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  1. Imagine being the first company to guarantee AI driven haulage services…
  2. Sure, but I’ve yet to see one house spawn 6 baby houses.
  3. Bizarrely in the current climate renting out a campervan is rather lucrative.
  4. That’s tough for everyone. My body outliving my mind is somehow far worse than the reverse.
  5. Welcome to the Social Democrats! https://sdp.org.uk/policies/
  6. Indeed, I expect significant numbers of people in their 20s-60s don’t just have a BOMAD, they have a CCOMAD (credit card of mum and dad) that never needs paying back. We wonder how people can afford new cars and houses and holidays and private school fees…here it is - the comfortably retired are supplementing. I personally know a couple who just bought a new Tesla and pre-covid took an overseas holiday every 6 weeks, who receive a monthly pocket money from her father of several hundred pounds. All to avoid inheritance tax, one assumes. Re work ethic, it’s telling that Branson’s kids won’t be set for life from their inheritance. Fending for yourself, fledging, is vital for a strong personality. The apron strings can turn into a noose.
  7. Do you still get financial help/treats from your parents? http://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/_chat/4345411-Do-you-still-get-financial-help-treats-from-your-parents
  8. The interests of the LGB are at odds with the T - who maintain that any ‘genital preferences’ are transphobic. ie your innate sexuality should include all genitals. A sad state considering the rising numbers of violent attacks on gay people in the UK.
  9. If you believe the chronically online pink haired anime kids, they’re all desperate to dismantle the patriarchy and espouse communism. 🙄 These people have never missed a meal. Personally the only party that remotely represents my beliefs is the Social Democrats, ie the party no one has heard of, so I shall have to continue holding my nose and voting for the pathetic, corrupt baboons of the Tory party. Greens aren’t focused on the environment anymore (social justice far more important), LibDems busy trying to out-woke them.
  10. You know, if we just helped women in developing countries to have control over their education and contraception there might not be millions of destitute people clamouring to enter our borders. This is what happens when you allow 12 year old girls to get married off and give birth 10 times.
  11. There is the soft method I've seen the palliative nurses administer - as in, they provide the choice - of morphine, increasing in strength as needed. It's just a deep sleep until the breaths slow, and stop. There is dignity in it.
  12. I’d estimate that 90% of stock coming on in my area is selling within 2 weeks or less. The rest is the ugly stuff or kite flying. There’s been no difference from March to now. This includes flats.
  13. Suicide still treated as a crime in at least 20 countries, report finds One in every 100 deaths is a suicide: campaigners say criminalisation deters people seeking the help they need https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2021/sep/09/suicide-still-treated-as-a-in-at-least-20-countries-report-finds
  14. Sounds a bit like a MLM? https://itsblockchain.com/pi-network-scam-or-legit/
  15. Fairly sure the Belgium model requires multistep approval and declaration of capacity, which would mean dementia isn't covered?
  16. The Belgium model is interesting in that it allows for psychological pain as well.
  17. I think it's a conversation that will gain traction in the future.
  18. https://www.pbs.org/newshour/show/right-die-belgium-inside-worlds-liberal-euthanasia-laws
  19. We have an aging population, creaking infrastructure, and rising care home figures. Should people have a choice about how they die? Would you choose euthanasia if faced with years of mental deterioration and/or physical pain? I suspect this question will be asked more often in the years ahead.
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