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  1. 1 minute ago, Gigantic Purple Slug said:

    Is that actually wrong though ?

    All sides lobby. Pretty sure environmental groups have probably spent billions lobbying against the oil industry.

    Pretty much the consequences of being in a democracy ?

    Imma need some stats there bud. 'Pretty sure' doesn't cut it for me. :D 

    Happy to doff my cap at any proof of environmental groups spending 3.6bil. Heck, I'd love to see proof of them getting close to half that. Coz like, where's the money from eh? 


    Over roughly the last three decades, five major US oil companies have spent a total of at least $3.6bn on advertisements – not counting their investments in public relations programs like sponsored beach clean-ups, or their influence through trade associations, dark money groups and campaign donations.

  2. 5 minutes ago, Riedquat said:

    I find the large-scale vandalism of the landscape with wind turbines extremely embarrassing and offensive, the sheer lack of giving a damn about it and wanting to throw such stuff up sickens me.

    You can reasonably argue it as a necessary evil but enthusiasm for it is a sign of someone who the world's wasted on.

    Interesting point about the Victorians though, plenty of them, like now, clearly viewed the world only as having any worth as something to exploit, little to no sign of any ability to appreciate it in its own right.

    Do you object to the large scale vandalism of tarmac roads everywhere? And the large scale vandalism of air pollution affecting our lungs and our brains? Why do large windmills trigger your disgust, but 1 in 5 flights in the world originating or ending at Heathrow is fine? 

  3. 2 hours ago, byron78 said:

    I still struggle with why anti-statists and the right love oil and gas so much.

    It's all controlled by states - most of whom are either Islamic extremists or commies. We should hate the stuff!

    Ask your Tory party buddies. I'm sure you have a few ideas as well. I tend to follow the money, and where there is no discernable benefit, follow the propaganda. 

    How the oil industry has spent billions to control the climate change conversation

  4. Hope we've all updated our Apple devices...

    Security researchers at Citizen Lab have discovered an exploit that they believe has been used by government clients of NSO Group, the Israeli spyware company, to silently hack into iPhones and other Apple devices since February 2021.

    The discovery, which was made as the researchers were examining the mobile phone of a Saudi activist, was shared with Apple, which on Monday released a patch to fix the vulnerability.


  5. 38 minutes ago, bearishonhouses said:

    Apparently sentiment is not changing a great deal:


    Responders are fighting to out-Kirstie each other with 'If you really like it I would advise you to offer over asking price.' type comments!

    Group dynamics, they're all egging each other on. One of things I like about HPC is all the differing views and antagonism. 

    Meanwhile: https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/property/4347610-How-much-profit-to-sell-house-to-move

    Houses are selling for crazy money at the moment and I want to sell mine.

    No reason, just for money.

  6. 2 hours ago, MancTom said:

    Presumably that rent is not ring fenced? I know some councils are spending a lot of their money on social problems, which leaves little for anything else.

    Ring fencing is the key. Councils are too fickle and short termist. Until such time as they are forced to protect social housing funds, we will see our housing stock falling into disrepair. 

    Over and over we see that this country's government does not care about our children. Their mental health is abysmal and getting worse, their living standards are dropping, they're going into care at a great rate, they're committing sexual assaults at younger ages, and even getting sectioned. When these broken cohorts are released into society what can we expect of them but further degradation. 

    Seeing any UK child having to live in these circumstances should shame us. 

  7. 5 minutes ago, Si1 said:

    It's telling that generational inequality is now a mainstream topic, even though most oldies blame it still on avocados and not buying second hand furniture.


    I’ve said before, the Sunday Times (and to some extent the Observer) provide the coverage other papers seek to bury. For this reason I still buy a paper on Sundays, while reading online free the rest of the week. 


  8. 43 minutes ago, spacedin said:

    Yeah although most of Canada's population is concentrated into a relatively small area in the east of the country. They have plenty of habitable land don't get me wrong but the northern bits especially are pretty damn uninhabitable.

    Surely more than Australia though (a country equally massive, equally dependent on inward migration to prop up the economy). I recall hearing Aus water supply could only support 20mil and they’re at 25mil now with no signs of slowing.

  9. 1 hour ago, FTB-house-hunter said:

    Got a valuation booked next week, be interesting to see what they say.  Anyone know roughly how long it takes for the survey to be released?  I already managed to get a decent chunk knocked off the eye watering EA price, wouldn't say no to more though :D

    I got a junk mail letter from foxtons offering me half price fees for selling with them this month only!

    Ofc they don’t state their fee percentage and I expect half price comes to a local agent’s standard fee. 

  10. According to reports, plans will be abandoned in light of backlash from southern voters and MPs

    The government is reportedly backpedaling on its commitment to overhaul planning laws in order to accelerate infrastructure projects with a target of building 300,000 homes a year in England.

    Part of the government’s “Project Speed”, the new planning laws were announced in the Queen’s speech with the target of modernising and simplifying the system and increasing the number of homes being planned by more than a third.


  11. 2 hours ago, Glenn said:

    Its not really new houses that are the problem though. Most new builds have a driveway, a Charging point can be fitted easy enough, or just use a 13amp house socket and charge overnight. The problem is going to be all the people living in old terraced houses that face directly onto the street and often can't even park outside their own house. And flats and apartments of course.

    Have we mandated public charging for new commercial developments yet? I can see any govt buildings requiring it, ditto any new service stations, shopping malls, supermarkets etc.

  12. 4 hours ago, GregBowman said:

    Funny enough I was thinking about AI lorries as I sat on my motorbike eating a very nice hog and apple sausage roll at the bottom of the A1 at a Shell garage yesterday. Watching HGV drivers negotiate the roundabout with their 56 tonne machines. My overriding thought was not in my lifetime, the inputs and decisions are simply too complex. 

    Having watched the progression of robotics in the Boston Dynamics videos, I have no doubt that given enough input data to learn from that AI will be able to negotiate these types of situations. The only question is when.

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