreme hot weather. 40C is extreme hot weather for the UK. The govt has a duty of care to educate and warn the populace of significant danger to them. I don’t get all the smarmy comments on here, giggling about the govt (for once) being responsible and pre-empting a problem. Having lived for a many years in a hot climate (6+ weeks of over 40C)/nighttime lows of 28C I assure you that the houses are built differently, the entire infrastructure is set up to accommodate such variables, and people are prepared at all times to withstand it. So by all means brag about your endless hot holidays in europe but don’t downplay the necessity of informing a largely ignorant population about a significant risk. Because this does happen: https://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/florida-child-dies-hot-car-11th-us-year.amp
  17. As I’ve been saying for quite some time now: Sir Patrick Vallance warns MPs that the world is about to be plunged into even deeper crisis than it was during the Covid pandemic - because of climate change https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-11013283/Sir-Patrick-Vallance-warns-MPs-plunged-crisis-impacts-climate-change.html 'We face 50 years of really big problems relating to climate, and the nature of that threat to countries around the world means that this has to be one of the things that is absolutely on every governments' agenda. 'There is no way we can pretend it isn't happening. 'It is going to be the thing that governments around the world need to focus on.' The adviser added: 'Science has been instrumental in detecting the problem, in describing and monitoring the problem, and is important for the solutions. 'Whether that's towards mitigation or...towards adaptation, because whatever we do the changes that have taken place are baked into the system.
  18. I play a large role in your imagination and I’m comfortable with that. 😉
  19. Why do you always quote fringe “scientists” instead of established respected institutions such as NASA or the Met?
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