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  1. Fire gets out of control so easily. Hose through the letterbox (in Minecraft)
  2. Actually good point, I suppose this type of tech proliferation has unseen knock on effects.
  3. That’s the product I was shopping for
  4. Raspberry picking robots https://www.theguardian.com/business/2022/jun/01/uk-raspberry-picking-robot-soft-fruit
  5. It's almost as if Labour don't actually want to be in power, they just want to whinge about not being in power.
  6. Good. Less flammable Chinese sweatshop tat clothes that influencers throw away after one wear.
  7. There's a lot of information on how shipping is extremely polluting. if global shipping were a country, it would be the sixth largest producer of greenhouse gas emissions
  8. Perhaps all MPs should have a carbon footprint (a term invented by the fossil fuel PR industry) ranking. 7 kids Boris may struggle
  9. Let me conjecture here that his parents had a bad relationship and he watched it and absorbed it. One of them at least was dysfunctional. So that is what he learned. Here's the key thing, don't hook up in rehab. You cannot rescue another person and they cannot rescue you. You're setting yourselves up for failure. The saddest aspect of this highly personal, edited history is that both his daughters will have watched it unfold and learned the same things he did. Intergenerational damage, same as in the UK.
  10. 1300 is what I paid in Putney in 2009 For a 2 bed 🤣 Maybe it's 1300 for a ROOM in a 3 bed?
  11. It’s easy to point out that any efforts people do won’t make a difference. Buying stuff won’t make a difference. Having way fewer people on the planet, that might make a difference. People don’t like to hear that part.
  12. Chart link https://amp.theguardian.com/business/2022/may/30/brexit-uk-firms-eu-trade-northern-ireland Curious to know how many of the estimated 500,000 small businesses likely to go under soon voted for this to happen. Oh well, it’s done. No going back, may as well make it steadily worse each week. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2022/may/30/almost-500000-uk-small-businesses-at-risk-of-going-bust-within-weeks
  13. I started checking these rates just under a year ago. They have more than doubled since then. Don't reckon it will make much of an impact on the average person borrowing for the average house - what, I'm guessing borrowing 200k on 250k house? But it should have more impact on London, where the average house sold is 720k, so on the same 20% deposit you're looking at 576k mortgage. 2.5% loan around 2.6k a month vs 1.5% loan around 2.3k a month. Is £300 a month a dramatic difference? Not in light of other London costs but with the energy crisis and cost of living going up it could be enough to make people think twice about spending. Which should in turn cool the SE, and the holiday homes and the BTLs and the regions as it spreads outwards.
  14. Bribe/intimidate the countries that will break away if it rises?
  15. Ran my numbers again today. Remortgaging to 5 year fix 60% LTV. Lloyds 2.45 1.5k fees Leeds 2.51 234 fees TSB 2.54 0 fees
  16. China is asking for money https://www.wsj.com/amp/articles/climate-finance-china-india-11636039142
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