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  1. Totally normal, in fact one time it probably was worse in 1974. Just ignore, keep buying NYC real estate.
  2. …which has created 3 home buyers. Excluding BOMAD, if every estate creates 2 buyers you can see why CV has caused increased demand.
  3. They recovered 10k from his account after 4 months. He lied to his mum but reading between the lines maybe he's special needs?
  4. Could be. Could also be that men don't value sluts and women copy them. It's a handy get out clause, to say, 'She's not like me, I'm much better than her. Treat me well.' You can see this bearing out in the male violence against prostitutes stats. It's far higher than among the general population, because they're seen as worthless. You can do want you want, and some men do want to hurt women. These men, for instance. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/sep/01/texas-abortion-law-supreme-court
  5. It doesn't have to be all of humanity wiped out for it to SUCK HARD though. Call me crazy but I don't actually want future generations to grow up in turmoil, water wars, mass starvation and migration, animals being wiped out (all this is already happening but will ramp up). Degrowth, we just need degrowth.
  6. Q: What is £2,300,000 today minus £1,020,800 on 20 May 2020? A: https://www.themodernhouse.com/sales-list/roupell-street-iv/ https://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/detailMatching.html?prop=109450487&sale=56769050&country=england
  7. WOW watch the real estate values of inner core property SOAR!
  8. Someone in the comments has said they opened a savings account and the minimum transfer amount was £1000. That's not on.
  9. Call me cynical but it's very sus her son's new Lloyds account just happened to be what she inputted instead of her husband's account. Was the son floating around the house that day with a biro...?
  10. I am about to lose my home and don’t know where to turn. My partner and I took out a second £40,000 mortgage through Nationwide last year. It was to be paid into my partner’s account, but it didn’t arrive. I made several calls to Nationwide, which stated that the money had been paid, but refused to confirm the recipient’s details, citing data protection. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2021/sep/01/i-sent-a-40000-loan-to-my-son-by-mistake-and-he-spent-it?
  11. Listen guys farts are totally normal and have always happened. Someone made an absolutely massive fart in 1974 so any records of farts happening now don't matter. The frequency of farts increasing doesn't matter. The buttock shattering strength of the farts now doesn't matter. All that matters is that a big fart also happened a long time ago. See, now no one needs to worry about their diets or internal bowel systems? We can just keep on farting like there's no tomorrow. Simple.
  12. Did we? Australia naturally has bushfires. Same as Siberia naturally has forest fires. We still may have a mini ice age but it won’t change the fact we gots too much dang CO2 floating’ about.
  13. I’m on the side of the lowly worker, as ever. This place has underpaid staff for years, getting away with it by taking on foreign second jobbers needing a good name on CV who leave after a year. Only now they’ve downgraded to first jobbers, and no one wants the work because they can get more wonga elsewhere. Serves them right. In broader terms I think it’s good as it will hopefully feed into inflation stats and cause earlier monetary policy tightening. What do you reckon winkie?
  14. I’m still a c0ck though, you can’t take that away from me.
  15. So? I still don’t care about a fire in 1974, why do you?
  16. The centre cannot hold me. I haven't had a n00b try to insult me in a while lollll. Bless your extremely branded instagrammable polyester foot coverings. PS It's got a 3D vanity plate hasn't it
  17. LMAOoo what cowwer is your very speshal Wange Wover? Is it black? Do you have a big yellow wheel lock or a big red wheel lock to stop it getting nicked? And of all the meats you went with roast beef *wipes tears of joy*
  18. Very sad. Very weird that some of the people fleeing will refuse to believe in climate change.
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