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  1. The industrial revolution allowed exponential global population growth, as did the green revolution. Whenever humans naturally reached a plateau for population growth we overcame it via technology and innovation. Climate chaos is the first thing we are yet to be able to conquer.
  2. The logic is obvious, but people find it distasteful. We're very separated from death and nature. And we have very definitely poisoned many thousands of people, and continue to do so. The petrochemical industries must spend millions of dark money bribing and hushing this all up. I really do pity our future generations, trying to scrape an existence in a toxic, overheated world. https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2019/04/22/708863848/scientists-dig-into-hard-questions-about-the-fluorinated-pollutants-known-as-pfa?t=1625223847238 In most cases, U.S. chemical regulations do not require that companies prove a chemical is safe before they start selling it. It's up to the EPA to determine whether a substance is unacceptably dangerous and under what circumstances, and typically such analyses begin only after public health concerns are raised.
  3. I've heard about those RW nutters turning blue. Honestly, I just find it too suspicious that every second person seems to have autism, Crohns, asthma, peanut allergy (a million allergies) etc etc these days without there being some underlying environmental factor. This has just popped up: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2021/jul/01/fibromyalgia-may-be-a-condition-of-the-immune-system-not-the-brain-study It's too much of a coincidence IMO. They argue it's just better diagnosis but let's compare the stats for auto-immune disorders against the proliferation of plastic usage/advanced chemicals in daily contact. As you say, organic is healthier.
  4. No no they’re quite clear that it’s simply a matter of MORE supply If we could only concrete the whole country then everyone could have the house of their dreams!
  5. Will it just become impossible to afford a home? http://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/property/4284705-Will-it-just-become-impossible-to-afford-a-home
  6. Until the recent house price highs it was commonly listed as one of the best places to live... I maintain that we will see house price falls (dare I say crashes?) in those places most affected by climate chaos in the next few decades. Even Glasgow is running the numbers https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/jun/29/billions-needed-to-protect-glasgow-from-climate-effects-report-says and coming up with a sad face emoji. Useful map HERE https://www.cdp.net/en/research/global-reports/cities-at-risk
  7. So we have to lie and promise utopia in order to combat apathy? The younger generation are quite vocal, I believe. But they're completely powerless, just as Gen X and Millennials are to the Boomers. I wonder if this helps to explain their extreme self-obsession, their identity fetishising - the real world is too scary and overwhelming and ending anyway, so why not spend 18 hours a day pretending you're a battle elf, and the other 6 dressing as a very offended, pink haired, genderfluid rabbit.
  8. Most of the climate scientists I read are very pessimistic. If I was in UK govt now I’d be banging on for major infrastructure changes and shoring up borders. But lol I’m not a psychopath narcissist MP. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jun/30/canada-heatwave-dozens-dead-as-searing-plus-40c-temperatures-grips-vancouver There’s no going back now, it’s just a case of mitigating how extremely bad it gets. 2.5C better than 3C etc.
  9. What, and switch away from selling timeshare? 🤑
  10. Someone go on Mums net and do an AIBU for 'Where shall I put £50k, BTL or stockmarket?' and the answer will be BTL by a landslide. Bricks n mortar, it's all most people trust and can understand.
  11. We all start with nothing and end with nothing. Having nothing and being nothing is the normal state, if anything, being sentient is the anomaly.
  12. Miami condo collapse prompts questions over role of climate change https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/jun/29/miami-condo-collapse-questions-climate-change
  13. There used to be loads of climate change deniers on here, always spouting graphs and talking about the mini ice age.
  14. I voted remain and am quite open about learning more since it happened. But I’m anti population growth, which is generally frowned upon in remain circles.
  15. There are trolls here?! Also I'm seriously hurt if anyone doesn't like me and my Free Hugs sign. Meanies.
  16. The only person I know with high profile donating is JK Rowling who paid so much UK tax she went from billionaire to millionaire. Hats off, she walks the walk.
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