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  1. Perhaps they look at overseas travel as arduous and bad for CO2 emissions. Perhaps they're more comfortable staying near the NHS. Perhaps they don't like paying 100s for testing?
  2. Exactly. People are seeing this as a way to buy their retirement house early, make use of it, make money out of it.
  3. Letting for 3 months in peak season is paying the entire mortgage for a year.
  4. The number of “holiday let” mortgage deals on the market has more than doubled in a year, according to the financial data provider Moneyfacts – reflecting what one mortgage broker said had been “really incredible interest” this year. *** With rents for UK holiday accommodation rising sharply over the past few months after the pandemic ruled out overseas travel for many, some landlords in popular seaside destinations such as Cornwall have been favouring holidaymakers over long-term tenants. This has created what some have described as a coastal housing crisis and there is speculation that the government is planning a range of changes to clamp down on second homes, including giving councils the power to ban them. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2021/sep/06/uk-rental-home-mortgage-demand-surges-domestic-holiday-boom
  5. I do see your POV. I detest the astroturf trend, cars prioritised over people, individualism over community, competitive overconsumption, materialism, the commodification of every aspect of our lives and thoughts (and subsequent manipulation thereof). But I like modernist houses (not modern) far more than wonky, creaky, 'heritage' places. Perhaps we can agree on hating endless tracts of soulless modern houses thrown up using low quality foreign labour and designed strictly for the benefit of big developer shareholders rather than the poor saps who are maneuvered into taking on massive lifelong debt in order to buy one.
  6. Hmmm....trillions of magic money being pumped into existence by the majority of developed economies...but where does it go? I know, how about the laundering capital of the world!
  7. I like modern architecture 😂 Nice clean lines, designed for how we live today instead of how we lived 200 years ago.
  8. I'm not surprised by London askings. There are some insane prices being achieved (SSTC) in the areas I watch. Family houses with good gardens/transport/schools can basically ask whatever they dream - currently.
  9. Charles, is that you? https://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/paul-goldberger-prince-charless-long-war-on-modern-archictecture
  10. The US govt subsidises flood cover in some places.... https://www.politico.com/agenda/story/2017/08/08/hidden-subsidy-rich-flood-insurance-000495/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Flood_Insurance_Program
  11. One could also argue that disaster relief and rebuilding efforts only serve to subsidise a futile endeavour, bunging more money to builders who know they’ll keep raking it in with every storm.
  12. I’m actually in the middle of a soft attempt to tell a friend who is trying to buy in NYC this. The only thing helping is that their market is so insanely hot they barely have time to view before the places go for way over asking (one bed Brklyn asking 600k went for 850k).
  13. It’s like a dinosaur arguing against the existence of asteroids. Like good luck friend, believe what you will but it won’t change the outcome. I do love the colours of the pretty charts and graphs though.
  14. New homes only? Makes no sense. Outsiders aren’t snapping up cookie cutter new developments on the edge of cute villages, they’re buying out and hollowing the centres, the heritage houses, the valuable, irreplaceable stock. Hence locals being pushed further and further from their roots. If anything this will drive UP the value of classic central housing stock in all the aesthetically pleasing tourist towns and villages the UK has to offer. Bonkers.
  15. Hilarious video 😂 https://spectatorworld.com/topic/did-gender-studies-lose-afghanistan/
  16. It’s crop tops aplenty round here. Not always accompanied by washboard stomachs but I’m not allowed to be fattist or I’ll get cancelled Without a lie I saw a group of yoofs walking towards me a few months ago and it was like an extras scene from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Get ebaying that 90s vintage gear - it’ll be 2000s fashion before we know it.
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